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Black Mountain Peninsula to be closed at night

By Thumper - 5 March 2008 23

In a move that clearly shows the greater regulation we now have in society, Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has issued a press release stating that Black Mountain Peninsula will be closed to vehicles overnight in a bid to ensure public safety and combat anti-social behaviour.

The popular picnic spot will be closed between 10pm and 7am during daylight saving months, and 8pm and 7am at other times.

Frankly I think it should be left open as it is public space and more regular police patrols used to combat the reported anti social behaviour. Locking it off seems to be a band aid solution but then again, I can’t remember the last time I went there so it really won’t affect me in any way, shape or form.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Black Mountain Peninsula to be closed at night
fhakk 5:33 pm 05 Mar 08

They closed off Weston Park for a pretty good reason – doof doof parties, burnouts and undesirables wandering around.
I should know – I was one of them.

The same stuff was happening at the Peninsula. Meh…

hk0reduck 5:09 pm 05 Mar 08

I don’t care where you take photos or get your rocks off, though.

Woohoo! I know consent when I see it.

Skidbladnir 4:57 pm 05 Mar 08

If everybody at Black Mountain at night was there taking photographs (of wildlife\the lake\eachother in artistic poses) or otherwise taking part in activities that weren’t quite so easy to see as possibly offensive (eg: stargazing (with a telescope), or possum counting (with cages and tags)) instead of “pants off nighttime photography”, or “3am nude handline fishing” it wouldn’t have the reputation it does, and Stanhope wouldn’t be trying to shut down the place for becoming a sex cauldron.

I don’t care where you take photos or get your rocks off, though.

JD114 4:47 pm 05 Mar 08

The gov’t figures, and rightly so, that hoons are generally a lazy bunch of turds and won’t walk in, thereby making the area safer for the non-aggro element of the community who choose to go there, no matter what their purpose. Not into poofs myself but give me a bunch of shirtlifters over a bunch of drinking tradesmen anyday…

Holden Caulfield 4:20 pm 05 Mar 08

I dunno about our male-male friends, but it was always quite a good spot to take lady friends “parking” back in the day.

The things we’re keeping from our kids, haha!

justbands 4:14 pm 05 Mar 08

They’re just stopping cars getting in Danman….park your ar outside & walk in.

Danman 4:03 pm 05 Mar 08

Perish the thought I went down to teh boat ramp to take photos of the glass like water at night time….

Wont stop me, just have to jump the fence now.
Like Weston Park and pine island, uriarra east and many other places, the government could not give a stuff about legitimate users, instead they tar everyone with the same brush.

And if anyone wants to call me homosexual for wanting to go to Black Mt Peninsula at night for a genuine photographical reason, then go right ahead, you’re probably insecure about yourself, its all good.

Oh and another point, where are these anti social people going to congregate now ?

Will that be the next place to fence off ?

People in power just can not see what I see in the equal beauty that places have during the night as the day.

Soon they will just fence off everyones driveway and impose a dusk till dawn curfew.

Cant wait

Ralph 3:49 pm 05 Mar 08

They’ll relocate elsewhere.

Crikey 3:29 pm 05 Mar 08

Yeah, it’s a big cruising spot. The poor fags will have no where to go soon.

Ralph 3:24 pm 05 Mar 08

Brokeback Mountain Peninsula.

niftydog 3:15 pm 05 Mar 08

Ah, Homo Point!

“Um, no thanks… When I say I’m here to go fishing, I actually mean I’m going fishing, you know, for fish?!”

justbands 2:50 pm 05 Mar 08

> Closed to vehicles?

I train there on Thursday evenings & from what I’ve seen, I’d say a large portion of this “anti-social” behaviour involves driving your car like a d1ckhead….there’s always fresh skid marks all over the roads there.

Skidbladnir 2:46 pm 05 Mar 08

I suspect this may just be a Stanhopian Move Along Order.

It got a RiotAct mention previously on Johnboy’s List, so it seems to be more than just a popular picnic & drowning spot.

Anyone who wants to go swimming can do it in daylight, and anyone who says they “were looking for a lost dog. And then my pants mysteriously fell down. Strangely, so did his” can go find somewhere else to go.

neanderthalsis 2:43 pm 05 Mar 08

Closed to vehicles? So you can still park outside the gates and freely wander around to engage in whatever “aunty-social” activity takes your fancy.

Aurelius 2:38 pm 05 Mar 08

Where is the evidence of this antisocial behaviour?
Why are areas of the city being locked off, rather than the crime (or antisocial behaviour) combatted?
I’ve never read anything about goings on down there by the lake – what is this about?

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