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Campbell mobile tower going ahead

By IBN News - 2 November 2006 24

IBN News reports that Greens MLA Deb Foskey isn’t happy today with the news that a Telstra phone tower is still going to be built near two schools in Campbell.

She says the ACT government is failing in its duty of care to protect the children (from electromagnetic radiation, which she says is potentially harmful).

According to IBN Telstra says it tried really hard to move the site somewhere else, but it wasn’t possible because no other locale would give Canberrans the kind of coverage they need and want.

[ED – considering that all the kiddies have a mobile in their pockets the tower would seem to be the least of their worries]

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24 Responses to
Campbell mobile tower going ahead
Kerces 9:59 pm 03 Nov 06

Hi Vic, just a friendly helpful message:
The admins don’t like un-htmled links early on the the comments cos it fucks up the page layout.

So you have two options when posting links:
1- put half a dozen longish words before the link
2- use html to link some words. Html for linking is [a href=””]words you want to link[/a] except use angle brackets (SHIFT+, and SHIFT+.) instead of the square brackets.

Have fun!

Vic Bitterman 8:51 pm 03 Nov 06

“Use links you prick”??

Cos I post a quite helpful reply, and include a URL and didn’t ‘link’ it, a feature of which I had no idea?

You get to suck my cock, you sad pathetic gutless anonymous wanker whoever you are who wrote that.

Pandy 10:30 pm 02 Nov 06

I think someone is on the rags.

Vic Bitterman 10:13 pm 02 Nov 06

Read this :

[Use links you prick]

Outlines the facts about a lot of the new telstra 3g towers that are sprouting up in our suburbs, including :

– background info
– broken down by suburb
– street maps of where the towers are going
– plans and projected ‘photo’ of the tower in each site
– calculations of radiation density at certain geographic intervals (eg 100m)

Quite interesting reading.

boomacat 8:51 pm 02 Nov 06

Hmm, it does seem a little hypocritcal that everyone wants to use a mobile phone/high speed internet but noone wants to live near a mobile phone tower

Pandy 8:39 pm 02 Nov 06

chris Peters from Telstra said the wattage was 1% of the standard. He said that the AM radio signals, admittedly of a lower frequency, is more pervasive in the enviroment.

gurunik 8:34 pm 02 Nov 06

if you use a mobile phone how can you complain about a phone base station on anything other than asthetic grounds? mobile phones are transmitters that we hold next to our brains at a power of about a 1/3 of a watt at 850Mhz.
i work in an rf enviroment and i’d take a 100w transmitter on a pole 200m away over a low powered transmitter next to my brain any day.
can anyone tell me what the wattage is from the new 3g masts is?

Pandy 5:20 pm 02 Nov 06

It is like the residents of Fadden who used the kiddee arguement. I personally know that it was because the residents of Bugden Street did not want their view interrupted.

S4anta 3:22 pm 02 Nov 06

Can anyone tell me if the rumour of Campbell Primary being on the leading edge in terms of IT literacy of their students true?

If so, I think the local neighbourhood not having Broadband could be a slight technical hitch.

Absent Diane 2:20 pm 02 Nov 06

what a bunch of mufftards

Absent Diane 2:20 pm 02 Nov 06

what a bunch of mufftards

barking toad 2:18 pm 02 Nov 06

the mayor’s education whipping boy will use this as an excuse to close the school

Mr Evil 2:06 pm 02 Nov 06

As I always suspected!

bonfire 1:55 pm 02 Nov 06

because idiots that ignore numerous peer reviewed scientific studies continue to say the towers are dangerous.

which is bullshit.

the reality is this:

1 – they are nimbys
2 – more radiation comes from the television set
3 – most have mobile phones, and are therefore hypocrites.

they mask this with faux ‘what about the kids’ hysteria.

they cannot produce a single report which si peer reviewed and from a respected scientific body, to say that these mobile phone towers are dangerous.

but they continue to parrot things like ‘the real effects arent known’ etc.

whining nimbys

Mr Evil 1:47 pm 02 Nov 06

Why is it that everyone is really concerned about mobile phone towers now?

Nobody seemed to be really worried about all the other towers that have been put up all over the countryside in the previous 16 years.

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