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My name is Tom Petersen, and I am the originator and webmaster of Canberra’s Community Support Website…

The purpose of the website is to promote support and awareness of Canberra’s not-for-profit Community Support Organisations… and to offer a one-stop location for people who require help… to find the help they need !

Features of the website include general information about the individual Organisations, including links to their websites, Contact Details, etc.

There is a Community Events Calendar where Organisations can include details of their upcoming Events, Meetings, Fundraisers, etc

The Community Sector Employment section can be used to advertise Employment Vacancies that the Organisations may have available   plus there is a Volunteering section, where the Organisations can include details of any Volunteer needs they may have.

If all of that isn’t enough…    there is a Matters of Interest section for general information of interest to the Canberra Community

Updated on a daily basis, this free service is an ideal promotional tool, that endeavours to provide a valuable service to the Canberra Community. Check out Canberra’s Community Support Website at

To have your Organisation’s information included on the website, simply email me at or write to:

Canberra’s Community Support Website

PO Box 8056

Rivett ACT 2611

I look forward to hearing from you !

Best regards,

Tom Petersen

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14 Responses to Canberra Community Support Website
ourcanberra ourcanberra 8:38 am 13 Jul 07

Thank you, Sammy…
I will continue to make improvements where I can !!!

Sammy Sammy 8:33 am 11 Jul 07

The changes you’ve made are a vast improvement. Well done.

ourcanberra ourcanberra 1:08 pm 09 Jul 07

Hi, Bourke…

Thank you for the Support !

Actually… The Site has been on the internet since July 2005… and I have made numerous changes (hopefully ‘improvements’ !) in that time !

I might just mention that I am long-term ‘unemployed’… and the website is one of my ways of giving back to the Community… I also spend several hours per week ‘volunteering’ for a Community Organisation !

Whilst I am happy to accept the ‘criticism’ in this Forum… and use it to hopefully make further improvements to the Site… it is worthy of mention that since August 2006, there have been 41,840 Visits to the Site… (both National and International)… and currently, in excess of 30 percent of the Visitors are adding my Site to their ‘Favourites List’ for future reference !
Not bad for someone who has never had any formal training in website design !!!

bourke bourke 10:52 am 09 Jul 07

Hi Tom,
Good on you. What some people don’t understand is that the community sector, and all the vital services it provides, survives because people like you are doing all they can to help others. While top-knotch web design creds are nice, we don’t all possess them, so we do what we can. Good on you for taking the above criticism so well! Best of luck for your project.

shauno shauno 4:51 am 08 Jul 07

I like the Volunteering section. I don’t live in Canberra anymore although frequently visit still.

In the past when I was living there I was always interested in finding out how to Volunteer because with my job I get a lot of time off so this site would have helped.

sepi sepi 10:50 pm 07 Jul 07

HI Tom

You’ve passed web 101 anyway – which says don’t get offended by rude comments made by strangers.

ourcanberra ourcanberra 6:55 pm 07 Jul 07

Hi, Folks…

Thanks for the Comments… particularly the ‘Constructive Criticism’.
I’ve made changes to the appearance of the Site, so that it isn’t so hard on the eyes…
and you will note… NO MUSIC !!!

As for other similar websites on the internet… I might just mention that some of the Organisations that are represented on my Site, don’t have websites of their own… and as such… the webpage they have on my Site is all they have, for now !

Please feel free to keep the comments coming in… not too technical though please, because I am self-taught as far as website design is concerned… and if you get too technical… I probably won’t understand what you are meaning !

I-filed I-filed 1:03 pm 07 Jul 07

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the post and thanks for putting together the website – the information looks good but I agree with some of the comments (sans the nastiness) that the presentation is a bit ugly. Perhaps some of your critics might volunteer some help with the site’s issues.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:10 pm 06 Jul 07

I’m very sorry Tom. You have your heart in the right place, I’m sure. For that, you get my thumbs up.

But you’ve created yet another website to replicate information which exists in other places, which is also quite well known.

Your site sucks dogs balls, seriously, it’s a nightmare on the eyes. It’s bad.

It’s hard to read, not database structured and honestly looks like it’s straight out of 1995. I shudder at static html when searching.

The truth may hurt, but unless you take such honest feedback on board, your site will sink simply beacause it sucks.

Sammy Sammy 4:40 pm 06 Jul 07

why is that music even there

Because amateur web designers think it adds something to the product. In reality, it takes away.

jr jr 3:58 pm 06 Jul 07

I find the Citizen Advice Bureau (ACT) is the best local resource for this sort of information.


ducks ducks 3:53 pm 06 Jul 07

ew why is that music even there

Sammy Sammy 1:06 pm 06 Jul 07

Another tip.

You need to provide links back to the home page, on each page. I became marooned on a page, and was unable to go back without the use of my browsers ‘back’ button.

Sammy Sammy 1:00 pm 06 Jul 07

This is the most unattractive, and poorly constructed, website i’ve seen in quite a while. Sorry to start off the comments in such a negative way, but it really is a dogs breakfast.

The music that plays on *every* page load is enough to make me never visit again. Turn it off, click on a link, and it’s back!

Two clicks to get to any of the front-page topics? Odd and annoying. Lose the ‘Introduction’ pages that appear after clicking an index page link. They’re meaningless and pointless.

‘Click here’ links abound! Hint: they suck.

You’ve got good information there, but i’d never visit again.

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