Bike lock exchanges amongst strangers

johnboy 26 May 2009 42

On Friday night I was riding with Rat Patrol and we’d come to rest outside The Front in Lyneham. (Some beers may have been drunk, and possibly some tequila, but I’m sure no-one was over the limit because that would be bad.)

There was a rocking crowd enjoying the bands into which the freak bikes and their riders slipped in and an astonishing tangle of twisted, cut, and welded metal (our bikes) was piled up against the tree.

At some point I noticed a cute young lady checking out the bikes so I went over and asked if I could help.

As it happened I could. She worked at The Front and needed to borrow a bike lock for the night (presumably for the locking up of a bike). In a generous mood I handed over my lock and its key and arranged to collect them from her the next day when she was also working.

For some mysterious reason the day after the ride I was weirdly sensitive to bright light and loud noise, not to mention nauseous. In fact it was heading into the evening when I even remembered I’d lent my lock to a complete stranger the night before.

A message to The Front’s Paul Jamieson confirmed that, in fact, there was a lock awaiting collection behind the bar and I picked it up last night, somewhat surprised by the attached note.

(Sadly despite being written on a pink heart the note contains no email or phone number).

Now at around $30 the lock isn’t the kind of money you can do something serious with (like buy a book), but I just wanted to note how much I like living in a community where you can lend something to help out a complete stranger and get it back. Doubly so with pink heart shaped notes attached, even if it turns out that was just what was handy.

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42 Responses to Bike lock exchanges amongst strangers
jessieduck jessieduck 4:12 pm 26 May 09

and no relation of mine!

astrojax astrojax 4:20 pm 26 May 09

maybe, if she drove, she’d be the type to wave to thank other drivers for courtesy…

but i suspect if she can’t afford a bike lock she probably can’t afford a whole car.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:22 pm 26 May 09

deezagood said :

This is lovely JB, but newsworthy?

This is by no means the most self-indulgent of Johnboy’s postings.

ALL – Angst Poetry returns to RiotACT By johnboy July 28, 2005

Things were even wierder in the Time Before The Current Archive.

Granny Granny 4:51 pm 26 May 09

Well, I think it’s a very nice post. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of good news every now and then.

monomania monomania 5:14 pm 26 May 09

Not the only story lately of a “White Knight” stepping in to help a Damsel in distress.

Granny Granny 5:19 pm 26 May 09

Why don’t you tell us all about it? You’re so good at telling stories.

deezagood deezagood 5:44 pm 26 May 09

Okay Granny and Mono – separate corners or I’ll have to put you both on the naughty step!

Whatsup Whatsup 5:58 pm 26 May 09

johnboy said :

hk0reduck is neither a lady, nor particularly attractive I suspect.

Maybe hk0reduck is the Stig !

Granny Granny 6:32 pm 26 May 09

Hang on … how much does mono weigh? I don’t know about this separate corners thing. I reckon I’ll opt for the naughty step …. Besides, it sounds like fun!

monomania monomania 6:32 pm 26 May 09

Granny said :

Why don’t you tell us all about it? You’re so good at telling stories.

I think I might have done my story to death. Actually I liked your gunslinger story Granny. Very well made up. I’m glad fiction is now allowed.

deezagood said :

Okay Granny and Mono – separate corners or I’ll have to put you both on the naughty step!

Not the same step. Please. Perhaps separate corners of a graveyard.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 6:35 pm 26 May 09

One of the blokes at work this arvo told us all to look out the window at “the F**&wit on the bike”. I took offence on behalf on JB and the Rat Patrol and advised they guy to modify his behaviour as the bike was a custom built Rat bike. Wasn’t you was it JB, riding through Braddon at about 4:50’ish?

johnboy johnboy 6:46 pm 26 May 09

Granny, monomania, you can both leave it or cool it in mod.

I-filed I-filed 6:49 pm 26 May 09

Alas, the heart shape hasn’t been cut out specially. It’s from a pad of precuts. So, JB, how can you know whether she meant it? Full marks for putting yourself out there!

johnboy johnboy 6:49 pm 26 May 09

That really wasn’t the point of the article i-filed.

Enny Enny 7:13 pm 26 May 09

+1 for hk0reduck being the lass with the lock…

Thumper Thumper 7:15 pm 26 May 09

Classy move, without doubt.

I for one think that chivalry is not yet dead.

Enny Enny 7:20 pm 26 May 09

…and +1 to hk0reduck being particularly attractive!

bd84 bd84 10:11 pm 26 May 09

Damn I knew there was one way I had forgot to try to pick up a hot girl..

Carlito Carlito 12:29 am 27 May 09

what a playa, she has thousands of those heart shape stickies that she lets loose everyday on unsuspecting men

Gobbo Gobbo 7:22 am 27 May 09

I dunno. The cute young lady’s story sounds suspicious to me.

She wanted a bike lock so she was checking out locked bikes. What was going to happen when she found one? I presume it would have been used for locking the bike.

Would she then have put a lovely little love heart not on it requesting that the owner of the lock talk to her about a loan of the lock?

I reckon she was up to no good and used her cuteness to get her out of any issues with johnboy. Worked a treat too. Amazing what a good dose of cute can do.


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