Buying a tasteless over-processed burger in Canberra

troll-sniffer 22 January 2012 21

A quick and hopefully easy question for Rioters.

I’m after tips on the best place to buy a tasteless over-processed sugar-filled hamburger in Canberra. So far my travels have taken me to Macdonalds, Hungry Jacks and the local takeaway.

The first two specialist stores have been quite good and I will probably end up buying from them. The local takeaway was a disaster, with large toasted buns, generous patties, beetroot and personalised service. I mean seriously guys, get with it!

However, internet research indicates there are heaps of products around but in-store research hasn’t backed that up.

I was a little surprised by the lack of products on display at KFC and Ali Baba. What really disappointed me about these last two was the attempt to introduce a bit of spice into the food on offer.

There must be more than two decent purveyors of tasteless over-sweet processed soggy garbage masquerading as suitable food in Canberra, surely? Please help me, please.


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21 Responses to Buying a tasteless over-processed burger in Canberra
squashee squashee 6:30 pm 22 Jan 12

Try Kingsley’s in Weston. Went there a few nights ago to find they had no chicken – would have been a twenty minute wait while they cooked some more. Dominos was delicious instead.

Deckard Deckard 7:05 pm 22 Jan 12

One option is a microwave burger from your local servo. You have to make sure that it’s cooked properly and is insanely hot on the outside but still frozen in the middle. No salad at all, just a beef looking patty, some plastic cheese and a bit of onion and sauce. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast…

Tastes almost as good as the plastic wrapping it comes in.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 7:06 pm 22 Jan 12

I reckon you should buy a BBQ and make your own burgers. Also recommend a nice cold glass of milk to wash it down with.

milkman milkman 7:11 pm 22 Jan 12

Tried that crappy red caravan by the lake? That way you could also include ‘overpriced’…

Ian Ian 8:29 pm 22 Jan 12

Try a frozen microwave cheeseburger from the supermarket. They are so good that even my omnivorous dog refused to touch one.

Jethro Jethro 9:02 pm 22 Jan 12

Well this is becoming quite a little meme isn’t it?

Deref Deref 9:12 pm 22 Jan 12

I really don’t think you can go past McDonalds for a tasteless over-processed sugar-filled hamburger. Nothing can compare.

staminaman62 staminaman62 9:21 pm 22 Jan 12

It’s “McDonalds” not “MacDonalds” and their burgers aren’t tasteless. I think they’re quite tasty. Or I guess the fact they’ve sold billions and billions of them is just some strange aborration.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 9:35 pm 22 Jan 12

Or if you want to pull your finger out and actually drop some coin on something decent, Grill’d has the best burgers in Canberra.

goggles13 goggles13 9:45 pm 22 Jan 12

staminaman62 said :

It’s “McDonalds” not “MacDonalds” and their burgers aren’t tasteless. I think they’re quite tasty. Or I guess the fact they’ve sold billions and billions of them is just some strange aborration.

good marketing.

I think Hungry Jacks make a better fast food burger than McDonalds.

the other option for the OP is Oporto.

farnarkler farnarkler 9:51 pm 22 Jan 12

I’m with Deckard. Some of those nukeable burgers are really bad. You’d be better off eating a piece of styrofoam.

el el 9:52 pm 22 Jan 12

You could try buying online and having it shipped in from overseas – might end up cheaper that way.

Home-grown meme FTW.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:56 pm 22 Jan 12

I’m touched.

fgzk fgzk 8:41 am 23 Jan 12

Trollsniffer …You are what you eat.

Wokie Wokie 9:02 am 23 Jan 12

Urriara Takeaway behind the Fire Brigade place in Phillip gets my vote.

Dilandach Dilandach 9:03 am 23 Jan 12

Although I haven’t seen them in a while, If you’re lucky you might be able to find a “Hamburger in a can”.

Tastes as delicious as you might think.

poetix poetix 9:09 am 23 Jan 12

Jethro said :

Well this is becoming quite a little meme isn’t it?

Is that a kind of rissole? Round like a youyou?

Gantz Gantz 9:33 am 23 Jan 12

Surprised no one has mentioned Charlie Blacks.

Hands down the worst burger I’ve ever eaten, and at $19, you’d expect a masterpiece, not so with that establishment.

Solidarity Solidarity 9:44 am 23 Jan 12

Tasteless and overpriced? Grill’d.

littlevixen littlevixen 4:41 pm 23 Jan 12

Solidarity said :

Tasteless and overpriced? Grill’d.


most underwhelming burger experience i’ve ever had.

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