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Bob McMullan retires

By johnboy - 19 January 2010 28

Bob McMullan has announced that he’s retiring. (The Chiefly Stanhope has written a powerful eulogy for a man who did much for Labor.)

This will come as a surprise to many Canberrans who had assumed he had retired many years ago.

Some of you in the North of the city will know him as the bloke who periodically sent you junk mail to fill out the wad you shove in the recycling daily with some quality paper stock.

He is in fact the Member for Fraser, the northern half of the ACT, in the Commonwealth Parliament. He will remain as such until the election which is taking place sometime this year (October’s what I’m hearing).

Bob says he hasn’t been given the shove by the ALPs young thrusters. My snout in the party also says that, but I’m not sure where my snout’s allegiances lay, nor Bob’s for that matter in the unceasing battle for factional control which passes for a life in those parts.

Bob is off to solve global poverty (which some would think is something the position of Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance would be a good place to start from, but no):

The challenge of global poverty and global economic development is one which I hope to make the focus of the next stage of my life.

We wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing who will be the bloodied but unbowed winner of the titanic clash to get their bums onto the green leather for one of the safest Labor seats in the country.

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28 Responses to
Bob McMullan retires
areaman 3:34 pm 20 Jan 10

housebound said :

So that leaves 3) Alistair Jordan. Never heard of him, but then Bob wasn’t exactly out there for us, was he?

He’s Rudd’s chief of staff.

Norm Abjorensen listed:

Michael Cooney
George Williams

here but I hope neither of them get it. From what I know they’re both very conservative, which I can’t see working in Fraser.

housebound 2:06 pm 20 Jan 10

Link to the ABC story here:

So that leaves 3) Alistair Jordan. Never heard of him, but then Bob wasn’t exactly out there for us, was he?

I would love the ACT to ‘do’ a Wollongong and change this from a taken-for-granted safe seat.

JessP 1:52 pm 20 Jan 10

Shoulder tap. No doubt. Time for new blood.

neanderthalsis 11:25 am 20 Jan 10

Unsubstantiated rumour (but trusted source) has Bob being nudged aside to make way for young blood to be parachuted into the seat. The name of an all powerful being in KRudds office on the hill was mentioned as the likely paratrooper.

The local ALP droogs will no doubt be told it’s by order from on high, so like it or lump it.

Holden Caulfield 10:14 am 20 Jan 10

ljd said :

Thank god for that. And yes, hopefully Annette Ellis (my member) will move on too as she is cluttering up my mailbox despite the “no junk mail” sign…

Unfortunately, political bumpf is legally exempt from following such suggestions.

R. Slicker 10:12 am 20 Jan 10

Bob McMullan’s retirement reminds me of the story of US writer Dorothy Parker. When told that President Calvin Coolidge had died she replied “How can they tell?”

Holden Caulfield 10:12 am 20 Jan 10

I heard some interesting suggestions for likely replacements on ABC radio this morning:

1. Andrew Barr
2. Katy Gllagher
3. Alistair Jordan (Rudd’s current chief of staff)

Thumper 8:22 am 20 Jan 10

McMuppett retires, will anyone in Canberra actually notice any change?

sepi 8:55 pm 19 Jan 10

I used to like bob, but since he started supporting the Airport I went right off him.

but I think this is a good move on his part. He probably wants to actually do something about international poverty, instead of just endlessly talking about it.

astrojax 8:13 pm 19 Jan 10

as parl sec for ausaid he has to push the krudd agenda.

in a more autonomous role he might actually achieve something – he was always a lost chance in a talentless party, as far as i could tell. no wonder he was quiet in his electorate for the past too many years; with first no party support for actual talent amid a hapless rabble, then with a portfolio he couldn’t really steer against a witless leader’s tide.

go get ’em, bob.

bd84 8:11 pm 19 Jan 10

It’s about bloody time. How people in their right state of mind actually voted for him when he has done nothing in the last 10+ years, except to stand up for a couple of months every 3 or so years, is beyond me.

ljd 7:27 pm 19 Jan 10

Thank god for that. And yes, hopefully Annette Ellis (my member) will move on too as she is cluttering up my mailbox despite the “no junk mail” sign.
Hopefully some quality opposition candidates will put their hands up and make it a competitive election. I’ve no idea why Canberrans just blindly vote Labor without thinking about the quality of the candidate; I don’t think we’ve been getting value for money…

Skidbladnir 7:17 pm 19 Jan 10

The day Bob McMullan announces he’s leaving, the CFMEU Secretary in his backyard announces she’s resigning to join the same national law firm that Julia Gillard was a partner of.

Tanktrax 6:18 pm 19 Jan 10

Oh goodie…. can we now make the seat of Fraser a marginal seat? If only to mess with the politicians…

NickD 6:18 pm 19 Jan 10

Bob McMullan’s had a successful career, and the timing of his retirement seems fine to me – he made an important contribution to the ALP in opposition and hung around in the hope of a ministry. As it’s clear that he’s now not going to get one, retirement seems appropriate. That said, I hope that Annette Ellis takes the hint and also steps down so someone younger can take over her very safe seat.

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