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Canberra lucky to have some of Australia’s finest

By flyingpuck - 10 March 2011 31

Some of you may have seen a prominent Australian, who recently moved to Canberra as a graduate recruit in one of those esteemed central agencies,  featured in Crikey’s daily mail recently (Click on “Item 7. Tips and Rumours”):

In short, an email from this upstanding APS employee to his fellow graduates regarding the SNoG (Social Network of Grads) executive committee elections was leaked to Crikey and published, providing invaluable insights into the mindset and talents that our top agencies seek in their staff. Here is the email in full:

Nominations for SNoG Executive close this Thurday 3 March with voting from next Monday 7 – Friday 11 March.

Through an agreement of reciprocal voting with DIISR, FaHCSIA, ANAO and DMO (other departments potentially to come), I think I’ve managed to reserve the President position for one of us, in exchange for us voting various people of other departments to lesser positions (where they belong!). Hopefully this coalition should be enough to get us over the line.

I think it would be useful if one us held the position (and have no interest in running myself). Is anyone interested? If so, let the group know before Thursday’s Grad Meeting. It’s on the agenda then, so we can finalise our nomination and submit the form that afternoon.

Of course, you are welcome to run for any SNoG Executive position by yourself.


Alan Wu
Strategy and Policy Advice Unit | Attorney-General’s Department

Brilliant stuff, right? So bold! So insightful! So selfless! So much strategic policy advice, packed into such a short email! Surely a man to keep an eye on, one who will go very far!

But the question on everyone’s lips is, who is Alan Wu, this ethical giant who now wanders among us ordinary denizens of this great Capital?

Well, let the following handy websites enlighten you. First of all, Alan has his very own wikipedia entry, befitting a man of such stature.

And this tastefully laid out personal website has even more information, so you too can learn how to follow in Alan’s footsteps and, maybe one day, work at AGD.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Canberra lucky to have some of Australia’s finest
Morgan 11:24 pm 10 Mar 11

I’m still reeling that someone has the time to spend on a vote swap to be the President of SNOG??? Really??

spoonalious 9:39 pm 10 Mar 11

Comments #1 through #5, typical shiny arsed public servants – living such meaningless lives that you feel forced to comment on such a minor detail said in humour and jest. I do not know Alan Wu, do not work for the Government but absolutely hate tiny nick-picking like this.

With the amount of sheer mobbery going on to a new graduate (I assume new given it’s the start of the year), you really have to internalise and look at your own behaviours. He would’ve come to Canberra full of hope, and to have petty little APS2’s try to bring him down is utterly disrespectful to your follow person.

I think you all need to get more value in your lives, don’t sit on blogs, Crikey and your email all day and actually live something worth living instead of living lives criticising others.

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Bam. You got Rossevelt’d.

LSWCHP 9:37 pm 10 Mar 11

And the link to his personal website is broken as at 21:35 10-Mar-2011. Must’ve curled up and died like a cockroach.

I wonder what he did to piss off the person who leaked this most tasty email to the world?

LSWCHP 9:32 pm 10 Mar 11

Allan Wu is, quite obviously, not as bright as he thinks he is. Anyone who believes that they can send out such a Machiavellian email without getting dirked in the back by *someone* is naive to the point of…well…I dunno…words fail me.

Here are some truths Allan. A little too late for you, but what the hell. All microphones are live. All conversations are on the record. All mobile phones can quietly record conversations these days. All emails can be forwarded to the media. And nobody, in the wheeling and dealing line of work, is to be trusted.

Sadly, any ambitions he may have had to be a man of influence, a wheeler and dealer, an apparatchik, a mover and shaker, a faceless man, a backroom policy maker etc have now turned to ashes and rust in his mouth. I say “sadly”, because it would’ve been nice to have someone so trustingly gormless amongst the faceless men, at least for a short while. Natural selection means that he won’t make it to the back rooms, so someone much more talented and less pleasant will.

Anyway, I’m still comforted by the fact that he’s now pretty much guaranteed never to advance much past his current role as the sinister manipulative force influencing events behind the scenes of…what was it?…yes…SnOG. Hahahahahah…..

flyingpuck 9:00 pm 10 Mar 11

Skidbladnir said :

That would be Alan Wu, Moral guardian of Australia.

Thank you, Skidbladnir, for uncovering yet more of the good that Alan Wu spreads simply by existing. I feel honoured to breathe the same air as he does. ALAN WU FOR PM!!!!

astrojax 8:07 pm 10 Mar 11

agd – australian government dropkicks?

and ‘snog’ is such a prestigious organisation to branch stack for… [wu’s webpage failed to open for me – telling?]

georgesgenitals 7:38 pm 10 Mar 11

Looks like someone caught politics…

BerraBoy68 7:17 pm 10 Mar 11

Congratulations, Wu. you’ve just painted yourself and your colleagues as elitist, egotistical and arrogant. You also just highlighted why many Graduates in the APS are looked down on by more mature employees. Bad start to your APS career. I hope they now have you doing a rotation in the mailroom or HR.

I’d love to know what staff of the other Department’s think of his comment that they work for lesser Departments and are therefore somehow inferior.

I for one would love to hear Wu’s public apology on this. Though, he probably thinks he’s above such things.

far_northact 6:48 pm 10 Mar 11

Argh, I would love to post emails from my Department.. what are the rules on this… anyone?

chris820 6:36 pm 10 Mar 11

Certainly an insight into what grad recruits do when they are not out getting me coffee.

facet 6:14 pm 10 Mar 11

Come on guys it’s hard to be humble when you are so perfect and others are so clearly undeserving.

luther_bendross 5:45 pm 10 Mar 11

I would hope that if I spent that much time telling everyone how good I was and (well, it does appear this way) attempting to rig voting systems then I would appear successful too. Until it all come unravelled at the hands of teh interwebz.

Skidbladnir 5:37 pm 10 Mar 11

That would be Alan Wu, Moral guardian of Australia.

So yes, he’s an arsehat.
(And quite apparently fond of the term ratf***er.)

el_presidente 4:38 pm 10 Mar 11

Yes! I’m so glad someone posted this – I read it in Crikey the other day and have been laughing ever since.

Alan Wu – You sir, are without question an A Grade arse hat.

homeone 4:24 pm 10 Mar 11

I assume that shortly, if it hasn’t already been sent, we’ll see an internal AGD e-mail re’ the sensible use of the internet in the workplace.

This ‘master of the universes’ Deputy Secretary will not, I think, be happy.

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