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Canberra keeps growing.

By Thumper - 1 July 2008 35

The Canberra Times is reporting that, even though four people a day are leaving the ACT, a baby boom and an influx of immigrants boosted the capital’s population by almost 4500 last year. The population now stands at 340,800.

The biggest increase to Canberra’s population came from births. A record 4750 babies were born in the territory last year about 90 a week.

Interstate migration accounted for 8per cent of the population increase, with 350 people becoming ACT residents in 2007. Overseas migration was responsible for 44 per cent of the growth.

Last year 960 more people came to live in Canberra from overseas than left Canberra to live overseas the highest result in 20 years

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35 Responses to
Canberra keeps growing.
Mick1965 10:12 am 02 Jul 08

I was born in the Royal Canberra Hospital in 1965 and lived in Canberra all my life until 2007 when I moved to Brisbane.

The place is beautiful – a stunning, clean, well designed city.

Sadly, the soil is not too fertile (NSW picked the least fertile spot they could). And yes it gets bloody cold in winter – but it’s also close to the snow.

I guess it is the spirit that I found to be lacking. It certainly is a PUBLIC SERVICE city and that means most of the people you meet are…you guessed it…petty thinking, mindless, anal (etc) public servants.

I do miss bits of Canberra but I seriously think everyone there needs to live elsewhere for at least a year. Those born in Canberra have parents whose jobs demanded they be there…don’t do that to your kids! 🙂

Spideydog 12:22 am 02 Jul 08

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

“City” – “noun” – a “place” where “people” use “air quotes” to give the “impression” there’s “substance” to what they’re “talking about” when there “isn’t any”.

Are you really that fickle??

ant 9:16 pm 01 Jul 08

We definitely need more pollution, more crowding, and an IKEA.

Well, we need one of those three.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:36 pm 01 Jul 08

“City” – “noun” – a “place” where “people” use “air quotes” to give the “impression” there’s “substance” to what they’re “talking about” when there “isn’t any”.

Vincent Vega 7:16 pm 01 Jul 08

Great! Another 160,000 and we get an IKEA.

Deadmandrinking 7:09 pm 01 Jul 08

I agree Spideydog. We’re still a national joke.

Spideydog 6:50 pm 01 Jul 08

I’m not a native Canberran, I can say that it is an ok place to live. But being an “outsider” I can say that for Canberra to be taken seriously as the capital of Australia, it really needs to become a “city”

miz 6:06 pm 01 Jul 08

When do we get our third fed seat back then?

Thumper 6:06 pm 01 Jul 08

hehe, fair call…

luke79 6:02 pm 01 Jul 08

lol, im not about to start a bitch fight

Thumper 5:57 pm 01 Jul 08

Well come on!

Let’s see the list!

We demand the list 😉

luke79 5:45 pm 01 Jul 08

i moved away 4 months ago, i could give a very long list of reasons. im not a canberra hater though, i love the place will prolly always call it home, beautifull place… i just dont think too highly of the people there.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:39 pm 01 Jul 08

Sweet – growing demand for my investment properties! Better buy another one…

peterh 4:33 pm 01 Jul 08

4,750 babies last year? where will they all go to school??

Spitfire3 4:18 pm 01 Jul 08

Yay! We’ve finally broken the big 340,800 psychological barrier!

But seriously, why would anyone want to move out of here. Canberra kicks pants.

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