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Borders bookstore fictional pricing

Postalgeek 31 December 2009 45

So my wife (on behalf of my son) gave me the paperback version of The Road for Christmas, and while reading it the receipt slipped out from between the pages.  After a little chortle at my wife’s expense the receipt becomes my bookmark and I continue my read.

On closing the book, I noticed the RRP (recommended retail price) printed on the back of the book.  A$22.99.  The receipt says $25.50 and my wife said the Canberra Centre Borders had stuck their price tag over the printed RRP, which was removed after purchase.  On their website it’s ‘only’ $22.95.

It’s a small amount and Borders can charge whatever they like for the books they sell, but adding a markup to RRP at Christmas time deserves a special mention.

What’s Your opinion?

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Borders bookstore fictional pricing
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astrojax 3:33 pm 04 Jan 10

If you aren’t buying from Borders because of the prices, maybe mention it to the managers?

easy to say, skid, but if i’m not buying there i’m not likely to even walk in – why should i bother if other suckers suffer? as nickd said, the co-op is an excellent choiuce, and parking is usually easy on the weekend!

google is generally better than a direct path to amazon, though the book depository is excellent. abebooks, in the usa, is also good.

Ewan 10:44 pm 04 Jan 10

Best thing I ever got from borders was a link from one of thier workers
consistantly much cheaper and free delivery worldwide. Only downside is it takes like a fortnight to get your book no optional fast tracking

Muttsybignuts 2:58 pm 05 Jan 10

Booko is great!
For a more local option, try
Beyond Q at Curtin has heaps of second hand books ( well all of them actually) and I mean heaps. Well worth a visit.

MessyMonster 4:31 pm 26 Jan 10

Hey, I saw this at Borders on the weekend, I couldn’t beelive it! The RRP was $45 at other stores, it was discounted at Target to $33, yet Borders had it for $55!! someone must shop there….perhaps once they have let the coffee infiltrate their brain! or maybe it is that cheap coffee and crappy muffins keeping the bookstore afloat!!

bookguy 12:46 am 08 Sep 10

I am not surprised at the typical lack of knowledge shown by customers. I work in the book industry… one of the only remaining industries that has a recommended retail price (and this is only printed on the book by ONE of the major printing houses in Australia!) The ill-informed opinions on this page make a mockery of smart business practices employed by large format retailers everywhere!

This guy’s got it right though…

Skidbladnir said :

I am amazed that people use RRP as a guide to what they ‘should’ be paying instead of using it as baseline and trying to find better prices by shopping with your feet…
Its a number, plucked from the air by the publishers themselves, and is non-enforcable.

Do you see a RRP on a pair of jeans? A bottle of milk? A phone bill? Of course not… so why should a book retailer sell the book for the price prescribed by the publisher?

Jewelry typically is marked up anywhere between 300-1000%
Similarly, clothing can be marked up as much as 1000% depending on the brand name, so that even at 75% off, the retailer is making a profit.

By comparison, book retailers make 40-50% net margin per book on average.

If I were opening my own book store, I sure as hell wouldn’t be relying on the publishers to price my books if I’m only getting 45% margin!

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