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Canberra Liberals find their financial survival taxing

Revelations 28 November 2008 6

With local party memberships falling to all time lows (having dropped significantly in the last few years – some say well below the 400 mark) and an ever diminishing donation stream from once traditional corporate and business sponsors; the Canberra liberals are resorting to instituting a new “membership tax” to avoid political oblivion and keep themselves financially afloat.

The newly instigated charges, whilst initially appearing voluntary, are ultimately expected to become a compulsory part of membership, with charges increasing over time.

With the parliamentary party and more recently newly elected management committee now dominated with hardcore right oriented conservatives, it is hard to see where wider popular appeal of the local party will come from to increase membership.

[ED – Interesting they’re complaining about the cost of advertising when they never took up RiotACT’s very reasonable rates, more vapid TV spots planned then?]

Canberra Liberals - Weekly Update 28

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6 Responses to Canberra Liberals find their financial survival taxing
jakez jakez 1:45 pm 29 Nov 08

I think it’s an extremely long step between this system and a compulsory tax. There has been no suggestion of this becoming compulsory and I’d like to know revelations evidence/source for suggesting it will become compulsory.

As for taxes, this could never be a tax because it is not compulsory to join the Liberal Party. You don’t have to join the Liberal Party and you don’t have to move out of Australia to escape this charge. Joining the Liberal Party and you know, earning income to survive are two significantly different activities also.

Speaking of taxes funding political Parties, does everyone realise that we already have this? Political Parties receive public funding in this country, something which I absolutely oppose. This system benefits the entrenched parties at the expense of minor and new parties as you must reach a percentage threshold to get the funding. A true major party bipartisan scam.

As for the system, it is a very good way of raising money if you can get people on board. I listen to a US libertarian radio show on podcast called Free Talk Live ( They have a similar system called ‘AMP’ where you give $3 or more a month and they use it to advertise and promote the show to radio stations and on the internet. At the moment they are collecting about $4-5,000 a month.

Arty Arty 1:42 pm 28 Nov 08

All they need to do is get some of those poker machines! then they will have heaps of money.

Cameron Cameron 1:26 pm 28 Nov 08

It was poor wording, but I’m guessing she’s suggesting that it could come as early as late next year – or it will at the very least become clear late next year at what point in ’10 the election might take place.

caf caf 1:17 pm 28 Nov 08

Interesting that their president believes a Federal Election is due “late next year” – by my reckoning it’s not actually due until the year after – late 2010.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 9:28 am 28 Nov 08

Poor leadership, no money, no business contacts, no hope.

What about Labor? Collecting ‘taxes’ in a back-handed fashion on a weekly basis via union dues which are dutifully remitted to the ALP without the consent of the member. Some unionists dovote for somebody other than Labor.

Personally, I like the ALP’s approach of getting loot from poker machines whilst simultaneously going on and on about the evils of poker machines and problem gambling.

Cameron Cameron 9:23 am 28 Nov 08

Whilst you (and I for that matter) define the rates as reasonable, it doesn’t mean that they are or that anyone else has to define them as such.

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