Canberra Islamic School in Weston?

Iain Morriss 14 September 2009 12

The ACT Government has agreed to identify a suitable site for the relocation of the Islamic school of Canberra.

They want to gather feedback from key stakeholders, particularly residents of Weston, on the use of the current CIT School of Horticulture in North Weston as a possible site for the school. is the address for the discussion forum for all to have a say.

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12 Responses to Canberra Islamic School in Weston?
miz miz 12:22 pm 16 Sep 09

Astrojax, public schools are for everyone – surely separating one’s family from society by self-excluding one’s family from interacting with the rest of society is the actual xenophobia here?

While I respecy your views, I’ve always personally thought christian schools rather hypocritical given Christ’s instruction to be ‘in the world’ but not ‘of the world’. (ie, you can’t make a difference if you are always off in your own little perfect world-without-heathens).

Besides, religious instruction is not the task of schools but is provided by family. I assure you that religious practices, such as facing mecca at given times, is well accommodated in public schools in (for example) western Sydney.

astrojax astrojax 9:05 am 16 Sep 09

miz, i think they don’t want their children to simply attend the local public school for the same reasons christians don’t necessarily want their children to attend the local public school: they want to provide their children with some instruction in their particular religious practice, which seems entirely reasonable to me and should be appropriately supported.

here’s another thought: to suggest such a solution borders close to bigotry or xenophobia

Tixylix Tixylix 1:04 pm 15 Sep 09

Re #7 – Stirling College is used by DET for a number of things: Centre for Teaching and Learning

housebound housebound 12:53 pm 15 Sep 09

Short memories:

Why are we going over this old ground again?

miz miz 10:03 am 15 Sep 09

Thumper’s post +1 – and I have to say, how can they justify donating public properties in the first place?

I seem to recall the govt disallowing another private school from using a former public school (was it blue gum school?).

I suspect allowing this property to be given over to a private group will open the floodgates, and the public purse will (once again) subsidise a minority group of whatever flavour. It appears muslims are ‘in’ with the ACT Govt at the moment and are flogging it for all its worth.

Here’s a thought – why don’t they do fundraising, or attend the local public school?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:55 am 15 Sep 09

Maybe I’m just horribly out-of-touch, but what is the old Stirling College being used for these days?

poptop poptop 9:31 am 15 Sep 09

Why not almost any of the schools lying vacant after the great school closure events of 2006 and onwards?

Thumper Thumper 7:46 am 15 Sep 09

Here’s a radical idea, why not keep the CIT School of Horticulture and it’s established gardens and grounds?

Rather than simply flog off more land.

Surely there’s lots of schools that could be used for an Islamic school.

babyface babyface 1:23 am 15 Sep 09

i say put it in old parliament house to put a stick up the arse of those opposed

rosebud rosebud 10:58 pm 14 Sep 09

Give it to us here in the inner north. I’m so tired of looking at all these stuffy Catholics with their too starched colour coordinated, crest embroidered blazers or purity ring wearing, WASP Christians poncing about the place, making the rest of us look like dishevelled, tracky dack wearing, beer swilling, poor parenting skills, atheist bogans. Noice to see some competition ’round the place. Noice, noice.

Heavs Heavs 10:04 pm 14 Sep 09

I heard there was a really good spot next to the Nicholls shops.

Pandy Pandy 8:25 pm 14 Sep 09

Good idea. There are a couple of minority schools out that way, so the residents should not mind.

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