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Canberra suburbs top the most advantaged in Australia

By Eyes - 28 March 2008 33

From Barton (ACT) to Jilkminggan (NT) the comparison of relative social and economic conditions is widest.

Aboriginal communities in remote areas top the ABS list of most disadvantaged areas in the nation.

Parochial Canberrans might like to knock Charnwood but hey the Charnies are not as disadvantaged as those folk at Symonston and Oakes Estate.

Are you advantaged? Check the table at the bottom of this page.


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33 Responses to
Canberra suburbs top the most advantaged in Australia
GuruJ 1:23 pm 28 Mar 08

“Disadvantaged” is relative, of course. Scullin and Page are still better off than 70% of the Australian population, according to the ABS.

Here are the rest of the low-ranking ACT suburbs if anyone’s interested:

Holt (better off than 69% of Aussies)
Weston Creek-Stromlo – SSD Bal (67%)
Fyshwick (66%)
Richardson (63%)
Tuggeranong – SSD Bal (61%)
Charnwood (54%)
Oaks Estate (15%)
Jervis Bay Territory (10%)
Symonston (8%)

Thumper 12:28 pm 28 Mar 08

Scullin is the scary place.

Man, I was going to buy a house there, beautiful place, plenty of space, teo stories, just sweet.

But the whole place just felt depressed and slightly oppressive and unsafe in a strange intangible way.

Deadmandrinking 12:10 pm 28 Mar 08

I got 9th disadvantaged for the last 4 years before I moved to O’connor. Page certainly didn’t feel disadvantaged, I actually found it quite nice. I think with Canberra having most of it’s public housing spread out through different areas, it’d be difficult to tell, really. Unless you live in Charnie, of course.

S4anta 11:36 am 28 Mar 08

A cannibal gnome perhaps… wheres the orange gun?

Mælinar 11:00 am 28 Mar 08

I’m bigger than the night stalker. He no longer stalks near my house.

Thumper 10:25 am 28 Mar 08

That’s one f’ing big gnome!

Thumper 10:24 am 28 Mar 08

I’ve said it a million times but…

Charny is quiter a good place to live these days. All the bogans seemed to have moved to Holt and Florey.

Okay, Charny shops are not the nicest place to hang around ….

S4anta 10:24 am 28 Mar 08

Holt is disadvantaged becuase of the guinessed up drunken Maelinar stalking the night dressed as a gnome.

Deano 9:58 am 28 Mar 08

From the ABS website:

Index of Relative Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage (IRSAD)

This index is a general socio-economic index that was created using measures of relative disadvantage (similar to those used in the Index of Relative Disadvantage), as well as measures of relative advantage.

There are 21 measures included, such as: low or high income, internet connection, occupation and education. This index does not include Indigenous status.

A low score indicates relatively greater disadvantage and a lack of advantage in general. For example, an area could have a low score if there are (among other things):
many households with low incomes, or many people in unskilled occupations; AND
few households with high incomes, or few people in skilled occupations.

A high score indicates a relative lack of disadvantage and greater advantage in general. For example, an area may have a high score if there are (among other things):
many households with high incomes, or many people in skilled occupations; AND
few households with low incomes, or few people in unskilled occupations.

Deano 9:51 am 28 Mar 08

Having lived in both the 5th most disadvantaged and the 5th most advantaged suburb I can honestly say there isn’t much difference. Both have local schools, doctors (although Richardson’s Doctor has recently retired) and shops. Apart from better views (with corresponding higher house prices) there isn’t much to tell them apart. I think the statistics reflect the fact that birds of a feather flock together more than anything else.

SilP 9:48 am 28 Mar 08

Where is Tuggeranong – SSD Bal?

montana 9:47 am 28 Mar 08

i dont have time to read all that jargon…can someone tell me what advantaged / disadvantaged refers to and how they make up that list? I like my adult movies, so why would living in Fyshwick be disadvantaged?

boomacat 9:23 am 28 Mar 08

There are some real surprises there re ACT advantaged/disadvantaged.

neanderthalsis 9:10 am 28 Mar 08

Wow, I’ve lived and worked in 4 of the top 20 most disadvantaged and 2 of the top 20 most advantaged.

fnaah 9:08 am 28 Mar 08

Damn, I knew moving to Richardson was a bad idea. 🙁 I’m disadvantaged! Arrgh!

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