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Canberra in the 80s. Then and now.

By johnboy - 23 June 2011 83

bus interchange

Threepaws has sent in these pictures of Canberra in the 80s. Your correspondent has then spent part of this morning running around Canberra trying to match the shots. I’ve monochromed to match where appropriate. Above is the old bus interchange administration centre where one could seek guidance and assistance on buses and even buy tickets.

And here it is today:

bus interchange

london circuit then

And here’s the view down London Circuit.

london circuit now

old bus interchange

The trees have grown.

new bus interchange

Civic Cinema

Civic Cinemas has become ActewAGL House.


the private bin

The garish Private Bin/Waffles combo has become the much more subdued ICBM/North.


City Walk

And City Walk is more subdued too.

city walk

What’s Your opinion?

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83 Responses to
Canberra in the 80s. Then and now.
Thumper 12:59 pm 23 Jun 11

Some of those pics look more 70?s than 80?s, especially the Civic Cinemas one,/i>

Agreed. That one looks late 70s going on the clothes and hairstyles. Although it could be very early 80s.

I remember Prouds but can’t recall what they actually sold.

cmdwedge 12:47 pm 23 Jun 11

Petrol is 28.9c/L. GOOD GOD.

Skidd Marx 12:31 pm 23 Jun 11

Some of those pics look more 70’s than 80’s, especially the Civic Cinemas one.

I’ve seen these pics before somewhere – maybe the NLA website?

KB1971 12:16 pm 23 Jun 11

Gantz said :

What is the story behind the Cop cars with the looks to be shot out windows?

Someone was gipped on their bus ticket………..

Boring_Name 12:14 pm 23 Jun 11

This is great! I’m not old enough to remember these, so it’s really interesting for me to see some of these pictures. Especially the old Action buses…

It would be great if this project could expand somehow. I’m sure some of the other members have some old snaps of Canberra stashed away somewhere. I’ll can harass my folks for some, but I was reared in the Western Creek area, so there won’t be many shots of the city I’m afraid.

AG Canberra 12:14 pm 23 Jun 11

The first shot is after the seige in the gun shop that used to be upstairs in the Sydney building. He hung out the window and took pot shots at the coppers for an afternoon…was quite exciting for Canberra in the early 80’s.

dpm 12:11 pm 23 Jun 11

Hmmm, the ‘new’ Civic actually looks more sterile than in the 80’s. Kinda sad indication of progress really.
I like the pertrol price in teh background! Is that 28.9? Sigh… Those were the days!

Holden Caulfield 12:07 pm 23 Jun 11

Five stars to Threepaws, thanks for sending these in.

Thumper 12:03 pm 23 Jun 11

I’d forgotten about the ACTION control tower.

Excellent photos.

audioangel 12:02 pm 23 Jun 11

Ah the old Action tower! That was the meeting place for so long! Im too young to remember there being a woolies near the merry go round though!

Awesome work! id love to see more comparison pics. Especially around the newly redeveloped civic

vg 11:58 am 23 Jun 11

Gantz said :

What is the story behind the Cop cars with the looks to be shot out windows?

City siege in 87 or 88 from memory

rescuedg 11:55 am 23 Jun 11

What was going on in the first photo? Both the police car and the van behind it seemed to have smashed windows but no one is around.

Gantz 11:53 am 23 Jun 11

What is the story behind the Cop cars with the looks to be shot out windows?

steveu 11:52 am 23 Jun 11

Good work – but Im not going to thank you for making me feel old! =D
Should be a great project for someone if they have 80’s and 70’s photos and matching them up with today.

red_dog 11:40 am 23 Jun 11

Thanks. I remember the ACTION control tower and the Woolies near the merry-go-round too.

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