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Burlesque too racy for the festival?

johnboy 15 February 2009 44

[First filed: February 14, 2009 @ 13:24]

The Canberra Times reports that the Office of Multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs is up in arms about the burlesque component of the Fringe Festival.

While I personally find burlesque a bit dull, basically drag shows with women, the parts I’ve seen both on opening night when this photo was taken, and last night, have been pretty tame.

Whether breasts with pasties on constitutes nudity is a point that various courts and censors have debated at length and it seems to be OK.

Last night certainly saw a huge crowd packed into the tent enjoying the entertainment.

On the other hand when you take the Government money to put on an event you do become beholden to wider community views.

Do burlesque performances in public places offend you? Would you like to see more of it? Should it be confined to paying 16+ customers?

Burlesque at a Government funded festival

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44 Responses to Burlesque too racy for the festival?
deye deye 1:42 am 16 Feb 09

Actually on the Thursday night there was the seminar (for want of a better word) on Burlesque which was mixed in with some performances. At the end was a question and answer session and one of the performers asked what people thought of children attending a Burlesque show as one of her friends wanted to bring her 8 year old daughter along to one of her shows.

The performer also mentioned a time when she was performing at some public event and a boy about 12 years old had yelled out to her to “show us ya tits !”. IIRC she told him off after getting over her shock.

The performer said that she thought it should stay as “adult entertainment” and not have kids at shows. Some of the audience said that it depended on what type of burlesque show – after all some are fairly tame, but others are not.

Most of the acts on Friday night were fairly tame, although one or two near the end were not so tame. One of which the performer was fully clothed in a plastic nude suit. She actually expressed surprise when she saw the boy in the front row and for the rest of her act stayed on other parts of the stage that were further away.

deye deye 1:24 am 16 Feb 09

scootergal said :

I was there and enjoyed some of what I could see. What I was concerned about was the young boy of about 8 years old sitting at the front of the audience. I didn’t take my 12 year old girl along as I’m sure I would have heard gasps of “EWWW gross!” from her and her friends.

Frankly he seemed more shocked by the sword swallower who then lifted the irons with his eye lids.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:47 pm 15 Feb 09

Needs less clothes.

bohemian bohemian 6:48 pm 15 Feb 09

Hrmm, it’s very multicultural to have drunks hopping from tent to tent drinking to oblivion but not okay for a burlesque show in a designated space? And parents who have problems with it should not bring their children to the tent. It’s as simple as that. It may well has something to do with feminine empowerment but I see it as a bit of fun entertainment and an introduction to a culture that we don’t often see. And the sort that happen perhaps once or twice a year.

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