Buckpassing over Firelinks has started

Thumper 23 July 2007 11

Simon Corbell has written to the Canberra Times claiming that his Department is not to blame for the fiasco.

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11 Responses to Buckpassing over Firelinks has started
MoNo MoNo 10:21 am 30 Jul 07

warps system uses EXISTING radio network to transmit position – costs under a grand per unit – it just works – how do we get this message through to decision makers?

MoNo MoNo 3:56 pm 29 Jul 07

goto http://www.warps.com.au – technology exists, designed specifically for rural fire services, presented to ACT ESB BEFORE Firelink tender, so no grounds for single tender quote – now being used in several states by rural fire services – requires no user intervention – auto transmits location whenever PTT released – cost:

bugmenot bugmenot 1:37 pm 24 Jul 07

Isn’t it more of a combination of chains of errors (big and small) from various different parties than one single person being to blame? I can just see some inquest going on for months to figure that no-one was really to blame, but improvements in govt process can be made here, and here, etc etc.

On the $4m budget, I wonder what went to Firelink development? There’s a media release on the vendors site with a bit that claims Firelink was developed in conjunction with a $100,000 R&D grant from some ACT business assistance program. Even allowing for other funding, ‘peanuts’ comes to mind if thats the largest figure thats publicly quoted.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:14 am 24 Jul 07

Mr Dunn was on the radio (2CN) this morning, and he said that he was confident that any investigation would clear him of any wrongdoing over this issue.

He pointed out that it was interesting that several documents relating to the purchase had gone missing, but been found again recently.

futto futto 10:07 pm 23 Jul 07

I think it’s great the government can cut their losses on this. Some people wouldn’t admit they made a mistake and just plough more money into it until it worked. I know of several large government IT projects where $4 mill wouldn’t even cover the consultant’s coffee bill…you know who you are!! 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 6:46 pm 23 Jul 07

How about doing some sensible requirements analysis and determining the functionality needed before going and playing with product? Without a proper, rigorous approach, this outcome is almost assured.

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 2:32 pm 23 Jul 07

Not being really techno savvy, Would it have been a wiser move to utilize the extra functions that could have been implemented in the TRN system to do the same job as FireLink?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:00 pm 23 Jul 07

Maybe the sales rep offered to throw in a brand new uniform for Dunn if he purchased this technology?

Maelinar Maelinar 1:28 pm 23 Jul 07

This is not an issue I will be commenting on, due to conflict of interest with my profession (Business Analyst) versus my interest in this topic as a volunteer.

Oh, but I’d love to.

tortfeaser tortfeaser 12:46 pm 23 Jul 07

While this Govt is an abortion, a joke, you couldn’t hang it for this Firelink shambles. The independent authority made the purchasing and implementation decision – Dunn is the clown with his signature on the cheque. You can see it now, some vendor comes up with a u-beaut all-singing solution to a problem that was poorly defined, Dunn comes over all glassy eyed at the sexy new technology and does whatever necessary to get it. Corbell has made a few good points over speccing the problem properly instead of making the spec fit the solution.

Thumper Thumper 10:51 am 23 Jul 07

I should add that Mr Corbell himself is not responsible for this as it was before his tenure in this capacity.

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