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Breakfast in Canberra?

sunshine 30 July 2010 38

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best cafes/restaurants to go to in Canberra that serve breakfast?

I took the family to Silo in Kingston the other week and whilst the food was ok, it was very noisy not to mention expensive! $50 for eggs on toast and coffee for two.

I could have bought the whole chicken for that i’m sure.

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38 Responses to Breakfast in Canberra?
astrojax astrojax 3:34 pm 30 Jul 10

thanks holden, navigation was never a strong suit…

and mark, haven’t been for a while – new bub does that to your social life – but last i went was delicious, and much better than carlo’s had on offer… the size of the establishment didn’t worry me – or did you mean serving size? i thought it quite adequate; perhaps they’ve shrunk their helpings… btw, welcome to the riot.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:19 pm 30 Jul 10

I understand there’s a cafe in Fyshwick which will do you a nice bowl of pasta between 9 and 11am to go with your coffee.

Rangi Rangi 2:52 pm 30 Jul 10

My wife and I had a nice eggs benedict each at the cafe accross the road from injoy a couple of weeks ago, not bad prices, I think it was called Federation Cafe (maybe).

mark karlson mark karlson 2:40 pm 30 Jul 10

Astrojax, Satis are you serious? I’m vego and I avoid the place, way too small, rude uninterested staff, cold food, tasteless food…
Vote 1 black pepper.

buzz819 buzz819 2:30 pm 30 Jul 10

Yeah, to bd84 and Rawhide kid, did the OP say, Hey can you suggest something totally useless that does not contribute to this post at all? I didn’t read that anywhere in the post… I dunno maybe I missed it, this is a thread about eating out, not cooking your own breakfast.

I’m a big fan of the usual’s Cream and Gus’ while normally fairly busy they have a good selection of food. Poachers Pantry out in NSW normally has a good feed, it is a brunch menu instead of breakfast, but still very enjoyable. (it’s only a 10 min drive north of Hall).

P Taker P Taker 2:29 pm 30 Jul 10

Edgars is awesome. Eggs benedict and beer.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 2:28 pm 30 Jul 10

Rawhide Kid No 2 said :

What ever happened to the good old making your own breakfast at home. You can make anything you want and know whats in it and its a lot cheaper too.

Sometimes humans like to leave their houses and interact with other humans – strange but true.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 2:26 pm 30 Jul 10

I couldn’t agree more prhhcd, I had a short comment ready to go earlier about my recent opinions of Cafe Injoy, but I decided to delete it given my friends are I were so fond of it for a long time.
But I won’t be going back for anything other than a cuppa and cake (if I have to meet someone or something).

The little cafe in the Jamison centre does a great breakfast, not a big place though.

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 2:19 pm 30 Jul 10

What ever happened to the good old making your own breakfast at home. You can make anything you want and know whats in it and its a lot cheaper too.

bd84 bd84 1:59 pm 30 Jul 10

Woolworths, they sell cereal, milk, sugar, coffee, bread, sausages, eggs, bacon etc. A lot cheaper.

prhhcd prhhcd 1:50 pm 30 Jul 10

I think Cafe Injoy has gone down the hill this year … something fierce! Rude waiters, poorly cooked food (had an undercooked chicken breast where they assured me that a bit of raw meat in the middle is the way it should be cooked – thinking of beef me thinks!), louder than usual etc. Used to be a regular. Definately not going back. Oh, and cold coffee.
[End rant]
The black peppercorn in Belco is fantastic and always very busy. Great coffee, awesome food. So thats where we go now.

Otherwise – the HYATT is an fantastic experience. Expensive though but worth it in my opinion.

lobster lobster 12:49 pm 30 Jul 10

Cafe Injoy at Nicholls

Bluprint Bluprint 12:07 pm 30 Jul 10

Fiona said :

A bite to eat is okay for the food, if you can deal with arrogant service.

I agree with the arrogant service, but the only time we went there the food was really average, hence why we never went back. I suppose there’s good and bad stories about everywhere…

My votes go to Cafe Injoy at Gold Creek and and Black Pepper in Belcompton 🙂

dorrie dorrie 11:39 am 30 Jul 10

Pizzaz in Kingston is pretty good, although very busy and you can’t book. I prefer brunch there…fantastic ricotta fritters and calamari salad. Also if you live in Belconnen Ha Ha Bar on the lake is nice also.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:27 am 30 Jul 10

Ellacure in Bruce! A little more expensive than other places, but given the quality of food and service, it’s worth it.

As well as the usual stuff, they also do home-made hashbrowns, haloumi, chorizo, etc. Nothing like having a ‘big breakfast’ that includes something a little different.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:19 am 30 Jul 10

astrojax said :

central cafe, qbyn…

satis, in downer shops, does a great breakfast.

If you can’t find Satis at Downer, try Watson Shops. 😉

Fiona Fiona 10:55 am 30 Jul 10

A bite to eat is okay for the food, if you can deal with arrogant service.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:54 am 30 Jul 10

+1 for A Bite to Eat.

Also try…
Beess & Co, Yarralumla Shops.
Pod Food, Pialligo Plant Farm.
Urban Pantry, Manuka.

Silo generally rates pretty highly, though, so you might be out of luck, haha.

astrojax astrojax 10:53 am 30 Jul 10

central cafe, qbyn…

satis, in downer shops, does a great breakfast. tossolinis used to, haven’t been there for a while.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:41 am 30 Jul 10

A Bite to Eat in Chifley. Link to breakfast menu.

The Palette Cafe at the Beaver Galleries in Deakin (scroll down).

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