Bomb at the Ainslie Village

johnboy 27 July 2010 10

[First filed: Jul 27, 2010 @ 11:31]

Nothing online yet but reliable sources are informing me that an “unstable resident” of the Ainslie Village was silly enough to build a big bomb and tell people about it.

A police raid overnight saw residents evacuated to hotels and at 6am a controlled detonation of the device rattled some windows.

More on this as it comes to hand.

UPDATE: The Canberra Times has a snippet.

FURTHER UPDATE: The AFP are now informing the public:

ACT Policing has arrested a 31-year-old male following an incident at Ainslie Village yesterday (July 26).

About 11.30am, police attended the complex in Quick Street following a report of suspicious material contained within a vacant room. A number of dangerous items had been located, including chemicals, explosives and detonation cords.

A number of residents were provided temporary accommodation at Havelock House as police conducted their investigations.

Members from Specialist Response and Security and General Duties secured the area and established a cordon. The Bomb Response Team were called in and located three devices which were detonated under controlled circumstances overnight.

AFP Forensics is currently processing the scene and the area has been rendered safe by the Bomb Technicians.

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10 Responses to Bomb at the Ainslie Village
mikey2308 mikey2308 1:02 pm 19 Sep 11

many people in ainslie are stable

derverferret derverferret 6:27 pm 11 Nov 10

To view footage as shown on win news go to
I posted it to my youtube site as I was there at the time and still live there.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:37 pm 09 Aug 10

No, I don’t think you are stable.

It is not my place to diagnose what is wrong with you or suggest a treatment plan for you, I would defer to specialists in that regard, don’t let Wickerman put you off.

I would, however, suggest that your self proscribed treatment plan of voting for the coalition, getting a job and drinking your wage may not be advisable.

PBO PBO 3:17 pm 09 Aug 10

zephyr9673 said :

Hey I am stable! And there are some very nice people living at the ville.

Joseph Lawson, broke into my room, with a mate Glen Dalton and attacked me.

Be on the lookout for Glen, hes a standover dog, sells .5 teners.
Viva la liberty

You may be stable but the rant didnt help…..

As for the Devils lettuce being 0.5g underweight, thats just low. If you want to get him back then get a can of mortein and liberally spray his stash. Or if he does his laundry outside, take a couple of his tube socks and open the ends as wide as you can. Then take a dump in them and smack them against the ground as hard as you can. Then hang them back up and wait.

What can you tell us about Joy?

zephyr9673 zephyr9673 2:29 pm 09 Aug 10

Realy? You don’t think I am stable? What do you think is wrong with me? What should I do?

How can I get stable? I must get stable!!!

I know, why don’t I vote for the coalition, get a job, drink my wage, regularly, then I would be stable hey? Wouldn’t I?

You must help me get stable, because, I can’t vote liberal, If I vote liberal, I will only have myself to blame everytime I see Tony “lies abit”.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 12:09 pm 06 Aug 10

zephyr9673 said :

Hey I am stable!

No. No, you are not.

zephyr9673 zephyr9673 11:42 am 06 Aug 10

Hey I am stable! And there are some very nice people living at the ville.

Joseph Lawson, broke into my room, with a mate Glen Dalton and attacked me.

I am glad he is locked up, too bad glen isn’t with him, they are both dangerous and stupid. That is why staff were cleaning his room when they found the explosives.
The place is a lot quiter no that these two gronks are gone. Be on the lookout for Glen, hes a standover dog, sells .5 teners. If you are unfortunate enough to make the aqauntence of this scum bag, the sooner you put the police on him the less he will hurt and rip you off 🙂 F**k you Glen you maggot dog, a F**k you coward C**K s**king dog Joy, you should go home with him glen, go to your kennel you dog 🙂

Oh, if a thug, attacks you, tell the police, that is how they find out and lock scum like this up. I have had a lot of contact with the police lately, and all of it has been positive, a change from when then stole my daughter when I first arrived in Canberra, but that reponsability lies at the feet of the magistrates, who because they have the luxary of passing responsibility up (right to appeal) Can be increadably slack and half assed about their jobs. Magistrate Madden in my case.

Thats our legal system, self backscratching, fat, lazy, more dangerous than the criminals they let back onto the streets. Y, because they make $$$ from it.

Long winded, back patting oligarchy, ruling elite. I think Stefaniak should be sacked, first, his attitude towards locking children up garantees criminals and crime to the community for the next 10 to 20 years.

As with the best of complaints, and soulutions, children should always be offered schooling, with clear restaining orders (violence vandalism theft) as an option to imprisonment. There should be more youth shelters and services including supported housing. We could pay for it with Stefaniaks wage, and maybe there could be some other trash on the bench, and bar that could be thrown out.

Viva la liberty

davecdp davecdp 4:31 pm 28 Jul 10

pity it didn’t level the place, its prime real estate.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 8:24 pm 27 Jul 10

Your use of the term “unstable resident” as though there are “stable residents” living there.

harryhaller harryhaller 3:43 pm 27 Jul 10

I woke up thinking it was indigestion.

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