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Canberra the Memorial capital

By Thumper - 9 July 2007 32

The SMH has an opinion piece by one Mark Davis that suggests that Canberra is only know for three things. Those being politics, cold winters and the Australian War Memorial.

Sadly only the last seems to be an attraction and so Mr Miles continues with the theme and asks why we have so many memorials to war, and so few to do with anything else. He also suggests that Canberra should reflect the nation’s values, history and aspirations and that it fails to do so by not having more non military memorials.

He then goes on to list a number of recent memorials that have been erected in our National Capital before having the usual dig by stating that ‘Only the last of those (new memorials) would be likely to displace cold weather or politics from the list of first impressions of Canberra.

All in all a nothing piece of journalism.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Canberra the Memorial capital
Mr_Shab 3:52 pm 10 Jul 07

Probably stating the bleedin’ obvious here drtmonster – but Sydneyites are prone to carry on like your aforementioned Kiwis when picked on by Melbourne.

Drtmonster 3:06 pm 10 Jul 07

I’ve lived in both places and i now choose to live outside Sydney but close enough to it to proudly call myself a Sydneysider. Yes Canberra is nice, yes it has pretty leaves in Autumn, it has a wonderful war memorial wich is for all Australians and it has possibly the best capital building in world, But it aint no world beater when it comes to the global stage. Sydneysiders should go and visit someday and stop bashing Canberra. It’s growing up and is a great place, but boy the way you people carry on you’d think you were all half kiwi and had some of that Auckland chip on your shoulder.

Androyd 2:57 pm 10 Jul 07

Don’t forget there’s a statue of that great Australian, Mahatma Gandhi, in Glebe Park!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:13 pm 10 Jul 07

I only belive in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

toriness 11:06 am 10 Jul 07

my point is, apehammer, is that sydneysiders boast about having perfect weather, when the fact is they most certainly do not. so what if it’s cold? i like having seasons!

Mr_Shab 11:04 am 10 Jul 07

Sydney folk aren’t jealous of Canberra – they’re just willing to blindly believe that it’s a grey little town filled with grey little people without ever actually, say, come here.

I’m happy for them to maintain that illusion. I don’t want to be invaded by a flood of angry suburbanites when they work out that living in Penrith actually sucks.

apehammer 10:29 am 10 Jul 07

Canberra people like to think that Sydney-siders are somehow “jealous” of Canberra. It’s simply not true. I’ve lived in both cities, and there’s really no comparison. Canberra can’t even say it’s a cheaper place to live than Sydney any more. However, as Futto pointed out, it’s a very young city which, if it continues to grow, could become something special. Oh, and Toriness is right, it is cold in Sydney at the moment, but it ain’t three below.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:14 am 10 Jul 07

Jealousy’s a curse…

toriness 10:10 am 10 Jul 07

i’m always bemused by sydneysiders criticising other cities’ weather – i have been up in sydney the last 2 weekends, both times it’s been absolutely freeeeeeeezing at night. and it has the 2nd highest rainfall out of the capital cities!

Mr Evil 9:04 am 10 Jul 07

Obviously Sydney’s media is peeved that the Opera House didn’t win a listing as one of the Wonders of the World, so to cheer themselves up they’ll bash Canberra again.

The only memorials they seem to build in Sydney is horrible buildings like the “Toaster” – a memorial to greed and bad planning.

Ruby Wednesday 11:33 pm 09 Jul 07

I like Canberra precisely because we don’t have lots of statues of sportspeople (of course that had to be the first item in the list *sigh*). Surely those belong, you know, at sporting grounds and the odd country town and not in the Parliamentary Triangle.

futto 9:16 pm 09 Jul 07

For a city that was started from scratch less than 100 years ago, it’s not that bad but we still have a long way to go. For example, Aborigines near parliament house still live in a tent!

ant 9:14 pm 09 Jul 07

I love the way they trot out “cold” as the perennial criticism of Canberra. Luckily, all the places around us, and south of us, aren’t cold. do these people ever visit in Summer? Do they like the permanent humidity and stink of Sydney?!

If we had ever more national monuments and things, they’d bag those, too. Canberra is “sterile” with all these Dead Monuments. It needs a proper crime district, evidently.

Canberra is BAAAAD because it isn’t the same as wherever these people come from.

tortfeaser 4:49 pm 09 Jul 07

C’mon, the world knows we’ve got porn, fireworks and pot too. If you’re going to wheel out the cliché, make sure you do a good job Davis.

Maelinar 4:36 pm 09 Jul 07

All of those things with the word ‘National’ in front of them are all greatbigfucking memorials in my humble opinion.

Take the National Library, which looks kind of Romanesque and scholarly, the National Museum which looks like a major architectural blunder of which somebody should have been shot, the National etc, the National this, the National that.

Obviously he missed the memorial to Al G too.

Other than it raining too much in a bloody good drought, Canberra’s got too many memorials for head of population – where’s all of Sydneys memorials then ?

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