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Canberra- beautiful one day, stunning the next.

By Thumper - 11 July 2007 27

This isn’t a news item but more an observation.

This morning whilst driving to work I could not but be stunned by the beauty of the slightly fog shrouded sun sitting low on the eastern horizon as it shone dimly through wisps of grey pink clouds.

Adding to this was the cold, crisp and fresh air that condenses when you breathe out, and that certain crunch that your shoes make when you tread upon a frosty lawn.

All in all, it may be cold in Canberra in the winter, but days like today are simply superb.

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27 Responses to
Canberra- beautiful one day, stunning the next.
Absent Diane 12:51 pm 11 Jul 07

im not sure there is such thing as too hot. I like canberra because of it’s extreme’s. I also love weather – unlike a lot of people who seem to hate weather, which is a rather bizzare concept.

Drtmonster 12:45 pm 11 Jul 07

Canberra’s not too bad in winter. Summer is too F@#king hot. At least people in Canberra decide to install reasonable heating. Somthing lacking in most sydney homes. Then again i like wearing nothing more than a sweatshirt and a business shirt and ditching the sweatshirt at lunch. That and the view of the Bridge out side my office window.

To Mr Evil – Canberra’s not a hole or a drain on the taxpayer. The problem is Canberra’s not much at all! It kind of slips off the radar.

Mr Evil 12:44 pm 11 Jul 07

Now there’s an idea!

Thumper 12:21 pm 11 Jul 07

Indeed, let’s move to jervis bay…

Mr Evil 12:18 pm 11 Jul 07

Canberra is not beautiful: it’s a hole, a drain on the Australian taxpayer and we’re all overpaid and underworked – SMH et el.

We should all hang our heads in shame for having the audacity to live here!

barking toad 10:59 am 11 Jul 07

Careful thumping one, don’t let smog bound sinee people in on the secret

Thumper 10:41 am 11 Jul 07

Yeah Tori,

DIY. Get some gloves, a good mask, some plastic disposable overalls (or just any overalls will do) and goggles and slap it in.

You’ll save a motza.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:36 am 11 Jul 07

…don’t forget the morning frost on rusty car bodies and old couches on the front porch…

Kramer 10:27 am 11 Jul 07

“You think Canberra mornings are nice? You should see Queanbeyan’s!!”

Ahhh Yes… The morning sun glinting off frost covered VB cans on the front lawn.

Danman 10:27 am 11 Jul 07

Toriness – R3.5 DIY.

Unfortunately – I beat the sun out of bed and to work – however leaving at 3pm after 8 hours work has many benefits.

I get the sunsets while on my evening walk with the dogs – bike ride or jog/stroll – best shared with someone you love.

toriness 10:22 am 11 Jul 07

last night i thought yes i really do need to get insulation put in the roof. recommendations anyone? i have no idea how much it’ll even cost!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:14 am 11 Jul 07

You think Canberra mornings are nice? You should see Queanbeyan’s!!

neanderthalsis 10:01 am 11 Jul 07

Make the mornings 10 degrees warmer and it could be Gods own country.

pierce 9:38 am 11 Jul 07

Yeah, as a former Melbournian I do like the fact that even though the winter days can be bracing, you get beautiful blue skies to make up for it, instead of a relatively constant overcast grey.

Jazz 9:26 am 11 Jul 07

Funny you should mention that thumper. My wife, as she was scraping ice off our car windscreen thismorning exclaimed spontaneously how much she loved this city in winter.

Ironic that last night she was complaining about how cold it was.

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