Canberra gets a Family Violence Court

johnboy 25 November 2010 5

Simon Corbell brings the sad news that Canberra is so infested by gutless thugs we need a dedicated Family Violence Court just to clean up the detritus.

“The Family Violence Court will be a specialised criminal court dealing with domestic violence offences, operating under the umbrella of the ACT Magistrates Court,” said Mr Corbell.

“A Family Violence Court is the next important step in the ACT’s response to family violence, and builds on the already strong focus that the ACT Government and ACT courts place on the issue of domestic and family violence.

“The family violence list has operated successfully since 2000 but has done so without a legislative basis.The proposed changes will cement the family violence court in its rightful place in the ACT legal system.”

Mr Corbell said that the legislation will be introduced into the Legislative Assembly in December, and will include a purpose clause that will recognise the complex nature of domestic violence and the need to protect victims.

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5 Responses to Canberra gets a Family Violence Court
dtc dtc 11:21 am 25 Nov 10

So they are formalising what already exists and has existed for over 10 years, but doing so in a way that produces a lot of press?

that sounds unusual for a politician – there must be a story to it . . .

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:36 pm 25 Nov 10

I understand the reference to “gutless thugs” in the lead-in to the article. The great majority of domestic violence involves men hurting women. However, it really does work both ways. My (thankfully) ex-wife had a substance abuse problem, and over the course of several years kicked and punched me on a number of occasions, and on one occasion attacked me with a glass. She also physically attacked members of her family a couple of times.

I’ve known a couple of blokes who’ve had similar experiences, but it’s not something they shout about in the streets. Being “beaten up by a girl” doesn’t fit in well with the bronzed Aussie image.

cleo cleo 12:41 am 26 Nov 10

I think any man who beats a woman should be beaten by other men his own size, I’m sure that he would reconsider when he goes to beat his wife again, such men are cowards.

Sonja Sonja 6:47 am 26 Nov 10

LSWCHP: Look at the one-in-three campaign. It’s trying to highlight the fact that one third of DV victims is male.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 4:32 pm 26 Nov 10

Sonja wrote:

“LSWCHP: Look at the one-in-three campaign. It’s trying to highlight the fact that one third of DV victims is male.”

I tried to post a response to this earlier, but my computer died as I submitted, so I’m trying again.

Thanks for the pointer Sonja. It’s astounding that the number of male DV victims could be that high, and even more astounding that there’s an organisation trying to make this known. Most campaigns are of the “Violence against women: Australia says no” variety that depict DV as an exclusively one way phenomenon. Having been on the receiving end, I know that just ain’t so. And my ex-wife’s next husband has recently divorced her. He told me, without prompting, that he’d been throught the same shit with her. I pity the current boyfriend.

The website at has a story about a guy named Don which is almost identical to mine. It’s ugly stuff. No man, woman or child should have to put up with violence in the home, whether emotional or physical.

If you’re copping it, leave if you possibly can. If you know someone who’s copping it, try to lend a hand.

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