Brumbies triumph in a thriller 33-31

johnboy 13 February 2009 14

The Brumbies match report can be viewed online.

It was a big night for the pigs with the forwards winning enough ball to win two games.

However the rusty backs fought their way into the game from a 19-0 deficit with some great crash ball running by the Mortlokkies, followed up by some deftness by the great man and a screamingly good field goal by Christian Lealiifano to seal the win.

Great game, and a four try bonus point at an away fixture.

Nice to see them winning the close ones, even better when it’s an away game.

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14 Responses to Brumbies triumph in a thriller 33-31
2604 2604 11:10 pm 13 Feb 09

Yep, good game. The highlight for me was seeing Rathbone put a massive tackle on some enormous forward from the Highlanders.

Also, Stephen Moore was great. Added lots of composure to the line-outs and threw straight all night. A big improvement over Paul and Fa’ainga.

vg vg 8:29 am 14 Feb 09

The loud noises you heard in the middle of the evening yesterday was me screaming at the plasma, alternating between agony and ecstasy, whilst watching the Brumbies.

A supporters emotional rollercoaster but a win at the House of Pain is a great start to the year. Lo and behold we may finally see an Australian provincial side with a scrum of note. Moore is most welcome and if the team stays fit and healthy we could see some great things

New Yeah New Yeah 9:55 am 14 Feb 09

Unfortunately I missed it, and will miss next week’s game at Bruce too. Good to see the Brumbies get a win first up and score a bonus point.

crabb crabb 11:46 am 14 Feb 09

Do I presume the Super 14 games are still not available on free-to-air TV?

johnboy johnboy 12:44 pm 14 Feb 09

crabb said :

Do I presume the Super 14 games are still not available on free-to-air TV?

And probably never will be.

On the bright side it encourages us to go to the pub and meet new people and fans.

ramblingted ramblingted 1:41 pm 14 Feb 09

Given that the Brumbies were nowhere until the Highlanders lost two All Blacks to injury in the first half, I don’t think there is too much to get excited about…except for George, we were soft at the breakdown…Rathdown’s only involvement was to spill a ball in our danger zone, and to attempt to use his head as a speedbump, with obvious and painful results….had it not been for the incomparable Mortlock, we were gone..I fear what the Yarpies will do to us…

vg vg 2:58 pm 14 Feb 09


To quote something I was told as a 7yo

‘Look at the scoreboard’.

What do the Yarpies have that we should fear, after the Wallabies did them some damage last year?

johnboy johnboy 3:21 pm 14 Feb 09

The defence out wide is a huge concern, but the forwards were winning a lot of lineout and scrum ball as well as driving a mile of territory.

Even at 19-0 down all the stats were Brumby positive, something we had the composure to capitalise on later.

Next week against the ‘Saders at home will be the test I guess.

jase! jase! 3:50 pm 14 Feb 09

I’d certainly say its a good thing its not on free to air. I watched this at the RUC last night and damm near had a heart attack in the last 5 minutes. I can’t say I know that much about rugby having grown up with AFL in tassie but i thought it was a corker of a game and the atmosphere at the RUC was pretty good too

Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 9:10 pm 14 Feb 09

I was at the game in Dunedin. Friggin freeeeeeeeezing I tells ya! Still, myself and the other 50 or so people who were there enjoyed a great game. That the South Islanders are rugby mad clearly seems to be a bit of a myth given the pathetic turn-out. Really disappointed at the atmosphere (or lack of it). With 10 minutes to go before kickoff there was literally about 100 people in the stadium and most of them were kids who got in for free.

Rugby is dying a not-so-slow death IMO.

ramblingted ramblingted 7:54 am 15 Feb 09

to vg..umm, maybe you missed it, but the last time the Wllabies played the Yarpies they kicked our ass big time….does 53-8 ring a bell? I remember it as i was in SA at the time..

vg vg 9:07 am 15 Feb 09

Cast your mind back a few weeks previous to that and we handed them their asses. Not by the same score but still in a dominating fashion.

Last I checked that was also LAST year. From watching every S14 game this year thus far we have nothing to fear from the SA teams. 2 Australian teams winning in NZ with bonus points. Yeah, we’ll all be rrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooned!

justbands justbands 10:09 am 16 Feb 09

Positives were…George Smith being his usual brilliant self, a scrum that worked, Stephen Moore proving what a great buy he really was, Mortlock being his usual inspiring & brilliant self, Lealifano having a good start to the season.

Negatives….some gaping holes in the backline defence at times, a poor turnout in Dunedin (which is nearly unheard of). Although I don’t believe at all that Rugby is dying a not-so-slow death as Beserk Keyboard Warrior does…I think it has more to do with the fact that Otago are pretty much rated as wooden spooners this year & that perhaps Canberra doesn’t have a monopoly on fickle crowds.

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 10:47 am 16 Feb 09

At the end of the day a win’s a win, especially after shipping a point a minute during the first quarter, but the way they failed to put the Highlanders away (they looked gone for all money after 55 minutes)should worry those in command.

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