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Business cards are one of those things one really wants to pick up

By johnboy - 5 August 2010 30


Sometimes even the best of us drop things we don’t manage to pick up.

But when it’s business cards? And at O’Connor shops? It can really save embarrassment to make an effort.

business cards

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30 Responses to
Business cards are one of those things one really wants to pick up
Kuku 11:20 am 06 Aug 10

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

I have a bad feeling about this.


embilly 11:10 am 06 Aug 10

Well, I’m just sayin… everyone here is implying that the owner of the business cards is the litterer. Just puttin it out there.

Holden Caulfield 10:48 am 06 Aug 10

embilly said :

Hmmm, couldnt this amount to slander?

Slander, for this!

When did we die and become the United States?

Special G 8:51 am 06 Aug 10

The green question is did JB do the right thing and pick up the business cards after the photo op.

embilly 8:38 am 06 Aug 10

Hmmm, couldnt this amount to slander? None of us have any idea of the sitaution behind this. I feel bad for this person as there’s a fair chance that she didn’t drop them on the ground herself, and I’m sure right about now, she’s getting a phone call at her desk from someone wanting to know what the hell she was thinking.

How about people go easy on the poor woman before you draw the worst conclusion??

Hells_Bells74 8:27 am 06 Aug 10

I used to go to school (Merici) with a Nerissa.

These days with the Riotact around you don’t have to drop them from the sky to get them all around Canberra.. Great advertising in better circumstances.

But littering is littering 🙂 (although it may be someone else’s litter job of course).

Monster of the Deep 12:08 am 06 Aug 10

Are we supposed to be able to read what these things say? Because I for one can’t make out a word, not on my screen.

thy_dungeonman 10:56 pm 05 Aug 10

I don’t see the problem in leaving the contact details visible, that’s what business cards are for, these business cards somehow got spilt everywhere and this is the resulting image if it’s a problem that everyone now knows their contact details then they should clean them up.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:50 pm 05 Aug 10
bd84 9:55 pm 05 Aug 10

Could be something as simple as the person accidently leaving a box of the cards on the roof then driving off without realising..

georgesgenitals 7:12 pm 05 Aug 10

A bit nasty leaving the details for all and sundry to see. Of course they should have been picked up, but geez, this is a bit rough.

Ceej1973 6:32 pm 05 Aug 10

I had a colleague in an ACT Govt. Regulatory Department, who gave out his business card to a so called client. The Client then went and used the business card to pose as an inspector on work sites. He was found out and charged by the Police. The person who belongs to these cards (OP pic) really should have made an effort to either take better care of them, or pick them up if they dropped them. I am sure their boss wont be too happy if the same scenario was to pan out.

ConanOfCooma 6:06 pm 05 Aug 10

As APS, I can tell you one thing:

Can’t wait to laugh my arse off at the fallout from this shit-hit on the fan!

Witness the shitness!

embilly 5:52 pm 05 Aug 10

mate, it’s possible it wasn’t the person ON the business cards who dropped the business cards.

in fact, i’m gonna put it out there and say it’s highly unlikely it would be the person on the cards. who is gonna litter all over Turner shops and then leave their name regarding every single piece of litter dropped?

easy to react but better to look beyond the obvious.

Skidbladnir 5:46 pm 05 Aug 10

She’s only meant to give a marine pollution protection response, or to care if its an oil spill.

(You couldn’t go to the effort of obscuring her mobile number or work email though, Jb?)

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