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Canberra Centre carpark not for big cars?

By MrM - 28 April 2007 114

Did any of the architects of the carpark in the new part of the Canberra Centre actually think about the space that might be needed to drive a car into and out of it?

I used the new carpark today instead of the usual older carpark – which is bad enough – and found that on the way in, I had basically no space either side of the car in the entry lanes. The 90 degree left hand turn just before the ticket machine was almost impossible – my heart was in my mouth worrying about whether or not I was going to scratch one of my wheels, but in the end I got away with just scuffing one of my tyres on the left hand side gutter. (Gutters which aren’t really necessary other than to deliniate the lanes, by the way…)

Now, you may wonder what sort of gargantuan behemoth I drive that I had trouble with – well, it’s not some sort of massive German luxo-barge or big Yank Tank from the 1960s, it’s a current model Holden Commodore. In other words, Australia’s best selling car last year. I’m hardly going to be Robinson Crusoe with this problem, then.

Amusingly, some of the parking spaces near the mall entrance are designated ‘Small Car Only’. Any chance of putting a sign up at the carpark entrance saying the same thing?

What’s Your opinion?

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114 Responses to
Canberra Centre carpark not for big cars?
boomacat 12:03 pm 29 Apr 07

Hmm, I think Commodore’s are awful suburban cars but there is no way I would drive a bitch mobile like a corolla or a yaris, or even worse a bloody toyota echo, seriously I’d rather catch the bus. (ps woman here so don’t accuse me of being sexist).

bigred 11:37 am 29 Apr 07

Peugeot claims around 4.5 5 l/100kms for their TDI wagons. They have the space to do that trip.

Sammy 11:20 am 29 Apr 07

Try doing that in your Yaris

The Yaris, with fuel economy figures of 6.1 litres/100km, would have a shot at your claimed figures. The luggage would be a stretch, but there is always roof-racks.

Sammy 11:17 am 29 Apr 07

BTW drove 4 passengers and their luggage to the Sydney Airport last week and back and used less than half a tank

The trip to Sydney airport and back is approx. 550 kilometres. You claim to have done this trip using less than 37.5 litres of petrol, with a standard Commodore tank being 75 litres.

This would require you to achieve 6.82 litres per 100 kilometres fuel economy.

A V6 Commodore runs to 11 litres per 100 km.

It’s time to take your hand off it.

bigred 11:13 am 29 Apr 07

I’ll stick with my big red motorcycle. Costs $15-20 per week, free parking all over town and will exceed every damn speed limit in second gear(if I ever felt socially irresponsible). Carry a spare helmet and you meet the nicest people.

el 10:29 am 29 Apr 07

Nice trolling Terry. I particularly like the ‘design floors’ line.

As to car choice – Toyota don’t make a large, powerful station wagon to carry my gear in. If they did, I’d seriously consider buying one. So for now I’ll stick with the V8 Berlina wagon, and not complain about fuel prices, until it reaches, I dunno, $3 a litre. Enjoy your $80/week running costs, mine costs $75 to fill up every fortnight or so.

dusty 9:26 am 29 Apr 07

I cant get a Yaris or a Corolla as I am not a) homo or b) old lady, so guess Ill stick with my Commodore despite having to squeeze it into car spaces occasionally. BTW drove 4 passengers and their luggage to the Sydney Airport last week and back and used less than half a tank ! Try doing that in your Yaris! PS Non homophobic lady driver

simbo 9:24 am 29 Apr 07

The other side of that free society is that private businesses are free to build carparks to whatever size they like – and if it doesn’t happen to fit your oversized behemouth, well, hey, that’s freedom for you!

Ralph 9:06 am 29 Apr 07

In case it has passed you Terry, we live in a free society. Some people actually like big cars. So get off your high horse and stop dictating to the masses what you think is best for them.

Pandy 7:24 am 29 Apr 07

Yaris are for pussy whipped men. SS Comodes are for the boys at heart not a boring fart.

But seriously, the SS around Canberra has better mileage than many SUVs especially that Subs and Mazdas.

shauno 6:24 am 29 Apr 07

Yeah but jeese what a boring car the Yaris and Corolla are. For enthusiasts out there its not just about getting from A to B. And fuel economy who cares, aussie fuel is still cheap as chips compared to some other places I frequent. When it gets to $10 a litre I might be a bit more concerned.

terry_wrist 3:29 am 29 Apr 07

Oh, one more thing. What are you people doing driving petrol guzzling, tanks like Commodores to the shops for. Seriously, I see stories on A Current Affair with these people complaining about paying 90 bucks to fill up their SS, and there is only one occupent in the Vehicle… the driver. Try an Aurion, or a Corolla or a Yaris. Cheap to run, class leading safety and comparable performance. That’s why this week:


Or if you want something cheaper, get a Getz. Gets you from A to B and costs peanuts to fill up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to fill up my Yaris, but I’ve got to move the Corolla first.

P.S. 80 bucks fills up both my Yaris and Corolla in one week! Enjoy your Commodores

P.P.S. To be fair, Commodores are actually pretty good cars, except for the size and fuel economy ad enginces and build quality (3 recalls in 5 months). But only because a far worse car make exists…. are there any Falcon drivers here?

terry_wrist 3:19 am 29 Apr 07

Speaking of design floors in the Canberra Centre. Did anyone notice the hastily laid pieces of carpet, slightly damp… and the wet floors signs in the new part yesterday when it was raining. Oh yeah, and the drips from the rather dodgy skylight.

More heavy rain like that and any fish still alive in the fish shop downstairs might have a second chance at freedom.

shiny flu 11:06 pm 28 Apr 07

It’s a tight carpark, but you’ll find car parks like that all over Europe. Either way, not what we’re used to… maybe QIC (owners of the CC) have a special deal with ACT’s panel beaters *nudge*

el 10:57 pm 28 Apr 07

Yep, I noticed the same thing. Scratched a 19″ VE SS Commodore rim the other day (which wouldn’t have upset me too much except the car WASN’T MINE). Equally stupid is the spot on Ballumbir Street it left hand turn dumps you out into traffic at: Maybe a metre and a half after a set of busy traffic lights? Obviously they don’t have any problems with causing damage to cars, whether it be from their badly-designed carpark or from accidents with other vehicles.

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