Canberra- beautiful one day, stunning the next.

Thumper 11 July 2007 27

This isn’t a news item but more an observation.

This morning whilst driving to work I could not but be stunned by the beauty of the slightly fog shrouded sun sitting low on the eastern horizon as it shone dimly through wisps of grey pink clouds.

Adding to this was the cold, crisp and fresh air that condenses when you breathe out, and that certain crunch that your shoes make when you tread upon a frosty lawn.

All in all, it may be cold in Canberra in the winter, but days like today are simply superb.

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27 Responses to Canberra- beautiful one day, stunning the next.
ant ant 10:17 pm 11 Jul 07

Yeah Thumper. It’s funny how zero doesn’t feel that much different from minus 30. But as I learned, there is a BIG difference. I’m still dealing with something weird happening with the skin on one foot, that seemed to suffer worse than the other. It’s not good. They never actually turned black, but…

Thumper Thumper 9:54 pm 11 Jul 07

Compared to Washington DC where I lived many years ago, Canberra is not cold at all.

Still cold enough though 🙂

Catriona Catriona 8:55 pm 11 Jul 07

I love Canberra weather, especially the cold winters, they’re invogorating! But then I’ve lived here most of my life so I guess I’m biased!

ant ant 8:52 pm 11 Jul 07

The winters are great, autumn and spring are amazing, but the summers are way too hot. I have noticed that most people who go on about how lovely the hot weather is, have air conditioning in their cars, homes and workplaces. (And here in winter, my house isn’t heated!).

In the mornings, I park my car so that the rising sun hits it and melts the windscreen enough for the wipers, by the time I head out at 7.45am.

That said, the cold here is nothing compared with many bits of the northern hem. in winter. The cold there was like a physical, tangible force… it’s damaged many bits of me, that were fully clothed when the damage happened.

sepi sepi 5:01 pm 11 Jul 07

These freeeeezing mornings are another reason why the disorganised bus system is in crisis. If it ran on time I’d catch it, but I can’t stand around at the bus stop watching my own breath for more than 5 minutes without thinking I’ll go home and drive…

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:48 pm 11 Jul 07

I must say that in my two years here I have come to enjoy having four clearly distinguishable seasons instead of the bloody hot and not quite so bloody hot we had in QLD.
The wondrous glory of frost covered lawns, golden leaves and clear blue skies still don’t make the sub-zero mornings any easier to bear though.

toriness toriness 4:08 pm 11 Jul 07

cheers to those with the insulation hints, i was hoping it was possibly something me and my arachnophobia could tackle by ourselves 🙂

this former tasmanian loves canberra winters – especially the blue sunny skies that we have to accompany it! no horizontal rain like in hobart. and no that is not an open invite to start slamming tasmania.

Jazz Jazz 2:58 pm 11 Jul 07

um well there are no surprises that canberra is not an internationally famous city then is there? whats to say that it should be?

The Capital of the netherlands isnt internationally famous either.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:20 pm 11 Jul 07

Hey, I love this place; I was making a jibe at the Sydney media’s view of the place.

The four (normally!) distinct season are what I like about Canberra the most; and while I do prefer Winter to Summer, at least it cools down in the evenings here in Summer.

I go back to my home city in NZ once a year, and I can’t wait to get back to Canberra!

Drtmonster Drtmonster 1:08 pm 11 Jul 07

Dear Jazz – I have my lunch sitting outside looking at said bridge. Ask any overseas visitor what they thought of Canberra and they will tell you they didn’t go because no one told them about it or they passed through on the way to somewhere else. It is our Nation’s Capital and it should be given a much higher profile both internationally and nationally. One of the things that give Canberra its appeal for its residence is the same thing that makes it unappealing to others. On first impressions Canberra looks like a stale, boring cold place. Look at any other internationally famous would city and the opposite is true.

Thumper Thumper 1:03 pm 11 Jul 07

I actually love the heat….

Pity we didn’t get more of it.

Jazz Jazz 12:51 pm 11 Jul 07

Drtmonster, whats the difference? I have an office job too and arent wearing a jacket or a sweatshirt at midday today? Most offices are heated you know.

Care to expand on your comment that Canberra is not much at all? IMO its on far too many radars

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:51 pm 11 Jul 07

im not sure there is such thing as too hot. I like canberra because of it’s extreme’s. I also love weather – unlike a lot of people who seem to hate weather, which is a rather bizzare concept.

Drtmonster Drtmonster 12:45 pm 11 Jul 07

Canberra’s not too bad in winter. Summer is too F@#king hot. At least people in Canberra decide to install reasonable heating. Somthing lacking in most sydney homes. Then again i like wearing nothing more than a sweatshirt and a business shirt and ditching the sweatshirt at lunch. That and the view of the Bridge out side my office window.

To Mr Evil – Canberra’s not a hole or a drain on the taxpayer. The problem is Canberra’s not much at all! It kind of slips off the radar.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:44 pm 11 Jul 07

Now there’s an idea!

Thumper Thumper 12:21 pm 11 Jul 07

Indeed, let’s move to jervis bay…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:18 pm 11 Jul 07

Canberra is not beautiful: it’s a hole, a drain on the Australian taxpayer and we’re all overpaid and underworked – SMH et el.

We should all hang our heads in shame for having the audacity to live here!

barking toad barking toad 10:59 am 11 Jul 07

Careful thumping one, don’t let smog bound sinee people in on the secret

Thumper Thumper 10:41 am 11 Jul 07

Yeah Tori,

DIY. Get some gloves, a good mask, some plastic disposable overalls (or just any overalls will do) and goggles and slap it in.

You’ll save a motza.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 10:36 am 11 Jul 07

…don’t forget the morning frost on rusty car bodies and old couches on the front porch…

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