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Canberra may have Stage 2 water restrictions later in year.

By Thumper 12 February 2008 16

ABC online is reporting that Level 4 water restrictions are unlikely this year given that over one gigalitre has flowed into Canberra’s reservoirs in the recent weeks, boosting the combined dam storage levels to just under 50 per cent.

Marlene Stolt from ACTEW says provided Canberrans continue to conserve water, restrictions could drop to stage two later this year.

I would suggest that, even though we have a decent amount of water, people continue to be cautious in their water use.

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16 Responses to
Canberra may have Stage 2 water restrictions later in year.
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Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:49 pm 13 Feb 08

110kltr tank that is overflowing ATM – yeah baby !!!

S4anta 2:17 pm 13 Feb 08

once a week showers?
bricks in cisterns?
bush toilets?
opening windows instead of A/C?

Mælinar 1:37 pm 13 Feb 08

No drinking water for boys on Mondays, girls on Tuesdays, people in even numbered houses on Wednesdays, people in odd numbered houses on Thursdays, and only bottled water on Fridays.

Take all the water you like from LBG, nobody will stop you.

sepi 1:31 pm 13 Feb 08

Yes – hand held hose for watering after 7pm on alternate days, but only for garden beds, not lawn.

Thumper 1:30 pm 13 Feb 08

Certainly no car washing unless by bucket.

And maybe hand held hose after 6 sort of thing for watering?

Not that you need to do much watering recently…

sepi 1:24 pm 13 Feb 08

I thought under our current level three there was no car washing and no lawn watering?

Thumper 1:19 pm 13 Feb 08

What sort of world do we live in when children can’t frolic under the sprinkler for hours on hours on the lush green front lawn in mid summer….

Truly tragic says I….

neanderthalsis 10:42 am 13 Feb 08

I think Stage three is fairly harsh.

Comment by sepi — 12 February, 2008 @ 10:13 pm

Having just moved back down from Brisbane where they are currently on level 6 restrictions, I think level 3 great.

Under level 6 there is NO car washing except the windows and then only using a bucket. There is no lawn watering other than using a bucket on alternate days after 7pm and households using more than 800 litres a day can be inspected by council inspectors and fined for excess use if there is no legitimate reason.

I installed 2 x 3000l water tanks at my house in Bris to allow me to water the large number of fruit trees I had growing. The council and the state govt gave a rebate on their installation and a few days after they went in we had 3 day of afternoon storms that filled both.

Tool 10:36 am 13 Feb 08

Since the water levels are looking so prosperous, I wonder if good old ACTEW will reduce the electricity rates that went up because of the water shortage???

Sammy 8:46 am 13 Feb 08

we can wash our windows

I use collected rainwater for washing my windows. One bucket of water, a window washing broom and a squeegie is all you need.

sepi 10:24 pm 12 Feb 08

hehe – I did think of that – maybe it would be car washing on grass if available, and with buckets only in the driveway.

Spectra 10:22 pm 12 Feb 08

sepi: Hypothetically, what should those of us with no vehicle accessible lawn do under your plan? (I’m not opposed to the gist of your ideas, just wondering at the practicalities).

sepi 10:13 pm 12 Feb 08

I think Stage three is fairly harsh.

I’d like a continuation of the once a week sprinkler exemption, people can wash their cars if parked on grass, and we can wash our windows.

Jonathon Reynolds 9:38 pm 12 Feb 08

They never learn… we go through it time and time again.

They are down on revenue, they lift restrictions to compensate, water use increases, supply dwindles, they panic and slap restrictions back on.

Until we are consistently in a situation where the Gold Coast is at the moment permanent stage three restrictions are justified.

Holden Caulfield 3:52 pm 12 Feb 08

I just want to be able to wash my car at home, safe from whatever it is that the Car Lovers types put in their evil detergents. This will also save me the pain of witnessing people “wash” their car while they wait using the window squeegees supplied in the dirty buckets used for cleaning wheels.

Oh the humanity!

Skidbladnir 3:47 pm 12 Feb 08

If the daily target for the city if 139ML, 1GL is one week’s consumption.
So, we’re still getting less input than we consume, but we’re increasing our consumption?

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