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ausbuzzpost 4 January 2012 3

I love music. I truly love music.

That’s why we, the folks over at [buzzpost] ( want to get to work on a new project.

We want to interview, either through audio or video, the hardworking local artists that populate the ACT. We want to ask you the quirky questions that no other interviewer asks. We want to bring you to more and more new audiences in the most interesting way we can. None of this “Who influences you?” rubbish…we want to ask other, more amusing, more interesting questions. We want to know what your songs are about. We want to know your touring stories. We want know what you get a kick out of on stage. We want to know what you’d do on stage if you were drunk enough. We want you and your personality. We want to know what makes you tick, what makes you smile and what really pisses you off.

Each interview will be paired with a choice of your songs and we want to go into depth on why you chose those songs as well. We want to know all about you so we can get others to know all about you too. We’re planning on a new video each month featuring new music, new songs and new stories.

If you’re interested in discussing this in loads more depth, please email us over at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions, field any criticisms or tell you any facts about science you like.

Thank you!

-The Fellas @ [buzzpost]

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3 Responses to Buzzpost Interview Series
AnimosiTy AnimosiTy 1:59 am 15 Feb 12

does anyone think music industry in general needs a kick up the a** about what is released on our free to air?! they lyrics are getting worse.. more rude and crude..and the videos are appalling!
when will the greater population stand up and say we listen to music for the good artists not for their lame catchy tunes about “I got a hang over… I been drinkin too much for suuuuure” as ONE example… awesome great msg to send kids!! wait till your 4 to is singin that to her class mates at the top of her lungs?! I’m an average mum and I dot best to avoid such music but when will we actually tell the music industry to stop releasing this kind of junk!?
artists have another at least 7 tracks on CDs to fill with this stuff!! can’t songs and videos be under more watchdog supervision.., sooner than later… they get away with it because noone will stand up and say enough is enough. all I get back is, times are changing n sex sells. WELL maby MUSIC should sell! REAL artists who can sing!! we have no shortage! look on YouTube!
I for one have had enough of the bumping and grinding and poor choice of whatever small amounts of clothes are shown on my music channel.
bring back REAL music and REAL Talent! not war of the sex sells make money industry!

ausbuzzpost ausbuzzpost 8:06 pm 04 Jan 12

Neutrinos are the most arrogant subatomic particles that exist. I’m glad somebody else feels my pain. I’ve been burned by them so many times but I just keep going back…every time I walk out, they call and say they’ll try harder to be less neutral and I just can’t resist.

When will I learn?

Endrey Endrey 9:58 am 04 Jan 12

I want to know more about neutrinos. Think they’re smarter than Einstein arrogant neutrinos.

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