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Canberra Liberals opt for tradition of failure

johnboy 1 December 2006 14

The Canberra Liberals are celebrating the re-election of Gary Kent as their, well as their something, the media release doesn’t actually say. He’s the big kahuna.

It’s his seventh term running the Canberra Liberals and my, haven’t they been golden years? Bitter defeat has followed bitter defeat and the infighting in the party has grown ever worse.

Jon Stanhope will be thrilled by this news.

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14 Responses to Canberra Liberals opt for tradition of failure
Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:01 am 06 Dec 06

I personally would have preferred gillard as leader, have never been much of a rudd fan.. but thar would probably of been too much of a gamble.

Thumper Thumper 9:40 am 06 Dec 06

Indeed VG, but we have seen Federal Labor take a step towardfs addressing the situation by installing Rudd and Gilliard.

The ACT Liberals just continue to squabble and be irrelevant.

Nero Nero 9:19 am 06 Dec 06

The only reason the organisational side of their party is on the front page is because one of their MLA’s (Smyth, Pratt) leaked a confidential email to the media! If the Libs are to be a credible opposition they need to sack a few of their MLA’s such as Pratt and Smyth. Big Bill is also a dead man walking. Kent is short…never trust short people!

vg vg 10:22 am 02 Dec 06

It saddens me that they are doing a great job at losing the unlosable election.

The parallels between Liberals at a state level, and Labor at a Federal level are incredible

publius publius 8:14 am 02 Dec 06

The Liberals have to find a way to get the organisational side of their party off the front page. It really doesn’t matter to the public who the President of a party is – indeed the occupant of those positions (for all local parties) used to be anonymous figures (at least up until the email fiasco). We shouldn’t forget that Labor copped a hiding after their Conference at the Lakeside this year at which a couple of their MLAs said some unkind things about their colleagues and various policy approaches (eg school closures). But they bounced back quickly. The Liberals problem is however more fundamental. They project as a right wing conservative outfit in what is basically a middle class, slightly left leaning community. They are therefore out of sync with the polity. Stanhope is very much in tune with the nature of this unique electorate. That is the Liberals main problem, which was not addressed by appointing a right wing leader. The truth is they need a small “l” type leader (they just ditched one!)

Thumper Thumper 2:04 pm 01 Dec 06

Except Shauno they are all there for their own glory, or so it seems.

shauno shauno 1:56 pm 01 Dec 06

I agree fully they really need just about all of them to step down.

Its case of saying to the public. Look we tried our best but we just couldn’t do it and the upshot of it all is for the good of the liberal party were off.

Thumper Thumper 1:50 pm 01 Dec 06

The ACT Libs really need to have a good sweeping out with a large broom.

The current MLAs have consistently underperformed and have lost the confidence of the people, if there was any confidence to start with.

Our Brave Leader (TM) must laughing his guts out at their antics.

shauno shauno 1:31 pm 01 Dec 06

You know Garry Kent is actually a plant by the labour party.
I believe Steve Pratt is as well and they are doing a very fine job in recking the liberal party.
Its just that at times they show a little to much enthusiasm so might get found out soon.
Same mistake Pratt made when he was working as a spy in the Bulkans.

johnboy johnboy 1:30 pm 01 Dec 06

He can’t even get his title in his self-congratulatory media release and he’s going to manage the logistics in the sort of tough campaigns the Liberals face in Canberra?

Recent events have proved that Mr. Kent is very involved with what happens in the Assembly.

Avacry Avacry 1:25 pm 01 Dec 06

According to the Canberra Times he was elected as the Libs President.

Also, its the MLA’s that are the problem.. I wouldn’t be blaming it on the internal management.

johnboy johnboy 1:24 pm 01 Dec 06

Actually the problem was in *opening* the tag with a ‘ rather than a
“, and then not checking.

Avacry Avacry 1:20 pm 01 Dec 06

Thats what happens when you dont close your HTML tags properly!

bonfire bonfire 1:11 pm 01 Dec 06

this post has made the ra page go screwy.

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