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Brendan and John being mean to Amanda Bresnan?

By johnboy - 21 September 2009 39

So, I’m hearing snippets, did John Hargreaves and Brendan Smyth say something horrible about a Green (Amanda Bresnan?) over the weekend and are now trying to apologise in the wake of a torrent of tears?

If you’ve got more on this, send it in…

UPDATED: The ABC now have the story online:

    Mr Hargreaves and deputy Liberal leader Brendan Smyth have apologised to Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan for picking up and pretending to throw her off a stage.

    Ms Bresnan complained to the MLAs after the incident at Canberra’s Hellenic Club on September 11.

We’d love to hear from witnesses what they made of it.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Brendan and John being mean to Amanda Bresnan?
mistermongo 3:40 pm 21 Sep 09

Does she have a crush on Brendan? Is that why his unreserved apology was accepted when John’s was not?

The whole thing smacks of primary school.

Thoroughly Smashed 3:39 pm 21 Sep 09

bd84 said :

That’s the problem with doing these sorts of things, you never know who has no sense of humour. Obviously we all know now.

I wouldn’t expect being fondled by either of those idiots to rate very high on anyone’s fun-o-meter, let alone at the same time.

bd84 3:17 pm 21 Sep 09

That’s the problem with doing these sorts of things, you never know who has no sense of humour. Obviously we all know now.

Pommy bastard 3:03 pm 21 Sep 09

I wonder if Hargreave’s apology didn’t get accepted as it wasn’t written on recycled paper? 🙂

Pommy bastard 2:18 pm 21 Sep 09

Well one has ever accused the Greens of having a sense of humour.

Am I alone in thinking this “incident” is being manipulated for political ends?

I carry no candle for Hargreaves, but I’d take him over the greens any day.

astrojax 1:38 pm 21 Sep 09

ms gallagher, our redoubtable health minister, was with ross solly on 666 this morning and the sub-text was that JH’s apology, though apparently ‘unreserved’, has yet to be accepted. he rekkuns he was designated driver, so wasn’t inebriated. sh’rr oshifer…

katy is also lead liaison betwixt labor and greens, so she’ll have her work cut out for her.

maybe mr garrett could become involved – surely it was simply a jocular moment..?

caf 1:14 pm 21 Sep 09

Gungahlin Al: By all reports, everything except the bit about the apology equally applies to Brendan Smyth, too.

Gungahlin Al 12:50 pm 21 Sep 09

Everyone does things they wholeheartedly regret. The measure of a person is their ability to a) realise it, b) sincerely make amends and c) learn from it.
I’d imagine that JH’s ‘apology’ was rather qualified, leading to the rejection.

Amanda’s pretty small, and I could imagine it could be somewhat intimidating – particularly if there was grog involved – and certainly embarrassing.

It’s hard to see how JH could mistake the relationship as anything beyond cordial workmates after some of the insults that get trotted out in the Assembly.

They are technically workmates, and these days there are a lot of things one does not do with workmates – particularly if one is in a more ‘powerful’ position – by status, sex, size or longevity. It’s a reality with which JH seems to have difficulty.

tortfeaser 11:36 am 21 Sep 09

Was briefly mentioned and commented-on by unresponsible Kate on 666. Bresnan wasn’t into the comedy, Hargreaves allegedly pissed, both apologised, one apology not accepted (whose not mentioned).

Skidbladnir 11:32 am 21 Sep 09

According to this bit on the ABC website:
Ms Bresnan complained to the MLAs after the incident at [a charity event at] Canberra’s Hellenic Club on September 11.

Other than Wheelchair for Scarlett, what else was happening that night, or can anyone who was there enlighten us?

housebound 11:20 am 21 Sep 09


Hargreaves has now ‘apologised unreservedly’.

GYW 11:16 am 21 Sep 09

And there’s this from the ABC, who were discussing it on 666 this morning and also had Jon Stanhope on:

Gobbo 11:10 am 21 Sep 09
housebound 11:05 am 21 Sep 09

I must have misread it – I thought they picked her up as if to throw her, but stopped short of actually doing it. It’s not online, so i can’t check it now.

If they were all friends, there might not have been the drama. But they’re not, and let’s face it – some women really object to being manhandled. You are supposed to ask permission before even touching someone these days (let alone tosssing them off a stage).

Smyth apologised in person and in writing (ie hand-delivered the letter), and Bresnan accepted the apology.

Hargreaves said he had only two drinks. Bresnan didn’t accept his apology. I wonder what he actually said that has blown it up into a front-page story.

caf 10:45 am 21 Sep 09

Saw this on the front page of the CT at the cafe this morning – apparently they physically threw her off stage at a charity event back on the 11th of September in a misguided attempt at comedy.

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