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Beyond the expected

Building collapse in Civic

By johnboy - 28 October 2008 51

[First filed: October 27, 2008 @ 14:05
Second filing: October 28, 2008 @ 09:44]

The DEEWR building under construction on the corner of Rudd and Marcus Clarke streets has had a major collapse while concrete was being poured.

Apparently no one was hurt but my there were a lot of appliances out and hard hats milling around.

The ABC has a report here and there’s a slideshow of the images below with thanks to Madman for sending in the better ones of the damage.

UPDATED: Just added some more photos doing the departmental rounds. If you get something new send it in to

ANOTHER UPDATE: We’ve got a copy of the prohibition notice on the site. It’s closed until:

    After a competent structural engineer specialising in concrete structure has inspected the scene and conducted testing and investigation to ascertain the cause of the failure.


The ABC Radio News is reporting that this is the second (much larger) formwork collapse on the site.

Slideshow below:

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51 Responses to
Building collapse in Civic
Grail 3:12 pm 27 Oct 08

The first photo shows the crack between the “stable” formwork and the stuff collapsing to the right. There is already an emergency services guy in the first photo (full yellow suit right up the back – single figure?), and the concrete pipe has been abandoned with noone nearby in the process of running away. I would expect that the collapse has taken place over the space of a few tens of minutes from the time the first “crack” was detected.

I doubt that someone standing off the work area and waiting for the accident to finish would just be sitting around for those 15 min without thinking about taking a photo or two 😉

ant 3:02 pm 27 Oct 08

Very noisy and they had their phone out at the time! Maybe lots of yells from the fluro vest wearers (singing out for people to get their phones going).

johnboy 2:57 pm 27 Oct 08

gooterz said :

How does someone have photos of it happening? staged or what?

or slow… very slow… =P

gooterz 2:55 pm 27 Oct 08

How does someone have photos of it happening? staged or what?

tylersmayhem 2:44 pm 27 Oct 08

Very glad no one was hurt! Does make me wonder though, if this failure didn’t happen now, I wonder what could have happened structurally after a year or 2 if the concreting was faulty or not well enough supported? Sure these things should not happen in this day and age!?

cranky 2:39 pm 27 Oct 08

Contractors/trades working on this site are compelled to be DEEWR certified as even better than the ordinary building tradesmen. ie, OH&S compliant to within perfection.

Pity it occurred, but shows that all the (OTT) compliance/paperwork in the world cannot prevent mishaps.

harvyk1 2:37 pm 27 Oct 08

Well that explains a lot. I walked past the site just as the first fire engine was turning up, saw a whole lot of guys standing around outside, when I walked past about half an hour later more things (eg ambos police etc…) where turning up.

johnboy 2:28 pm 27 Oct 08

sezzle said :

I heard that there were 4 men trapped under the formwork?

Not what people were saying on site an hour ago, but it’s possible new information has emerged.

sezzle 2:26 pm 27 Oct 08

I heard that there were 4 men trapped under the formwork?

johnboy 2:24 pm 27 Oct 08

AG Canberra said :

anything to do with the strong winds we are experiencing?

I’d be very surprised if that was a factor, it’s rather well sheltered.

But time will tell.

AG Canberra 2:23 pm 27 Oct 08

anything to do with the strong winds we are experiencing?

poptop 2:23 pm 27 Oct 08

I’m glad no-one’s hurt.

Designed for a 5* Green Rating, 5* ABGR rating and a living wall.

Is it a sign from God to the Greens?

johnboy 2:19 pm 27 Oct 08

Well at the simplest level the scaffolding has failed to support the concrete being poured.

Why that would happen is going to take some finding out.

p1 2:13 pm 27 Oct 08

Bit of a worry. And a headache for a lot of people I am sure. Will be interesting to find out what went wrong, after all, people have been building things for a while now, you think they would have solved the obvious technical problems with the designs so that they don’t fall down.

OzChick 2:08 pm 27 Oct 08

Whoah, lucky that no one was hurt.

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