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Canberra to feel the brunt of Rudd razor gang.

By Thumper 2 April 2008 12

Canberra has been especially warned by Treasurer Wayne Swan to expect “pain” in his first budget, to be brought down in less than six weeks.

Neither Mr Swan nor acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered any comfort yesterday for tens of thousands of public servants who have been on notice for months of substantial job losses in the May 13 budget.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd threatened before the election to take a “meat axe” approach to public service waste, and has since repeated promises that there will be deep cuts.

May I suggest you write to Bob McMullan or Annette Ellis if you have any problems with this. Not that I think they will do anything.

(I will add that Howard also cut the PS when he came to power, but over time, it simply grew back, which I expect will happen in this case.)

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12 Responses to
Canberra to feel the brunt of Rudd razor gang.
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Mr Evil 4:34 pm 03 Apr 08

“Will the Public Service do what they do best when there is pain – undermine their masters?”

White-ant a Labor Govt – no way! Wash your mouth out.

Lundy was on the news last night trying to justify the whole decision, but she came across pretty lame. I guess it doesn’t matter when the minions will vote her in again at the next election.

Crikey 3:54 pm 03 Apr 08

Our Labor representatives are very quiet, aren’t they?

They were jumping all over the place when Howard did a similar thing. The big difference is when Howard did it the country had a huge deficit and at the moment Chairman Rudd has a huge surplus – inherited from the Coalition.

Will the Public Service do what they do best when there is pain – undermine their masters?

LG 8:41 am 03 Apr 08

Did anyone else read the CT article the other day (in Public Servance Informant) showing data on the huge growth in SES positions within the PS? A few cuts to be made there I think.

But yes, I heard a few stories of Kevin24/7 working the slaves to all hours of the day and night to get his projects started – unfair to expect that to keep happening if he also cuts staff to those areas.

bigred 11:43 pm 02 Apr 08

well it might free up some parking in the parliamentary triangle anyway. Safe bet is that they won’t hack into some agencies bloated SES structures.

ant 9:30 pm 02 Apr 08

It’s going to be really interesting to see what htey do and how they do it. This government has been more targeted and forensic in the cuts it made to public spending during its first few months in office. Rather than just telling departments to save X% of their budgets, they told them where to make the savings.

In that CT article, it said they’d established an office that was to try and re-home displaced public servants (before retrenching them). So there’s something big coming.

sepi 8:51 pm 02 Apr 08

And Rudd is expecting a lot of work out of people.
He can’t expect people to keep working long hours while their colleagues are retrenched.

RuffnReady 7:27 pm 02 Apr 08

Sure it has, but so has the Australian population and the services provided to them.

Sure, there are efficiencies to be found, but is there a need for huge cuts? Most public servants I know work bloody hard!

boomacat 6:17 pm 02 Apr 08

The public service ballooned under Howard, a necessary consequence of all his vote buying schemes.

RuffnReady 5:34 pm 02 Apr 08

So, the Rudd government is going to extensively cut the public service, and then what? Since the same work still needs to be done by someone, they’ll probably rehire the same people as consultants at twice the price. This happened with outsourcing of IT 6-8 years ago, and HR more recently.


sepi 4:53 pm 02 Apr 08

What is the real story – are these cuts going to be as back as the first Howard cuts?

Is there going to be more than the new 3% efficiency savings?

And are people going to leave Canberra in droves?

the last period of cuts was not fun for Canberra. Rough times ahead…

ant 4:26 pm 02 Apr 08

Yes, these pogroms seem to be blunt things, to achieve savings on a spreadsheet rather than really do what they say they’re to do. With all these performance agreements around now, you’d think it’d be easy to use recent years’ ratings to make cuts in a targetted way, but you won’t see them doing this.

DarkLadyWolfMother 4:02 pm 02 Apr 08

I admit I find it amusing when I hear the occasional Liberal chastising Rudd for his Razor Gang ideas. Pot and Kettle. Though that’s hardly new news.

I do wish these ‘Razor Gangs’ – of any political stripe – would actually cut away the real cruft and deadwood instead of (seemingly) just hacking randomly.

Next I’ll be expecting our elected representatives to understand the issues, I suppose.

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