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dusty 17 April 2006 10

Has anyone else out there been listening to this radio station?

I recommend it to anyone after an ad-free, news free continuous music format.

The music library is a bit random, but plays some gems.

Broadcast quality is a bit poor, but on the whole its a great alternative to drivetime news and constant ads.

Anyone know anything about it?

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10 Responses to C88 FM
Lurcher Lurcher 10:49 pm 29 Jul 06

I really like C88, and I would like to give some positive feedback to the instigators.
But, I can’t find any info about this station (apart from the above). Is there a web page? Does the person/people running it even have a personal web page?

ozmreeee ozmreeee 8:59 am 02 Jun 06

dusty, you’ve nailed it in one

I’m more than happy to put up with the occasional crap song (god – I even hummed along to Wilie Nelson the other day – apologies to Willie Nelson fans of course 🙂 but it’s worth it to avoid the idiots on commercial radio – particularly the fools on the breakfast programs (both the announcers and those wannabes who feel the need to ‘grab their 15 seconds of fame’).

I agree fully spread the word – C88 FM is putting music back on the radio!

dusty dusty 10:19 am 29 May 06

Excellent feedback for C88 FM whoever they are.
I too am appreciating my preset button and tuning in to 88 more often than not. Particulary the 10 minute (ad 8 min/ news and weather 2 min) hourly news slots as presented by our local commercial radio, which were really bugging me.
Spread the word. And by the way, Ive listened a lot and theres virtually no info, spoken word or annoying promos, its a continuous ‘middle of the road’ music format. Give it a try, theres some crap music but most is really listenable and great driving music.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 9:57 am 29 May 06

My wife and I discovered C88 on the weekend through luck – an employee at a car detailing place had changed the station on our radio.

Thank you to that unknown advocate of the station as we have our dial permanently tuned to FM 88.0.

Unlike dusty, we do have a CD player in our car and have reacquainted ourselves with our CD collection – thanks to the frustration of listening to the inane, self-aggrandising announcers (particularly at breakfast time) on commercial radio.

I haven’t heard any of the “extras” to which other have alluded but for the moment C88 gets our vote for best listening in Canberra

terubo terubo 10:26 am 26 Apr 06

There is possibly a serious side to this: whose money is going into the station? All I’ve heard, apart from soporific middle-of-the-road music tracks, are station id’s…seems it is a Canberra station. But if it is the information station, how come there’s bugger all information? Does the ACT Govt fund it (with our taxes), and which Dept is responsible for it? Surely there’s HEAPS of info about Canberra that should be relayed to visitors. And I thought we were trying to improve tourism numbers…

dusty dusty 8:56 am 20 Apr 06

I have been listening to it a lot lately, mostly in the car,(I think I’m the only person in Canberra without a CD player) and all I’ve heard in the way of information was one “Arts Update” thingo. Reception is fuzzy someplaces (shady side of Mt Mugga), and the sound quality is fairly poor in comparison to the ‘others’ but to get away from all the crappy ads is bliss. Thankyou 88FM whoever you are. I love the 70’s classics, and even some of the 80’s stuff sounds OK second time around.

rose rose 4:07 pm 19 Apr 06

What a great station! Thanks for getting me onto it dusty. The music selection has been questionable so far, but no ads- awesome!

What kind of information does it broadcast?

Bassman Bassman 11:41 am 18 Apr 06

88.0 FM used to broadcast out of QBN. They had changed their format from information to being a commercial station. Don’t know how long it lasted though. I used to listen to it when I was working in QBN

Maelinar Maelinar 10:43 am 18 Apr 06

Hazarding a guess, it’s at 88.0 FM

Usually you see adverts for the station as you are driving along the road alongside a big blue italic i.

Don’t mean to preach to the already converted Dusty, but you are aware you’re listening to the information station ?

It’s a nationwide broadcast frequency, usually at quite low power (immediate town vicinity only), and plays informational segments alongside music.

I used to listen to it when I lived in Toowoomba, and can vouch that it’s quite good. Their tendency is to play music whenever they don’t have any information to play, which fortunately is quite often.

natecv8 natecv8 8:52 pm 17 Apr 06

What’s the frequency? And what’s the (general) genre of music?

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