Canberra gets a Mikvah

Ntp 11 July 2007 7

Both JTA and the Australian Jewish News bring the news that Canberra is to get its first mikvah, a special bath required for a number of traditional purification ceremonies.

Canberra has a small but thriving Jewish community with both Progressive and Orthodox Jews working side by side and sharing the same facilities. More information on the Canberra Jewish Community can be found on their website here.

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7 Responses to Canberra gets a Mikvah
jacross jacross 5:17 pm 14 Jul 07

Yeah Bundah, not to mention they control the new world order, jackass.

The hole in the sheet is a made up rumour, and that book is a biased agenda driven piece of trash that is currently being celebrated by Stormfront esque groups as the ‘truth’ about the jews.

NB: Evelyn Kaye is not a neo-nazi. Her agenda is different yet no less moronic.

terubo terubo 5:59 pm 12 Jul 07

I’ve often wondered why that black sheet was called a Prikvah.

imarty imarty 12:43 pm 12 Jul 07

nocturnal seminal emission. Ha!

apehammer apehammer 10:58 am 12 Jul 07

Er, thanks for those scholarly and elightening insights into orthodox Judaism Bundah Bloke. Shalom.

Bundah_Bloke Bundah_Bloke 10:14 am 12 Jul 07

That’s only the half of it, Orthodox Judaism has many repressive rituals especially against women. When they have sex for example she has be totally covered in a black sheet with just a small hole down below so the male can put his you know what through it to perform the act! this is because orthodoxy considers the female body dirty and the male is not to touch her. I recently read “The Hole in the Sheet: A Modern Woman Looks at Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism” by Evelyn Kaye. She lists many other similar rituals that feminists would be up in arms about if they were widely known.

Pandy Pandy 12:05 am 12 Jul 07

wow, reading thru that wiki link for mikvah, boys having a wet dream also have to bath in that mikvah. Weired

Pandy Pandy 7:13 pm 11 Jul 07

Is that the bath women going through their period must take before their husband can mmm “touch” them?

It will be like the kiddie pools that smells of piss then.

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