Can “cocktail bar” rumours about Edgars be true?

I-filed 6 July 2010 13

Rumour on the seaward side of Northbourne has it that Edgars – currently closed for renovations – is going to reopen as a cocktail bar. Surely Ainslie’s demographic hasn’t reach that particular tipping point yet! (Hopefully it never will).

Can someone debunk this and ease the anxiety of a handful of “five o’clock swill” regulars?

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13 Responses to Can “cocktail bar” rumours about Edgars be true?
Kantankers Kantankers 5:01 pm 11 Jul 10

But when is it reopening? Sore distressed at not being able to get chicken schnitzel last Sunday.

ghughes ghughes 5:11 pm 06 Jul 10

Never Fear.

When Edgar’s was first being opened – their DA and their marketing promised a ‘classy wine bar similar to those seen in Melbourne’.
When it opened it was a pub with a view of a car park with urine scented floor cleaner, and chips on the menu – suitably placed in the ‘muesli belt of Canberra’.
They welcomed the old, the communists, the brumbies fans, the dog owners and even a few too many working families with overindulged toddlers.

My guess is they will reopen and charge a little more for their drinks to pay for the renos – but regulars will still be able to get a burger and beer for $12.

Can’t wait to see you all back there

Grrrr Grrrr 4:33 pm 06 Jul 10

bugalugs – I like the way you think.

bugalugs bugalugs 2:52 pm 06 Jul 10

I say keep Edgards as a Pub with Schooners and Pub Grub

Kick out the laundromat next door and put in a Das Kapital (Narrabundah) style Cocktails and Tapas setup

Also mandate Theos has to stay open later and sell Pizzas and Kebabs

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:47 pm 06 Jul 10

luther_bendross said :

I also heard a rumour that IGA is on its way to being bought by Supabarn

I wonder if this aligns with Ainslie’s demographic?

johnboy johnboy 2:36 pm 06 Jul 10

Just because they want to offer a selection of decent cocktails at $15 a throw (presumably) wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Suburban does that and is still a solid pub.

I’d also guess they’re not going to try and be a nightclub at midday.

Anyway, with Trinity on the slide there’s a hole in the market.

altkey altkey 2:31 pm 06 Jul 10

Another cocktail bar in the inner north – surely you jest?! Love a good cocktail but seriously peoples…

Not sure if I would have reason to go to Edgars quite so often if it became a cocktail bar, as it has been one of the few places in Canberra that I could reliably get a takeaway coffee or a table for lunch/breakfast on the weekend – without having to darken the door of shopping centre or having to wait on around all day.

bugalugs bugalugs 1:24 pm 06 Jul 10

A couple of months ago

The chemist was moving to the vacant shops near 2602

Alcohol/Cigs etc. was being moved into chemist shop to become a bottelo

Deli to be expanded with cooked takeaway meals and then extra lines of groceries

sepi sepi 1:17 pm 06 Jul 10

now all they need at ainslie is somwwhere to park

peterepete peterepete 12:47 pm 06 Jul 10

NY London Paris Ainslie

luther_bendross luther_bendross 11:40 am 06 Jul 10

I also heard a rumour that IGA is on its way to being bought by Supabarn

notdingers notdingers 11:39 am 06 Jul 10

I know someone who works there that had to go in for “cocktail training” the other night

Br1anL Br1anL 10:34 am 06 Jul 10

I understand that they are extending the bar to the front windows, upgrading the kitchen and replacing the floors.

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