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Canberra Guys – WTF?

By johnboy 21 April 2010 14

Every now and then YouTube throws a fistful of weird at you.

And this is one of these times. The video is posted by one 007battan with no additional info.

Are they trying to entice girls from the villages back home?

And what do we think of blazers with jeans?

Over to you readers.

What’s Your opinion?

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14 Responses to
Canberra Guys – WTF?
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Bosworth 9:36 am 22 Apr 10

I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

neanderthalsis 9:18 am 22 Apr 10

Never been a fan of the jeans/jacket/sneakers look, especially when the jacket looks like a cheap polyester one from Lowes. Gents, buy a good quality suit and some decent shoes or boots. The “clothed by Lowes” look won’t impress the ladies.

grunge_hippy 8:59 am 22 Apr 10

Bosworth said :

I like the pic at around 3.20 where three of them are lying around on a bed, fully clothed, with several half empty bottles of spirits, and one of them is giving head to his friend.

you watched it that far?

Dazzlar 11:44 pm 21 Apr 10

Runners and blazers are fine and I think they’re nice looking guys who have just uploaded snaps for their family and friends to their You Tube account.

Why not write to them and ask them for their story if it was important enough to put up here?

oneltwos 10:41 pm 21 Apr 10

I see a bunch of photos of friends on holidays, sharing them with friends via YouTube. What’s the big deal? Some of the comments on this are just narrow minded and childish…with a dose of racism thrown in?

Bosworth 8:48 pm 21 Apr 10

I like the pic at around 3.20 where three of them are lying around on a bed, fully clothed, with several half empty bottles of spirits, and one of them is giving head to his friend.

inlymbo 7:55 pm 21 Apr 10

Coming soon to a cinema near you ‘BLAZIN BOLLYWOOD’.

Synopsis: Boy moves to foreign land, clean air, no buildings or traffic…one day he meets his perfect match……a blue blazer, unkown to him the blazer is courting more than one man, and even one pair of pants! One day the blazer mysteriously disappears from their lives, the men pray, they clean their hands regularly, they go to sand dunes and grab their crotch and even **shock horror* undo their flies…… They retreat to the demon drink and a motel room, they get some really expensive head shots taken in the hope they may one day win back their blazer……winter approaches and still no warmth they must resort to bad rugs.

Then one day out of the blue the blazer returns to one man with trousers in tow! The men become friends, and demand the blazer choose only one……’ What happens next????

trevar 7:27 pm 21 Apr 10

Is there more than one? They all look the same… or is it just their uniform?

eyeLikeCarrots 6:01 pm 21 Apr 10

I’m really pleased to see man love still alive….

We’re not queer, we’re just really good friends who like Bollywood music and Carmen Miranda. What some fruit ?

shiny flu 5:24 pm 21 Apr 10

If I were female- i’d hit it.

Heck, I’d hit it up now anyway.

Clown Killer 4:47 pm 21 Apr 10

If those lads are looking to impress young ladies and if they find their way to RA then here’s few tips. Each of you should get your own blazer – Grown men sharing is not OK. Also that tag on the sleeve – take it off (or get your mum to), it’s not there for show and only makes you look silly.

Wraith 4:42 pm 21 Apr 10

Yep, I am confused……

Maybe that was the whole point

WillowJim 4:33 pm 21 Apr 10

Yes, this is a racist comment, but I’ve never seen a north Asian, a subcontinental or a North American in dirty sneakers.

Why are their runners always so white? Do they buy new shoes every month?

Thumper 4:21 pm 21 Apr 10

Mmmmm, suits and runners, classy…

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