Canberra fans try to hijack NRL poll

Thumper 19 June 2008 20

The Herald Sun is reporting that one eyed Canberra Raiders supporters have blatantly tried to hijack The Daily Telegraph’s reader poll to find the NRL’s best player, posting messages on fansites to drum up votes for favourite son Todd Carney.
As at 2.55pm today Carney had a stunning 1408 votes – about a fifth of the total votes cast and almost double those of his nearest rival Braith Anasta.

Raiders fansite The Greenhouse is behind the rally cry, throwing up a post on the reader forum earlier today urging fans to back Carney.

All I can say is hahahahahaha….

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20 Responses to Canberra fans try to hijack NRL poll
hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 9:25 am 20 Jun 08

You also have to remember that most Penrith / Canterbury supporters did not vote in this poll, because if you gave them a computer, their neighbours would steal it and flog it off at the pub.

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 8:22 am 20 Jun 08

I believe that due to a slight misunderstanding, the numbers were swollen somewhat by the entire ACT police force voting for him, thinking that the poll was asking “Who is the NRL’s Best Runner?”.

Thumper Thumper 4:38 am 20 Jun 08

Go Carney…


Primal Primal 11:36 pm 19 Jun 08

Current leaderboard:

Todd Carney: 3991 votes (28%)
Braith Anasta: 1307 (9%)
S B Williams: 865 (6%)
Luke Lewis: 842 (5%)


ant ant 9:19 pm 19 Jun 08

Feeeeeel the POW-WAH of CAN-BRA.

And sucked in, sydney.

Thumper Thumper 8:56 pm 19 Jun 08

This is brilliant!

They set up a site to judge the best, which is supposed to be Anasta, and it gets hammered by Canberra fans.

Hahahaha. Suck it you Sydney wankers!

I voted for Carney as well, just to piss them (sydney rugby league fans, ie Channel 9) off even more.

bd84 bd84 8:47 pm 19 Jun 08

lol well the raiders need to win something at least.

I saw the article while at work today, I don’t particularly like the raiders nor the game, so I went and voted for him just for the fun of it.

Pandy Pandy 8:25 pm 19 Jun 08


sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 5:11 pm 19 Jun 08

STOP THE PRESSES! Sydney scribbler exhibits no background knowledge of a Rugby League club. Or technology invented after 1952.

The facts are that the Raiders came from Queanbeyan, and their typical supporter shops at Riverside Plaza.

What on earth did the Terrorgraph expect from a poll that requires no registration and is accessible from public libraries, where Queanbeyan ‘working families’ congregate for the free internet?


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:24 pm 19 Jun 08

What a bunch of sooks. As if an online poll has never been skewed like this before. That’s why nobody with a brain ever takes them seriously. Cry babies.

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 4:13 pm 19 Jun 08

Are you sure it wasn’t an NRL’s biggest di*khead poll?

Cameron Cameron 4:08 pm 19 Jun 08

If you couldn’t vote twice, then the Tele needs a reality check. Morons.

BenMac BenMac 4:05 pm 19 Jun 08

What are they complaining about. You couldn’t vote twice, unless you were on 2 different servers, it’s just that more Raiders fans participated rather than fans from Sydney.

The Daily Telegraph is a one-eyed, biased, glorified bird cage liner. They deserve to have a poll “hijacked”.

Crikey Crikey 3:35 pm 19 Jun 08

I voted for him, even though I don’t respect him. But I enjoyed pissing the Telegraph off and upseting the Sydney based clubs.

bailes23 bailes23 2:55 pm 19 Jun 08

Haha… this is pretty funny!!

The reporter who started the poll seems pretty upset with Canberra about this. Look at some of his comments from the article below (link).

– “But before even calling their second smoko yesterday morning, the countless public servants who make up The Greenhouse fansite had already struck:

– “Showing exactly where our tax dollars go, the lime-green mob urged fellow supporters to hammer the poll like opposing sides do their tryline when playing away.”

– “With Carney taken out of voting, results were in favour of Roosters playmaker Anasta”,26799,23886260-5006066,00.html

vg vg 2:27 pm 19 Jun 08

The Terrorgraph ran a poll to select the NRL’s best player

Todd Carney got the most votes

Ergo Todd Carney is the fan’s selection as the NRL’s best player

What part of that doesn’t the Terrorgraph understand? Is it the voting part or the fact that he is from Canberra?

Anasta has had one good season (this one). Previously he was voted, by his peers, as the NRL’s most over-rated player on a number of occasions. At the present point in time I believe any NRL team would select Carney over Anasta (social proclivities aside).

Maybe they should be asking why both of them could finish ahead of Greg Inglis, but that doesn’t fit their agenda.

Cameron Cameron 2:22 pm 19 Jun 08

peterh, most of the “name players” aren’t role models anyway.

I don’t think it’s hijacking – but it certainly isn’t the spirit of the poll, particularly if they’re voting more than once each.

In any case, the reaction from the telegraph is pretty pissy. What did they expect? This sort of thing happens in online polls *all the time*.

Primal Primal 1:38 pm 19 Jun 08

OMG peepl r hijacking teh p0llz!!!!!1!!!!11eleventy

Anyone at the Terror who didn’t see this sort of thing coming is a complete moron.

peterh peterh 1:08 pm 19 Jun 08

If Todd Carney was a good role model for my boys, I would have voted for him. but he isn’t so i didn’t.

Spectra Spectra 12:23 pm 19 Jun 08

Wait, it’s “hijacking” a poll now to ask people who share your views to vote in it?

Someone’s going to have to explain that to me, because it seems that by that rationale every political party in every country without compulsory voting is trying to “hijack” their elections by encouraging their supporters to get out and vote.

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