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Canberra food prices ahead of inflation.

Thumper 1 May 2008 57

That’s got to hurt working familes…

The Canberra Times is reporting that Canberra grocery prices are increasing far faster than the official inflation rate. Officially, Australia’s inflation rate is 4.2 per cent, but a detailed breakdown of Canberra grocery prices released yesterday by the Bureau of Statistics points to far faster price increases.

Some but not all are attributable to climbing international food prices.

Frankly, I didn’t notice.

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Canberra food prices ahead of inflation.
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TOMAGO 12:35 pm 13 Oct 10

Everyone is talking about food prices going up at an extroardinary pace and they would be right, but what they are missing is that goods and services and the people who are supplying them in our community are actually taking food out of own and our families mouth in the way they charge and are allowed to charge. They make their own price, gee I’d like to make 2-300.00 dollars by knocking a door and then charging you some more to fix the problem and that could be any price, they vary so much.I’m not blaming them directly, i’ts just the way society has become, unrelenting, greedy, blinded by profits but it really puts pressure on families. You fix a very minor problem and I do mean minor and they could charge you up to a two week maybe three to four weeks grocery shop. It was’nt like that when I was growing up. It’s right in our face and it’s a just legal way in robbing us blind with no consequences, boy what a great justified world we live in. I could go on forever but what’s the use, it’s only going to get worse, maybe the world needs to blow up and start again with a fairer system but I doubt it, people will never change.

el 10:41 pm 06 May 08

PS – enjoy your entitlement sepi.

el 10:40 pm 06 May 08

Possibly, just possibly, the government not giving out money hand over fist to Clergyman Rudd’s beloved WORKING FAMILIES (ie, couples who can already afford to pay their mortgage for the massive McMansion, new 4WD, x-box + plasma screen) while not addressing the other, forgotten groups in society (read: everyone else).

ant 10:35 pm 06 May 08

There’s no shortage of kids, and never will be. It’s pandering, quite simply.

Read this:,23636,23650623-462,00.html

choice isn’t choice any more. We all exist to serve The Borg.

sepi 10:32 pm 06 May 08

Feeling a bit bitter then are we???

What is your solution – a world with no kids – or just a city or two?

ant 10:27 pm 06 May 08

That’s how it is now, the breeders can skive off constantely, but it’s OK because the people who aren’t currently breeding must take up the slack. So too bad if your sister is being married in Brisbane, the breeders have first dibs on the 2 weeks of school hollidays!

But levying every person is great, so many normal people who can’t afford a mortgage will see their pay packet every week going to help finance that 4 bedroom/2 bathroom mcmansion because they have CHILDRUN and are so much more entitled.

so you just keep working and keep earning, because your country needs you to finance the people who are breeding the “taxpayers of the future”. They aren’t paying taxes now, because all their rebates mean they don’t pay a cent. but while we work and pay, rest assured, the kids they bring up will pay tax in the future.

Yeah, right.

Sina 10:20 pm 06 May 08

Exactly. Then once they come back they expect to finish early so they can pick up the kids, while the rest of us pick up the slack. And forget it if you want Christmas or Easter hols off – the mummies get first priority!

el 10:17 pm 06 May 08

Yeah, cause having them p!ss off for 12 months isn’t going to cause the employer any inconvenience at all, is it?

sepi 9:16 pm 06 May 08

Every other OECD country manages to achieve paid maternity leave.

If this levy is brought in employers won’t think twice about hiring women, as the levy will be govt based – it won’t come from the employers at all. That is the whole point of it.

Sina 8:58 pm 06 May 08

Let’s not forget that if this “levy” is brought in, employers are going to think twice before hiring women of child-bearing age. Thanks a lot all of you women pushing for paid maternity leave, you just make it harder for the rest of us to find employment. I’m starting to think maybe I should put “sterilised, no chance of falling pregnant” on my resume? Oh and everyone who says “Chad and Lebanon have paid maternity leave, OMG we are so behind the times!” – why don’t you go and try living in those countries?

Yeah, I thought so.

ant 8:37 pm 06 May 08

I’m just watching the end of Insight tonight, and it’s so depressing. so many people on incomes that should be OK but they’re not. Some have kids, many don’t. There’s a lady of 59 working 2 cleaning jobs to pay her bills and mortgage. She had kids, but she’s still struggling hard. And now we’re to be levied to shovel money at people breeding! They should tax people who have kids. They’re going to levy people who can’t afford a mortgage on a unit, to give money to middle class people in 4 bedroom houses. what country do we live in?

Sina 3:52 pm 06 May 08

Yes, now we’re looking at forking out more money to encourage women to breed (thus worsening our water and fuel shortages – smart move!) Too bad for Working childless couples, Working singles and Working students, not to mention pensioners! But hey, none of them count, as long as the Working moos and duhs are happy!

ant 10:06 pm 05 May 08

I was going to say, Thumper, don’t say your kid is going to be SAS! But he’s not, so that’s OK. Those blokes are hush-hush, don’t ask, don’t tell.

As for Working Families, it’s a smokescreen, a stunt. a mirage, and I worry about governments who hold up these things and keep repeating phrases and wonder what they HELL they are on about. And for the vast numbers of us who are not “Working Families”, just bloody working, I mistrust the ones trying to trick… someone. I’m so disappointed Labor are pumping this nasty sell.

Meanwhile, those of us who aren’t “working families” are being made to feel like second class citizens, bled for taxes, expected to take up the slack at work, expected to step aside in public venues, all for the sacred Working Families.

Proud Local 10:02 pm 05 May 08

ADGie = working for the airforce as an army man. An interesting concept.

Thumper 9:44 pm 05 May 08

That is my son. He’s enlisted in 4RAR.

I’m old and jack so i’m re-enlisting in RAAF as an ADGie. Sounds easy after years as RAInf.

Thumper 9:27 pm 05 May 08

Sorry, ECN343 then further traing for Commando

Thumper 9:24 pm 05 May 08


I’m re-enlisting as an ADGie….

Proud Local 9:20 pm 05 May 08

Well just like mainstream religions, “working families” are untouchable, pandered to and never allowed to be criticized, only complain. Thats not to say that they are not important, cause they are, but like most things in life, it’s a choice which road you wish to travel.


Thumper 9:15 pm 05 May 08

I’m still sick of hearing about working bloody families….

Thumper 9:13 pm 05 May 08

Proud local,

Yes. I have three kids, they are all bigger and uglier than me and they are either working full time or at uni. Indeed one is about to follow me and join the Army as a commando. I fully support his decision.

My partner and I now have decided not to have kids. It doesn’t mean we are not a family nor family orientated, as my kids often come around to socialise with my new (female) partner.

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