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Canberra, Australia’s scum capital.

By wellyclan 15 February 2011 43

I have lived in Canberra for 2 years. I will be glad to see the back of this awful place! I thought when I moved here I would be moving to a small friendly city, where the family was safe and we could make a new life and take advantage of all the just opportunities Canberra seemed to offer. How wrong I was!

As of today my car has been broken into 3 times. My house robbed and ransacked. Then 2 x 16 yr old girls tried to poison my little girl at the local McDonalds (they put tablets down on top of real lollies to try to get the the kids to eat them in the playground.) I must say the police here have been very good, particularly with the McDonalds incident.

Although when you’re told there is nothing they can do about your car being robbed again and no result from the fingerprints taken when the house was burgled, things can get a bit frustrating.

If nothing is done to catch these thieves then whats to stop them from continuing on with their bad behaviour? 

When my house was robbed the police officer told me that Canberra has the highest home robberies in Australia. 

Now I am not suprised! The scumbag who broke into my car left the drivers door wide open, it was opened onto the street, cars would have to have swerved to avoid it.

Not one of my neighbours driving past bothered to knock on my door and let me know it was like that. I find that amazing. Dont people look out for each other in small citys? What would you do?

My family and I will be leaving this town in 5 weeks. I am not sad to go.

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra, Australia’s scum capital.
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Not 1:18 am 05 Mar 11

I doubt the location has anything to do with just awful bad luck. I have nothing bad to say about Canberra despite experiencing some of the most awful things one can endure in life ( I am assuming it could never get worse than it was there) It was just bad luck and I have not let it taint my other nicer times in the Capital. Statistically Canberra is extraordinarily safe, clean and well resourced. Socially its rich in services and schools, is on close proximity to the beach, Sydney and the Snowy Mountains!! I have a hurtful memory of my last years there and feel the need for recourse also. But I cannot hold Canberra or its citizens responsible. It is pointless.

JackyJack 10:39 pm 16 Feb 11

8 years ago I lived in a townhouse complex in Manuka and the crime was a shocker.

The local ruffians managed to figure out the how to get through the security gate of the underground carpark. Every Saturday night, the underground carpark lit up like a disco as the alarms went off. Most of my neighours (mostly DCs driving BMWs or Mercs) were hit. Lucky for me, my battered little Corolla was left unscratched on every occasion (ruffians feeling pity?).

One Saturday arvo, 2 of the ruffians smashed my flatmate’s car parked in the visitors spot. My neighbour (deadset legend) spotted the crims and tried to chase them down Canberra Ave with a golf club. The ruffians managed to flee to the safety of their housing commission and my neighbour had a strong enough instinct for self-preservation to not follow them in. Home court advantage, after all…

Jethro 5:12 pm 16 Feb 11

Indeed it is. Even my Western Sydney mates reckon Canberra has a very ‘pure form of bogan’.

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