Brendan and John being mean to Amanda Bresnan?

johnboy 21 September 2009 39

So, I’m hearing snippets, did John Hargreaves and Brendan Smyth say something horrible about a Green (Amanda Bresnan?) over the weekend and are now trying to apologise in the wake of a torrent of tears?

If you’ve got more on this, send it in…

UPDATED: The ABC now have the story online:

    Mr Hargreaves and deputy Liberal leader Brendan Smyth have apologised to Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan for picking up and pretending to throw her off a stage.

    Ms Bresnan complained to the MLAs after the incident at Canberra’s Hellenic Club on September 11.

We’d love to hear from witnesses what they made of it.

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39 Responses to Brendan and John being mean to Amanda Bresnan?
Granny Granny 11:25 pm 22 Sep 09

Really, Cal? I wonder if that is the issue for Scarlett’s family or for the many volunteers who worked so hard to make the evening a success.

The ‘running of hands all over’ is a figment of the imagination of someone who either was not present or is wishing to make political mileage at the expense of a ten year old girl.

Cal Cal 4:04 pm 22 Sep 09

Granny – The issue is not whether Hargreaves raised money; it’s whether he broke Ministerial protocol by man-handling a work mate in a demeaning and offensive way. Pablo Escabar raised millions in Columbia for the poor, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour either!

And as for Pammy B; by your logic no one in NSW Labor would ever step aside or be fired. Rees’ mob are full of colourful characters, so I presume you support them too? And if I ran my hands all over your missus in public, you’d just laugh and say i was a top bloke with entertainment value? It’s people like you who allow women to be degraded in public – which is the issue here mate.

weeziepops weeziepops 3:15 pm 22 Sep 09

That’s all well and good, Granny, but I still don’t want anyone to think it is okay to physically man-handle another person at a public event. Or at all!

Granny Granny 2:58 pm 22 Sep 09

On the 11th of September 2009, Mr John Hargreaves raised hundreds of dollars for a little girl in need, and offered to make up the difference from his own pocket if not enough was raised. Some of his most vocal critics, such as the Canberra Times and Mr Stanhope, declined their invitation to attend. Personally I know which I prefer.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 2:51 pm 22 Sep 09

Pommy bastard said :

Well one has ever accused the Greens of having a sense of humour.

Am I alone in thinking this “incident” is being manipulated for political ends?

I carry no candle for Hargreaves, but I’d take him over the greens any day.

No Pommy, as if someone would take political advantage??? I’m shocked and appalled.

weeziepops weeziepops 12:54 pm 22 Sep 09

Is there ever any discussion involving Vicki which does not include some reference to her weight? And I’m surprised little Brendan was able to pick anyone up.

I agree that the important outcome of the night was getting a wheelchair for Scarlett and that the support from the pollies was great. Especially Steve Doszpot, who was heavily involved. However, in the RiotACT context, I think there is always time to criticise the behaviour of our politicians!

misspris misspris 11:33 am 22 Sep 09

Cal said :

I was at the event and hargeaves’ behaviour was totally unacceptable. Would he have picked up and pretended to throw Vicki Dunne or Katy or Meredith? I don’t think so. In which case, this is about a bloke showing his power over a small woman. What’s the message this sends – don’t run for the Assembly unless you don’t mind a bit of rough stuff from the blokes? And Pommy Bastard, if Ms Bresnan had wanted to be political she would have made this public and gone on Alex Sloan’s show. I don’t think this is about Greens, or Labor or Libs, it’s about treating women (and women politicians) with respect and decency.

Would Jon H like his wife picked up and manhandled in public?

Would be be able to pick Vicki up?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:09 am 22 Sep 09

poptop said :

What do Ministers have to do to get sacked around here?

Oh god, I hope they do not sack Hargreaves and Smyth, what will we get instead? Party apparatchiks with no colour or personality willing to tread the Stanhopian and Zed lines and not cause ripples…

At least those two had some character and entertainment value.

Where’s Zed’s release on Smyth’s behaviour?

Smyth was sent to bed without any supper apparently.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:05 am 22 Sep 09

There was a forgettable moment of awkwardness at an event which then prevented a woman from enjoying the rest of her night at said event.
She’s a politician in the Legislative Assembly, she’ll become thick-skinned.
Said incident has now been over-scrutinised.

On the plus side:
Scarlett got her wheelchair.
400 people made it happen by donating to a good cause on the night.
99.25% of the attendees had a good time.
The Hellenic Club provided the venue.

orangegirl orangegirl 9:43 am 22 Sep 09

I was there. It didn’t seem that big a deal from where I was sitting.

I can understand how this incident may have over stepped the mark, and it is appropriate for Hargreaves and Smyth to apologise if the subject of the joke was offended.

And they have.

Also, let the point be made there were some pretty off-colour comments flying in all political directions that night. It was a fundraiser. The MLAs seemed to be having some fun at each other’s expense – shock horror.

This sounds a bit too much like capitalising on a reasonably minor event to get media attention.

From what I have been told the event achieved its goal. Scarlett gets her wheelchair because the Canberra community – including the political community – got behind this excellent cause. That is the real story to me.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:37 am 22 Sep 09

Caf is right, Hargreaves is only a confirmed drink driver. Watch yourselves. 😛

However, before y’all get too upset about it, bear in mind that the MC and also the mother concerned think you’re all getting too excited and it could be a bit counterproductive.

CT article this quote comes from:
But the young girl’s mother said she was annoyed the controversy had overshadowed the fund-raiser. Estelle Sydney-Smith was concerned the incident would deter other politicians from attending charity events and supporting the community.

caf caf 9:26 am 22 Sep 09

Some of these comments seem to be sailing pretty close to the defo wind – particularly calling someone a drunk.

poptop poptop 9:13 am 22 Sep 09

What do Ministers have to do to get sacked around here?

Where’s Zed’s release on Smyth’s behaviour?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:02 am 22 Sep 09

Surely we could ask the host of the event in question, one of RiotACT’s own members?

Although if I was the only non-politician host and everyone wanted to hear my account of what happened (and still wanted to deal with these people & parties again at some point in future), I’d probably keep my head low too…

Thumper Thumper 8:46 am 22 Sep 09

Hargeaves acting like a boorish, uncouth oaf? Well, it’s quite expected.

As for Smyth, what was the idiot doing, or thinking?

sepi sepi 8:43 am 22 Sep 09

Joke or not they should not have tried this on.

Can you imagine if Joe Hockey and Malcolm turnbull tried to throw Julia Gillard off a stage at a public event ‘humerously’ of course and ‘not drunk’?

there would be an outcry, and quite rightly. It just shows a huge lack of respect – and common sense.

bd84 bd84 9:49 pm 21 Sep 09

54-11 said :

John Hargreaves is a drunken, ignorant boofhead who is an embarassment as a Minister of the ACT.

What I can’t understand is that Stanhope continues to protect him and retain him as a minister, despite his track record as a serial f*wit.

bd84 and pommy bastard, it’s nothing to do with having a sense of humour – this was a drunk being stupid and manhandling a much smaller person, who happens to be a woman from a different political party. Any way you look at it, it was not funny or smart (both attributes sadly lacking from Hargreaves repertoire of tricks). I can’t see how you can pretend it was otherwise.

Given no footage or other witness accounts have been reported so far, it is difficult to make a firm judgement of what this incident was intended to be (joke or stupidity, or both), unless you can indulge us with such things?

You seemed to have missed the point of my post of that while some people may think a prank is funny while other don’t is the biggest danger in jokes/stunts in the workplace

Personally, I think it would have been funnier if they picked up Hargreaves and threw him outside then locked the doors and changed the locks to the assembly to prevent him from entering.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 6:48 pm 21 Sep 09

54-11 said :

PB, the problem is that Smyth gave a genuine apology, whereas Hargreaves did not.

Really, have the apologies been published? I’d love a lookee see…

54-11 54-11 6:24 pm 21 Sep 09

PB, the problem is that Smyth gave a genuine apology, whereas Hargreaves did not. In addition, Hargreaves has a long track record whereas Smyth does not. Serial offenders get more shit thrown at them than first-timers.

johnboy johnboy 5:29 pm 21 Sep 09

Rather than some anti-hargreaves conspiracy, it seems likely to a non-partisan observer that their actions were not equal at the time, and that the sincerity of their apologies might also have not been equal.

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