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Canberra not racist but anti-muslim?

By johnboy 23 February 2011 44

Minister for things Multicultural, Joy Burch, is trying to put lipstick on a pig, celebrating a report showing Canberrans are less racist than the rest of Australia. (Higher average education might have more to do with that than innate Canberra awesomeness).

There was, however, a bit of an onion in the ointment:

Ms Burch noted that the study also raised some worrying statistics, particularly around anti-Muslim sentiment. While faring better than the rest of the country, Ms Burch said 41 per cent of ACT residents surveyed saying they had “anti Muslim concern” was disappointing.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Canberra not racist but anti-muslim?
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Bosworth 10:46 am 28 Feb 11

dundle said :

dundle said :

Bosworth said :

It is important to make a distinction between the religion of islam and a person that is a muslim.

The religion of islam is false, opressive towards women, dangerous to non-muslims, and a negative impact on the wellbeing of communities.

Every muslim I know is a kind, considerate person.

Contradict yourself much?

How can they be kind and considerate if they honestly believe in this violence and misogynism? Either they’re deep down violent and misogynistic (whilst kind on the surface), or they’re complete hypocrites that don’t really believe what they claim to. In which case, why bother to identify yourself with the religion?

How can they be kind and considerate if they honestly believe in this violence and misogynism? I don’t know. I’m merely explaining my experience.

Bosworth 10:45 am 28 Feb 11

WoodenAgent said :

Bosworth said :

can you please explain how?

I think Bosworth et al should accept that Islam and Muslim are almost synonyms; but more than that, Bosworth demonstrates the true nature of racism. Bosworth says “All X are bad, but the X I know are good.” This is not sustainable, but is standard, common cognitive dissonance that we all do.

In searching for a way out of this contradiction, I suspect Richard Dawkins may have the answer. We have selfish genes.
(and Theism is only an expression of that selfishness, and justification for racism.)

Islam and muslim are clearly not synonyms – ‘a muslim’ is a person, ‘an islam’ is not a person. Islam includes a list of beliefs. The beliefs are mostly incorrect. The muslims that I know are kind people, that just happed to believe some false things (as we all do).

Thankyou for attempting to paint me as a racist, though. :/

Also, have you even read that book, or only the title? You are displaying a severe misunderstanding of its contents. I have read the book, and that it not what it says.

hax 9:15 pm 26 Feb 11

As an athiest, how do I know which god is going to punish/torture me first? (now there’s a paradox!)

LSWCHP 6:52 pm 26 Feb 11

WoodenAgent said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

I am decidely anti-religious – does this make me anti muslim?

Sorry, but, yes, being anti-religious makes you not just anti-muslim, but an enemy of the State in nearly every country in the world.

This is because you have your own ethics, making you ‘self-actualising’, giving you self-control, motivation and confidence, helping you know right from wrong, and set appropriate boundaries. And tolerance.

The problem for the State and all theist Religions is that they cannot control you.

Uh…I originally read that and thought “No…that doesn’t sound right”. Then after a few more readings I decided that I just didn’t understand it all.

All atheists in the LSWCHP family, FWIW.

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