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Canberra Region’s Mark Webber crashed into third in Istanbul

By johnboy - 31 May 2010 21

The Roar are picking over the remains of the Turkish Grand Prix which saw our (sorry Quangers) Mark Webber collide with his own team mate Sebastian Vettel when the two of them were coming first and second.

Webber recovered to finish third in the race and keep his place at the top of the driver’s championship.

So sports fans; who was to blame? Footage of the crash above for those who missed it.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Canberra Region’s Mark Webber crashed into third in Istanbul
Ceej1973 5:57 am 01 Jun 10

By the look on Vettels face durring the (an) interview he either looks guilty, and/or had the crap blasted outa him by Team Management, regardless, sport is sport!

J Dawg 12:06 am 01 Jun 10

Felix the Cat said :

I believe he has already re-signed with RBR.

I don’t think he has – the other day Horner said that he’d be happy to re-sign Webber, but I’m pretty sure that they haven’t actually signed anything yet. And the impression that I got from one of the BBC articles was that Mark still had a few weeks worth of contemplating… And with Flavio as his manager you can bet they’ll be talking to other teams in the meantime.

I wonder if Ferrari will be quick to re-sign Massa like they were implying before the race.

Felix the Cat 8:22 pm 31 May 10

Gungahlin Al said :

Guessing that will ensure Mark starts listening to overtures from other teams for next year…

How would it be to have an Aussie driving for Ferrari I wonder?

I believe he has already re-signed with RBR.

bd84 4:48 pm 31 May 10

Vettel is a complete moron, still making the same rookie mistakes as he was 2 or so years ago. It was up to vettel to make sure he had enough room to pass, webber clearly holds his line which automatically means vettel tried to fit into a gap that didn’t exist. Vettel should be taken out the back and beaten.

Gungahlin Al 4:30 pm 31 May 10

Schumacher made a career out of smashing out anyone he couldn’t beat. Seems Vettel is the heir apparent.

This You Tube clip is titled “Vettel refuses to blame Webber” – fer real??

Amazed that the RBR boss has come down on Vettel’s side:

Guessing that will ensure Mark starts listening to overtures from other teams for next year…

How would it be to have an Aussie driving for Ferrari I wonder?

xercius 4:00 pm 31 May 10

It’s been interesting to watch the RBR team dynamics unfold as Mark takes pole after pole and wins with them. He has out-driven (and out-set up and out-engineered) Vettel, who is displaying the response you’d expect from a typical 13 year old (which he is). Mark has cracked — not shattered — Vettel psychologically, in my view, and Seb has to assert himself back into the frame.

You need to remember, too, that Vettel started Turkey with a new chassis after it was discovered that his old one had sustained minor damage in the earlier events. So, he benefited from running in the fully updated thing, while Mark had to use his ‘ole faithful. No excuses lefty for young Sebby in those circumstances. Curiously, too, there are reports circulating (attributed to Mark) claiming that he had been told to ‘wind back’ the engine a bit (which they have the capacity to do . . . just switch to a different engine ‘map’) just before the incident.

niftydog 3:02 pm 31 May 10

By the look of the “I’m a twit” hand gesture Vettel makes twice in that video I’d say he knows what he did. What’s weird is how quickly he came up on Webber – what’s the go there?!?

Swaggie 2:32 pm 31 May 10

Most impressive thing about this was Webber’s after race interview – thought he kept his cool very well, would love to have been a fly on the wall when they say down with each other later 🙂

chewy14 12:31 pm 31 May 10

Vettel – what a knob.
Although it was good that Webber still finished and Vettel didn’t.
Vettel needs to turn down his massive ego just a tad.

Gungahlin Al 11:44 am 31 May 10

Vettel is either malicious or a moron.
He is certainly not a team player.
A hex on Vettel’s car for the rest of the season.

Wraith 11:43 am 31 May 10

The first person you have to beat is your teammate……….Webber should now go and beat Vettel, and I do mean beat him (out the back of the pits) after that insane move, passing on the outside, at that speed and no line to the corner from where he was, dumb.

Holden Caulfield 11:36 am 31 May 10

The golden rule of motorsport is never crash with your teammate. On that basis, both drivers are to blame.

Take a step back and imagine Webber was driving for Ferrari, for example, then there would be no question it was Vettel’s fault.

Webber held his line at all stages during Vettel’s overtaking move. He did no swerve to portect his lead. And he did not turn in on the approach to the left hand corner. Vettel didn’t hold his line and contact followed.

Pretty simple really.

Spectra 11:30 am 31 May 10

It seems like Webber could have avoided it if he’d “played it safe” and given his team-mate more space (which is the only argument I’ve heard to make it Webber’s “fault”), but ultimately Vettel turned into Webber who was simply holding position. That puts Vettel at fault.

Scott in QLD 10:56 am 31 May 10

Vettel had a brain fade…. or was it an ambition/ability mismatch? Best thing to come out of it all is that Webbers main championship rival is now in 5th place and he has not only retained the lead but built a gap. The whole world agrees Vettel was at fault… except RBR and Vettel. Wow, what a surprise.

georgesgenitals 10:44 am 31 May 10

Bugger. And by that I mean bugger Vettel – what was he thinking?

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