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British sweet shop/lolly shop

By claireinqbn - 8 July 2010 32

Hi folks, Claire here from Queanbeyan … well, actually I’m from even further away than that, Norwich in eastern England, but hope you won’t exclude me on either ground. Have just moved to Qbn after three years in Coffs Harbour and am still frozen in shock at the winter temps here. And not a de-icer spray in sight!!!

Just wondering, does anyone here know of a British food/treats/lolly shop anywhere in Canberra or surrounds? Reason being that once I’ve defrosted,  I’m keen to start my own business and was thinking of leasing one of several vacant shops in Queanbeyan. Obviously it will be more successful if there’s little or no competition in the area. Thank you for any help!

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32 Responses to
British sweet shop/lolly shop
colourful sydney rac 4:00 pm 08 Jul 10

Thumper said :

Federation Square, Gold Creek Village out along the Barton Highway has an interesting little sweet shop.

Pretty well stocked if I recall – iron bru *mmmmm*

grump 2:49 pm 08 Jul 10

what happened to the lolly shop at Berrima?

Aurelius 1:25 pm 08 Jul 10

There’s a sweets store in Bungendore (opposite the Bardy’s cafe) that specialises in rarer sweets.
Also, I’ve been told (but never seen) that Palmerston supermarket has a sideline in rare imported sweets – but mainly American.

Two more locations to do market research.

MsCheeky 12:05 pm 08 Jul 10

My sister-in-law has just moved here from England and would give her right arm for some pg tips teabags.

madamcholet 12:04 pm 08 Jul 10

Wherever you set up, please let us know where it is so I can get my fix of Toffee Crisps and Walkers Cheese and Onion please. Oh, and rhubarb and Custards. thx!!

Jenna57 11:34 am 08 Jul 10

There is a lolly shop in Bateman’s Bay in the small shopping centre ( I think it is Bridge Plaza) owned by a lovely lady called Beth. I know she gets a lot of british sweets in as she has some British friends. You might like to get in touch with her. Her shop is called The Lolly Ladies, phone 44729299.

OzChick 11:23 am 08 Jul 10

Probably not much help but I went to this one in the Hunter Valley.

Thumper 10:30 am 08 Jul 10

Federation Square, Gold Creek Village out along the Barton Highway has an interesting little sweet shop.

Mothy 10:19 am 08 Jul 10

Gold Creek and Braidwood, while great Lolly Shops, are not quite the Brit-fest I think the OP has in mind. If just listing straight lolly shops add the one in Manuka across the arcade entrance from My Cafe to the list.

Think more specifically pommy – – Had thought I’d also seen one in the Sydney CBD in the shops underneath the tower.

cranky 10:19 am 08 Jul 10

Windfall Kiosk in Southlands, Mawson, sells old style lollies and sweets.

freakwent 10:08 am 08 Jul 10

No restaurants in Canberra can make Yorkshire pudding properly.

TheVirulentOne 9:43 am 08 Jul 10

There is no British lolly shop in this region. The only ‘complete’ British lolly shops in driving distance are in Sydney, one in Glebe and another in Skygarden in the CBD. The lolly shop in Berry has a limited selection compared to those two. Bear in mind that these Sydney stores do sometimes do postal deliveries, which could cut into your business; on our first visit to the Glebe store we were amused to hear the owner taking a phone order from someone in Rivett.

We’d love you to open a store, and will happily frequent it if you stock Yorkie Biscuit & Raisin Bars, and British Cadbury’s. But as a Queanbeyan resident for 5 years I’d suggest you do plenty of homework about renting a vacant shop here; most of the main street ‘mall’ shops have been vacant during my entire time here, which I assume is because of the monopoly of Riverside Plaza. There isn’t as much passing walking trade as one would think, so you’d need to heavily rely on word of mouth and good advertising. I’m sure you’ll do all of that, but I’d hate to start relying on you as the local Yorkie supplier and then find one day that you’ve disappeared. Good luck !

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:37 am 08 Jul 10

Some IGAs (eg Deakin) sell a range of confectionary from the UK.

troll-sniffer 9:33 am 08 Jul 10

Braidwood had a dedicated sweet shop last time I passed through. Braidwood is 80kms from Canberra towards the coast.

Daspuck 9:24 am 08 Jul 10

There is one out in Gold Creek (up near Nichols + Hall)’s ok but not as ‘complete’ as ones I’ve seen in Berry or in the Blue Mountains.

Can’t think of any others IN Canberra. Good luck with it all and let us all know if/when you open!

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