Body found in Southern Canberra, believed to be Fiona Riches

johnboy 11 April 2009 9

The ABC reports that a body has been found in Lyons, believed to be the missing diabetic Garran woman Fiona Riches.

    “For the last five or six days police have been working with the SES and a number of agencies for the search, in and around the area near Curtin and surrounding area this morning,” he said.

    “We believe it to be Ms Riches, at this stage I can state there are no suspicious circumstances.”

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9 Responses to Body found in Southern Canberra, believed to be Fiona Riches
Danman Danman 9:47 pm 12 Apr 09

Props to you and your SES mates Thumper – Its a pity that not all of your work has a positive outcome. Lets not forget that its mostly a volunteers force as well..

Thumper Thumper 5:41 pm 12 Apr 09

The SES spent three days searching for her, sadly in the wrong area, however, don’t tell me that no-one cared. In fact, some of my mates spent three days searching.

Tragic, tragic story if you know exactly what transpired before this sad story.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 5:31 pm 12 Apr 09

If it was what we all seem to be skirting around, then my condolences and thanks to those who found her. It’s a gut-wrenching, mind-f.cking experience, and you’re not paid enough to do it.

Danman Danman 5:23 pm 12 Apr 09

Its just a pity that they were concentrating on Mt Taylor, when that nature reserve Between Lyons and Parkway was a few kilometers away..

Assuming that is where they found her..

It does beg a question though why an insulin dependent diabetic of sane mind would venture so far from home without an insulin pen, or a pump. Poor Lady….

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:37 pm 12 Apr 09

She may have wanted this way. Not saying she did, just saying let’s not all beat ourselves up for letting a woman die through callous indifference just yet.

Spam Box Spam Box 4:13 pm 12 Apr 09

vg said :

One might even suggest the person went there to get away from everyone.

It does have that feel to it, doesn’t it.

I-filed I-filed 2:32 pm 12 Apr 09

Condolences to Fiona Riches family, neighbours, colleagues and friends.

vg vg 2:30 pm 12 Apr 09

With all due respect, the body was found in bushland. Not many people wandering around those parts to check on others. One might even suggest the person went there to get away from everyone.

Your point is a good one, but not relevant in this case

Psygorian Psygorian 2:02 pm 12 Apr 09

Isnt it sad to think that this woman was able to wonder around Canberra alone and not one person saw or noticed her for the past week. She died alone in a city of hundreds of thousands of people in plain view but no one cared to ask if she was ok. Too many people go through life with blinders on not wanting to get involved. I once came out of hospital after having a spinal nerve root block for pain thinking I would be ok to walk. As I tried to cross the road I lost feeling in my legs and fell on the road. Not one person stopped to help me and I had to drag myself off the road as cars drove around me. My fault but sad that no one cared enough to help me. Maybe next time we see someone in distress, would it hurt to ask if they were ok? You never know, that person might be the one that will become a great friend.

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