Bob Winnell throws in $1.5 million for Stanhopian dream

johnboy 11 May 2010 16

His Chiefliness, Jon Stanhope, is thrilled to announce that Bob Winnell, on behalf of The Village Building Company, is chipping in $1.5 million for the Jon Stanhope Memorial Gardens (aka the arboretum).

We’re sure such an act of generosity would never sway decisions around planning approvals.

Also of interest is that $1 million of the money is going to build a visitor centre on the site. We await with interest to see which building company gets that contract.

Other businesses are now encouraged to dig deep, you wouldn’t want to be the last one in now would you?

$1.5 million from a developer to Mr Stanhope's pet project

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16 Responses to Bob Winnell throws in $1.5 million for Stanhopian dream
Ceej1973 Ceej1973 4:59 am 12 May 10

JB, you could have worded this questionaire a bit better. I voted “Would never influence planning decisions”, thinking it was a sarcastic play with words. Can I re-vote……As for greedy developers, one movie quote comes to mind. “Please Sir can I have more?……MOOOORE?”

damien haas damien haas 11:17 pm 11 May 10

perhaps marlboro could donate some money for a nice little grotto for people to relax and have a smoko. im sure we would see nice media release rushed out to let us know.

Ian Ian 10:37 pm 11 May 10

I think the only question is whether its payment for a past favour or a downpayment on a future one.

ghughes ghughes 9:38 pm 11 May 10

I have visited the Arboretum a couple of times and think it is fantastic.

I hope the ACT Government supports it long after Stanhope’s retirement in September.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 8:00 pm 11 May 10

I would have thought that there would be some fairly serious probity requirements around the immediate transaction. Of course, the favour will need to be repaid one way or another…

54-11 54-11 5:49 pm 11 May 10

rosscoact, you’re very naiive, aren’t you?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:41 pm 11 May 10

But Bob seems like such a nice, honest Aussie bloke – surely he doesn’t expect anything in return for this “donation”?

imhotep imhotep 5:03 pm 11 May 10

I think that this is all part of a grand experiment. The Stanhope government is seeing how bad a government has to get before the voters wake up and kick them out.

They’ve tried incompetence, but we kept electing them. No they are going for the open corruption angle. Probably get away with that as well.

justin heywood justin heywood 4:24 pm 11 May 10

rosscoact said :

Ooh, another conspiracy theory, the riot act’s bread and butter, how delicious!

So, you’re saying that bloke A pays bloke B $1.5 million, and expects nothing for it?

But you’re right. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a transaction.

rosscoact rosscoact 4:16 pm 11 May 10

Ooh, another conspiracy theory, the riot act’s bread and butter, how delicious!

JessP JessP 2:27 pm 11 May 10

Developers dont do these things out of the kindess of their hearts. Ever.

54-11 54-11 12:34 pm 11 May 10

There doesn’t seem to be a developer in the world who isn’t into graft and corruption, much of it on a huge scale. In Australia, we’ve seen many local councils brought down by corrupt relationships, and the NSW government in particular is beholden to developer interests.

Why would this be any different? It just doesn’t stink – the whole deal is rotten to the core. Winnel is expecting payback many times over and above his investment, and there is no doubt he will get it one way or another.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 10:59 am 11 May 10

I’m all for the arboretum and agree with la mente torbida that this isn’t a bad thing.

But let’s not call it a donation. Bob Winnell has purchased something for his $1.5mil.

justin heywood justin heywood 10:49 am 11 May 10

Jon Stanhope is ‘pleased’ to announce that a controversial developer is is giving $1.5 million to a project which is widely known as his ‘pet’ project? This developer has to negotiate with the Stanhope government on multi-million dollar deals. How can they honestly claim there is no conflict here? Does nobody care?

He should be ashamed to announce he’s taken the money.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 10:17 am 11 May 10

sorry COME

la mente torbida la mente torbida 10:17 am 11 May 10

I make no apologies…I’m a fan of the arboretum…it may not be much now…but my kids and (future) grand children will reap the benefits.

If Bob gets to build the centre, I don’t care …build it, and they will comes

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