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Life is looking up

But you only just finished it!

By johnboy - 21 May 2009 20

Here’s a good sign that the planned solar plant is going to go in South of Tharwa.

The Chiefly Stanhope has announced that having only just completed the Tharwa bridge he’s kicking in another $11 million to strengthen the foundations.

    “The ACT Government remains committed to restoring the historic Tharwa Bridge because of its significant heritage value to the Territory and most particularly to the residents of Tharwa,” Mr Stanhope said.

    “Today I have committed to fund structural works, at a cost of $11 million, on top of the $14.7 million previously committed for remedial works.

    “The works will strengthen the foundations – extending the Bridge’s life for at least 50 years – and ensure it can withstand a one in 100 year flood.

If it’s so culturally important why was it allowed to run down to inoperability earlier in Our Brave Leader’s tenure?

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20 Responses to
But you only just finished it!
Adza 11:47 pm 21 May 09

It’s a bloody bridge. Knock it down and replace it. I fail to really see any heritage value in a structure which was built simply to get people over a bit of water.

Ian 9:34 pm 21 May 09

I’m struggling to imagine how you spend $25m on Tharwa bridge.

deezagood 7:33 pm 21 May 09

Bloody unbelievable. Seriously – think of what that wasted money could be doing to improve health services etc… why can’t they just do things right in the first place??? Unbelievable!

54-11 6:42 pm 21 May 09

I wonder what sort of roadside art is being contemplated? Bet it won’t be a statue of Val Jeffery.

swamiOFswank 6:19 pm 21 May 09

It’ll take the slow bastards 50 years to strengthen it enough to last 50 years, by which time it’ll fall into obsolescence anyway because we’ll be zipping around like the Jetsons in little space capsules.

Anyone know why the Oaks Estate bridge has been further delayed until the end of June? This was a one month road closure that’s dragging on…and on…

GottaLoveCanberra 4:20 pm 21 May 09

Mr Evil said :

What are they going to strengthen the foundations with – shredded Rhodium documents?

Holy crap I think I wet myself laughing.

Will the Govt spray paint this bridge green?

Mr Evil 4:17 pm 21 May 09

What are they going to strengthen the foundations with – shredded Rhodium documents?

Thumper 4:15 pm 21 May 09

And the AMC…

Thumper 4:14 pm 21 May 09

From the government that bought you the wonderful GDE no doubt..

Reprobate 4:05 pm 21 May 09

SNAFU for the ACT Gov’t at the moment:

Step 1: Decide to build/fix something in time for it to start and be seen to be happening, especially leading up to an election. Do a half-arsed job BUT (very important point this) DON’T listen to anyone when they kick and scream about what a mess it is and how it won’t cope with current, let alone future, needs. Those idiots.

Step 2: Attend ribbon cutting ceremony (with the obligatory Welcome to Country, natch) and proudly declare (insert project name here) open. Even though it’s not really finished. And a couple of your staffers seem to have fallen into an open pit, covered by the red carpet. Those idiots.

Step3: Within a mere handful of months, commence priority works to extend/stabilise/rectify what you’ve just opened, usually trashing a good half of what you’ve already paid for.

Those idiots

Calwell Resident 4:04 pm 21 May 09

This has a similar feel as the GDE. Soon to be duplicated as promised.

goose 4:04 pm 21 May 09

For what other reason would he fix the bridge – so we can access the public school faster from the south side.

Thumper 3:17 pm 21 May 09

Wow, talk about spin…

PM 2:45 pm 21 May 09

My jaw literally dropped when reading this.

Maybe if the ACT public servants weren’t so busy covering the CM’s arse they’d be better at their jobs.

caf 2:42 pm 21 May 09

I’m guessing no-one noticed it was about to break, until it broke.

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