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Billboards [and their status in Canberra]

colsim 7 November 2005 10

I thought I heard a while back that there are no billboards in Canberra, that they’re banned. Is this right?

If so, then what’s the deal with the big billboard opposite Sky Plaza in Woden, on Hindmarsh Drive? (If not – still, what’s the deal – boring, boring billboard)



(I know a pic would’ve been good – can anyone help here – I don’t have a camera phone or digital camera (yet))

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10 Responses to Billboards [and their status in Canberra]
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:55 am 30 May 11

Wow, bit of a thread bump this one.

Anyway, the only advertising billboards, in the truer sense, that I am aware of in Canberra are on the Canberra Centre car parks. They’re viewable from Ballumbir Street and Ainslie Ave.

Silverdragon Silverdragon 9:28 am 30 May 11

Static commercial billboards on government land are banned, but there is a loophole that allows mobile ones (on trailers, trucks etc). So if there is one of these parked by the road, as there was this morning on Parkes Way, advertising for British American Tobacco their opposition to plain cigarette pacakaging, the best they can do is to call parking operations and give them a ticket for parking in the wrong place!!

I hate billboards of all kinds – am even irritated by the huge ones the government has put up at Crace. If it is purely for information (i.e. telling you what is being developed on a particular site) that is okay, but advertising is just an eyesore and unlike commercial TV, I can’t choose to turn it off.

representative representative 6:47 pm 01 Apr 11

it has been documented that billboards actually degrade our perception and cause health problems. many cities are getting rid of them whilst we are getting them installed good for us.

DavoDavo DavoDavo 10:04 am 25 Mar 10

I came across this discussion today and found it interesting.
Back in 2005 I’m sure we didn’t have half as many useless signs around Canberra that we have now.
Talk about visual pollution.
For example, how are you supposed to watch where you are driving (and keep within the speed limit) when you’re invited to be distracted all the time by a forest of unnecessary road signs?

Thumper Thumper 11:02 am 09 Nov 05

“As to whether they’re commercial or not Smackbang – even if they’re government, aren’t they still trying to sell stuff. Where’s the line between public information and marketing”

Good point Col…

Personally I hate billboards.

colsim colsim 10:29 am 09 Nov 05

It is a reasonable question Vic, on one hand there’s the notion of the mental environment, which says that we’re already overwhelmed with information so why do we need to have a whole bunch of corporate messages shoved down our throats when we’re out and about (a view I kind of subscribe to) but on the other hand, is this stuff just a fact of life in a city and do they in fact make a place a bit more like a city.

Is this what makes people think the Can’ is a little bland?

Maybe the alternative is to have art billboards – non commercial outdoor public art works??

As to whether they’re commercial or not Smackbang – even if they’re government, aren’t they still trying to sell stuff. Where’s the line between public information and marketing?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:56 pm 08 Nov 05

Why would billboards be banned in Canberra?

Genuine question! Seems quite daft!

Smackbang Smackbang 3:39 pm 08 Nov 05

It is not a commercial billboard. It’s advertising for the Land Development Agency’s East Woden development. You’ll find similar signs at Gungahlin (Well’s Estate) and Fyshwick (EpiCentre) where the LDA is also involved in development projects. No biggie.

colsim colsim 3:22 pm 08 Nov 05

It’s something about some new land development – Woden village or some equally lame name.

cfi cfi 2:14 pm 08 Nov 05

cant remember it.. what does it say?

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