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Book research

By Thumper - 9 October 2006 41

I have decided to write a book about supernatural events in Canberra. (Stop laughing you back there in the corner). At least, I am going to attempt to write a book.

And as a part of writing this book I will need to do some research into supernatural events that may have happened in and around Canberra.

Therefore, if anyone has any first hand, primary source supernatural or ghostly stories, can they please contact me. If you wish you can remain anonymous.

I do not want to hear second hand accounts of someones uncles sister who saw a shadow in a graveyard at midnight in 1994. Nor do I want to hear anything about UFOs, Yowies, large cats, hell hounds with blazing eyes, vampires, werewolves, bunyips, LBG monsters, that sort of stuff.


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41 Responses to
Book research
Danman 10:37 am 09 Oct 06

and not been at all on edge I should have said.

jube 10:37 am 09 Oct 06

Thumper, check out this link – – from a previous post, would be happy to contribute if you’d like. Also check out the other comments on this thread

Danman 10:36 am 09 Oct 06

I would also swear that the Brickworks is haunted – never having seen anything – Its irrational that I felt fear so many times there both during the day – dusk and at night time.

Maybe people think Im a chickenshit – but apparently Lake george is haunted and I have been there plenty of times alone – taking landscape pictures at night with no moon and no ambient light

Danman 10:30 am 09 Oct 06
Absent Diane 10:27 am 09 Oct 06

try investigating the hyatt as well… i think that is a pretty famously haunted place, a mate who worked there on grave yeard shift had some experiences.

The old family house in weston was haunted – we no longer live there though.. I have a few stories… there are a couple though which I haven’t decided were pyschological sleep type issues or not though. But the interesting thing was the garage at the house – which both me and my two brothers used at various times as a bed room… used to be an old gunsmiths shed (if thats what they are called) and also a little boy was run over and killed out the front of the place as well.

terubo 10:26 am 09 Oct 06

Why stop at a book? We could do it as a dvd doco.
More on the Duntroon ghost:
“Sophia was the daughter of George & Marianne Campbell. She died as the result of a tumbling accident (?). Her death cert. reflects that she died of apoplexy (cerebral haemorrhage). Her photo is seen nr. the top of the stairs as part of a family portrait.
Her ghost has been seen throughout the House & College over many decades, and has been reported in the local papers. She has often been seen in several of the married quarters, always in houses that have young children. She died unmarried & without children. One staff member recalls having a discussion with her in the master bedroom (?). On many occasions windows have been mysteriously opened within locked rooms”…

captainwhorebags 10:26 am 09 Oct 06

Thumper, you might want to try and get in touch with some of the theatre crowd in Canberra. I’ve heard plenty of stories about ghosts around the different venues here, and maybe it’s all just creative folk having fun but worth a look into anyway.

Steve @ Nerdvana could probably get you in touch with some people.

Thumper 10:19 am 09 Oct 06

Which church is that one Danman?

I’ll check it out.

Danman 10:12 am 09 Oct 06

Thumper – A colleague at work and me have been thinkin gabout doing that ghost tour for ages. A few weeks back I was taking photos of that haunted church in Ainslie when the ghost tour herse rocked up – with only one driver – peered at me for a while and drove off. Was quite un-nerving. Picton Ghost Train tunnel would be cool too – been keen on that for ages.

Growling Ferret 10:10 am 09 Oct 06

At Waramanga Primary school, there was always the legend of the red eyed ghost in the hall…

Thumper 10:05 am 09 Oct 06

I intend to do the Canberra Ghost tour in time, as well as Picton, just as a comparison.

I’ll check out Duntroon next week.

OzChick 10:00 am 09 Oct 06

Tim the Yowie Man also wrote a book a while back as well, I can’t recall if it was about supernatural stuff in the Canberra region though.

terubo 9:57 am 09 Oct 06

Thumper, there’s some stuff in the Duntroon House info sheet about the “friendly ghost” of Sophia Susanna Cambell (1857-1885). It seems that she was last seen in 1994, “although there is evidence of her presence at a wedding held in the House in February 1997”.
-I’d love to see the Officer class crappin’ themselves in her presence…

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:55 am 09 Oct 06

Sorry – should’ve included a link:

Weird Canberra Ghost and History Tour

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:53 am 09 Oct 06

Doesn’t Tim the Yowie Man do a haunted tour of Canberra? You could probably talk to him.

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