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Canberra airport freight hub

By GreenTrees - 17 October 2007 27

Well, it’s on the agenda again. Troy Williams has supported proposals for Canberra Airport become an airfreight hub, see: Williams supports Canberra airfreight hub. Probably a good idea, unless you live in Tralee.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Canberra airport freight hub
Mr Evil 11:15 am 18 Oct 07

“Mean of them to build a main road near your house without giving you any warning.”

Mean of them to build an airport near your house without giving you any warning!

I think that the reality is that the airport will eventually be forced to introduce a curfew at some stage. The other thing is, how many frieght companies are really going to suddenly divert their aircraft into Canberra, when most of their cargo is destined for Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane or Adelaide anyway?

Sepi, I can’t imagine you’ll be woken up every night by a fleet of Polar, DHL, UPS or Flying Tiger 747F aircraft operating into Canberra in the next 20 years.

ant 9:15 pm 17 Oct 07

The tralee thing is a part-furphy, run by the airport. As someone else said, other suburbs in CANBERRA already cop the noise. And will continue to, as will other parts of Canberra. There’s no curfew, and they’ll do what they need to do. Wind direction for one affects air movements.

I do find it interesting that so many people are seemingly happy for other people to cop noise at 1am, so long as it doesn’t affect them. Don’t you realise that if someone cops noise, you are all at the same risk?

The airport runs great spin campaigns, but the reality is less pleasant.

Pandy 5:38 pm 17 Oct 07

No curfew, no road upgrade, no vote for you.

Ralph 5:36 pm 17 Oct 07

And all those proles having jobs to go to.

sepi 5:30 pm 17 Oct 07

And I would invent aircraft noise for what reason?

I can live with the level we have currently, but I want the airport to have a curfew, and I don’t support this idea of Canberra as a freight hub/noise sink for Sydney and the Canberra airport owners to get all the profits.

BeyondThought 5:23 pm 17 Oct 07

c’mon, aircraft noise in hackett???

what, with the windows open at 2am and none of those noisy crickets, screetching cats or howling dogs?

i know the solution. no noisy planes at the airport, no noisy cars on the road. sure, there will be no jobs, but it will be quieter in hacket.

Androyd 5:16 pm 17 Oct 07

“Williams supports airfreight hub” – but has he consulted his mate Samuel Gordon-Stewart??

sepi 5:13 pm 17 Oct 07

If car prangs woke you up 5 times a night every night you’d soon be complaining.

barking toad 5:03 pm 17 Oct 07

A car prang near Woden woke me up one night.

Who can I whinge to?

And the other night I heard a car go past very late – shouldn’t the road be moved?

Ralph 5:00 pm 17 Oct 07







sepi 4:57 pm 17 Oct 07

Mean of them to build a main road near your house without giving you any warning.

Mr Evil 4:50 pm 17 Oct 07

I hear truck and car noise from the main road near my house all night long; can I have a whinge too????

sepi 4:32 pm 17 Oct 07

This is Sh*t.

We get airport noise in Hackett already. If it goes overnight it will be a nightmare.

Gungahlin Al 4:22 pm 17 Oct 07

Well Bob McMullen is already on the record supporting that at our meeting in July:
(Does that qualify as a “Me too” Troy? Sorry – couldn’t resist…)

So here’s how it goes: bloody Tralee goes ahead and gets developed. The residents start complaining about the 15 heavies between 1AM and 5AM every night (and they will complain because noise insulation and double glazing does nothing when you’re windows are open!), and the flights start getting spread around. Noise sharing for Tuggers and Queanbeyan.

And will Frank Pangallo be around to answer for supporting Tralee? Not bloody likely…

So I have this question for our candidates: will you invoke some legislation to protect airport operations from inappropriate development?

If not, will you revise your objections to curfews?

And wouldn’t it make more sense to build a high-speed Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne rail link anyway?

simbo 3:57 pm 17 Oct 07

My understanding is, nobody DOES live in Tralee yet – that’s why there’s an anti-development-at-Traleee campaign – to make sure that nothing’s built there, nobody’ll live there, so nobody can then complain about the noise!

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