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Canberra clubs struggling

By Thumper - 2 July 2008 37

According to this ABC article, Canberra clubs are struggling to survive in the current economic climate.

Clubs ACT’s chief executive Bob Samarcq says rising costs and tougher smoking laws have contributed to an annual revenue drop of about $16 million.

I personally think it’s the quality, or lack thereof, of live music that the clubs have that is driving people away πŸ˜‰

But seriously, interest rate hikes, inflation, petrol prices, new binge drinking guidelines must all be taking their toll in some way.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Canberra clubs struggling
tylersmayhem 12:51 pm 02 Jul 08

I completely agree with WISHUWELL. Add to that expensive taxi fares so we don’t drink and drive, and just not really good value food and drink any more!

V8-Prius 12:47 pm 02 Jul 08

Too many random breath testing stations make it tricky to get home from the club. I generally won’t risk it anymore unless it’s only a shortish (<10km) drive. Increasing the legal limit back to 0.08 would encourage patronage.

Hamilton 12:26 pm 02 Jul 08

Gee – my heart realy goes out to them. Any club that can afford to give away 3 BMW’s in 3 weeks must really be doing it tough!!

p1 12:20 pm 02 Jul 08

err… that was supposed to say,

…dark Orwellian future where one mega club controls us all?

have you been to Penrith lately?

wishuwell 12:19 pm 02 Jul 08

A clubs purpose used to be about providing for the members and although not impossible, membership was a hell of a lot more difficult to obtain than it is nowdays both financially and from nomination acceptance perspective. Clubs used to provide film nights, local and interstate bands, mortality funds, cheap flats down the coast, quality subsidised bistro food (not subbied out expensive crap)tables and chairs for those who liked to chat with friends. I don’t know why auditoriams are now left empty (maybe insurance)more likely pokies are easier to supervise. And I think its only going to get worse as bigger clubs swallow smaller clubs, not because they want help out but to get their hands on the gaming machines. Mirrors society really. Clubs have always given an insight into the community unfortunately these days I’m not happy with what I’m seeing.

p1 12:19 pm 02 Jul 08

i’ll be sympathetic when they dont have any pokies.

have you been to Penrith lately?

notdingers 12:16 pm 02 Jul 08

Do you think the Southern Cross or Vikings will keep buying out all the small clubs? Are we heading for a dark Orwellian future where one mega club controls us all?

p1 12:14 pm 02 Jul 08

i’ll be sympathetic when they dont have any pokies.


If they are having trouble keeping the doors open with pokie income, when other Canberra pubs and restaurants can survive, then they are doing something wrong.

PM 12:11 pm 02 Jul 08

Clubs and brothels often seem to be indicators of how the economy is going. Disposable income etc

What do we think of the current ratio of clubs to population?

G-Fresh 12:08 pm 02 Jul 08

Such is business. Risky.

DawnDrifter 12:02 pm 02 Jul 08

for me its the hoards of wankers that frequent my usual nightspots that are keeping me away.. their groups are getting bigger, they are drinking way too much and just minor things are usually enough to set them into ‘fight mode’…

also agree that bang for buck has diminished over time

notdingers 11:56 am 02 Jul 08

I would be interested to hear from anyone who works inside a club on this. My impression from a few people I have spoken to is that clubs are run as clubs and not businesses. The biggest problem is that they use a business model relying on the pokie revenue rather then trying to provide good customer service, or good value for money meals etc etc.

Thumper 11:53 am 02 Jul 08

Totally agree tom tom.

and bring back decent live music.

Jonathon Reynolds 11:51 am 02 Jul 08

Club food used to represent good value. I can honestly say I haven’t been back to the Tradies in Dickson since the Bistro took a nose drive with the schnitzels.

tom-tom 11:49 am 02 Jul 08

i’ll be sympathetic when they dont have any pokies.

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