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Canberra at 4.02am

By johnboy - 25 January 2009 57

[First filed: January 23, 2009 @ 14:10]

BoilMyKettle productions has YouTubed a quite beautiful look at the city in the early hours of the morning.

Worth a look and a listen.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Canberra at 4.02am
Ari 5:24 pm 23 Jan 09

Rephlex … a Richard D. James fan, eh?

Skidbladnir 5:13 pm 23 Jan 09

By the way, this is Adagio for Strings.

Most people will recognise it, think “Oh, thats the music from movie/film/video game, so _that_ is what its called…” for as long as they remember it, and _then forget it again_.

MWF 5:03 pm 23 Jan 09

Well done guys!

It is so good to see young people being creative. Such a contrast to the teen thugs bashing lone teens and the palm tree pyros.

Granny 4:43 pm 23 Jan 09

Don’t worry, Gungahlin Al, I am ignorant also! I knew that would make you feel better …. *chuckle*

But I also love this ‘Teardrop’.

I, too, was reminded of going hiking with the girls when we were kids. We’d pack some lunch and a drink and just head off …. Made me long to be back there, and also glad that this is still happening for some kids.

The beachball was just a metaphor for fun and youth and innocent craziness to me …. Why has nobody invited me to play beachball at four in the morning? Do I have to think of everything?!

; )

Gungahlin Al 4:34 pm 23 Jan 09

Thanks folks – some music on my shopping list. ‘Scuse my ignorance… Surprised it hasn’t popped up on a Body Balance routine yet. (No doubt half the RA readship just went “Huh?”)

After watching this about 4 times now, have to say I find it reminiscent of the days when mates and I would wander around the streets in the wee hours, just sucking up the calm and the atmosphere of having the place pretty much to ourselves. No need to go tagging or damaging anything – just pleasant activities and mellow company.

Skidbladnir 4:17 pm 23 Jan 09

Teardrop is one of those bits of music that creeps in everywhere, but nobody ever remembers the name of (like Adagio for Strings).
José Gonzales’ cover wasn’t bad either.

Ozhair 4:07 pm 23 Jan 09

Noice 🙂

Thumper 4:04 pm 23 Jan 09

Nice vid…

Dairy farmers Hill? NFI…

I’ve got a pretty little part of Gininderra Creek running past my place. Quite stunningly beautiful in the early winter mornings…

Swaggie 4:03 pm 23 Jan 09

Mount Pleasant takes some beating Ruff 🙂 Loved this video apart from some amateurish camera work but the concept and music were wonderful.

Hank 4:02 pm 23 Jan 09

well done lads loved it.

RuffnReady 3:59 pm 23 Jan 09

Mezzanine is genius, the best Massive Attack album IMHO. How can you have never heard Teardrop, Al? It was huge in about 1996, and has since been used as background music on just about every TV montage of any kind! lol

Onya boys, nice work. I ride down that hill twice a week on my regular 30km time-trial/smash-it-out-and-see-how-exhausted-I-can-get rides.

And as for the ‘Berra, I love and appreciate everything it has to offer and always will – it’s a gorgeous city.


PS Best view in the city is from Dairy Farmer’s Hill. Let’s see how many of you know where that is? 😉

rephlex 3:54 pm 23 Jan 09
BerraBoy68 3:52 pm 23 Jan 09

Agreed Granny. A top piece of work. I particularly like the beach-ball as a metaphore for a long night out – starts out strong but gets tired and deflated as daylight breaks.

Gungahlin Al 3:45 pm 23 Jan 09

What she said^^^.

Not a bad little place we live in is it?

And what is that music? I want to go buy it.

Granny 3:14 pm 23 Jan 09

Anybody who can go out and play with a beachball at 4:00 in the morning is my kind of person! I really enjoyed every second of this video. Sometimes when the boys were standing there looking out over their city it was very evocative for me of those pictures of aboriginals surveying their land – you felt like there was a real love for and enjoyment of their city.

All I could think was, “I wish they invited me!”

Great job, guys!!

: )

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