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Canberrans take ACTION over high fuel prices

By Kramer 20 June 2008 33

Yesterday Andrew Barr claimed success for the new ACTION network with passenger numbers up 8.4 percent. Obviously Andrew Barr (cruising around in a govt car) hasn’t noticed that the price of petrol has gone up about 20% over the same period.

So is this Canberrans avoiding a second mortage to fuel their car, or is the new ACTION network actually better? Personally I can’t say, as I avoid busses like the plague.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Canberrans take ACTION over high fuel prices
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green_frogs_go_pop 9:06 pm 25 Jun 08

same here with the, i mean now the 11. what a joke, honestly.

poppy 7:50 pm 25 Jun 08

For the first time since the new network, I attempted to catch the bus to Belconnen (the 30). There are only two 30’s to Belconnen in the morning to get Giralang residents to work before 9am. As used to happen frequently with the old 47 to Belconnen, the first bus didn’t show, that means a 40 minute wait in the cold. So it seems nothing has changed.

farout 1:39 pm 23 Jun 08

It looks like Symonston got shafted.

The Canberra Eye Hospital website lists at least 5 route numbers that could be used to get there. With the new routes, there is just one.

AG Canberra 12:51 pm 23 Jun 08

I get on at the Chisholm shops – and I have noticed a doubling of cars in the carpark there each morning. And the fact that I used to be able to get a seat every trip – now not always the case.

Parking and fuel from any outer suburb adds up when compared to $22 per week on the bus. Bussing it also means I can have a few beverages on a Friday arvo and not have to worry about driving…

stonedwookie 3:40 am 23 Jun 08

the bus threw giralang isnt that bad gets you to civic or belco interchange which is all you really need

smokey4 12:21 pm 22 Jun 08

The more I think about the fuel crisis the more I am convinced that a major event has occurred but is still not recognised by those in government. People want houses near where they work and children go to school not 20 or 30 kms away. The cost of travelling 30 kms last year will only get you 10 km by next year. Building new houses at Gungahlin and locating the jobs at Tuggers is not going to satify the population.

I-filed 11:40 am 22 Jun 08

The new ‘one bus ride from the inner north to Barton/Parliament House’ is fantastic. I’m bussing several days a week now.

Danman 10:14 am 22 Jun 08

I think they have reduced services in older areas of Canberra, in order to add services to newer areas like Gungahlin and places like the airport.

I live in Ngunnawal and there has been fcuk all changes to myone bus route into civic or belconnen.

Its either full at 0715 or chockers at 0730

green_frogs_go_pop 8:26 pm 21 Jun 08

Mine definatly got worse. Now, both bus routes that went anywhere near my place got mushed into one, and it now goes through one side of calwell, ALL through theodore (i mean, all through, the trip takes at least 10 or so minutes!!!), through the other side of calwell, through isabella, then finally to tuggeranong.

So it now takes half an hour to get there, which is just ridiculous.. (And that is, if the bus fucking well turns up, but i guess thats another story!)

Andddd, they’ve now diverted another route to go via calwell shops, which sounds good, but the one that i’d have to get to school, according to someone who catches that service, it never goes past there. Gahhh.

sepi 6:26 pm 21 Jun 08

Our bus got worse. It now terminates in Civic, and doesn’t continue on to Russell. Noone is going to hang around civic interchange in the middle of winter and change busses to go 3 more stops.

I think they have reduced services in older areas of Canberra, in order to add services to newer areas like Gungahlin and places like the airport.

Whoever thought up their tv ads was off the mark – 20% of people may have got what they asked form but most of us haven’t . So they are wasting our money on ads that only annoy us.

spoonbill 5:19 pm 21 Jun 08

I was a regular bus user and cyclist until I got my Vespa. I loved the opportunity to sit down and read a book while someone else drove. Methinks we all complain too much – the bus routes and timetables cannot suit all the people all the time. But then again when was the last time you saw a grandstanding politician on a bus?

jenny green 4:51 am 21 Jun 08

tandu said :

not since being here in the ACT, the bike tracks are insane! They’re just thrown a bit of white paint down on the side of the road.
In Adelaide one can cycle from one side to the other without ever having seen a car, let alone try to cross an off-ramp ! That means 60 minutes of pleasant cycling on a dedicated path

Tandu, we have dedicated cycle paths here too. Only many cyclists chose not to use them as they don’t provide enough opportunities for showing off the lycra to admiring hoards in their cars. 4:03 pm 20 Jun 08

Canberra bike paths are great, I lived in Adelaide and it sucked. Clearly the poster has not seen a bike path *map* and realised they don’t necessarily run along the side of the road, but through parks and along their own paths. *Adelaide* had it down the side of the road and that sucked. And what was *worse* in Adelaide is the fact that “bike lane” just means “free parking” in Adelaide, entirely defeating the purpose.

Adelaide had great scenery and beaches and so on, and good paths for recreational riding, but sucks compared to Canberra for practical purposes.

Get a bike map.

Admitedly it does take longer taking the bike paths though as they are much longer often, and it is just faster to take the main road. That’s why commuters do.

There are some real morons on the road though, but they were worse in Adelaide.

I would love to see a fence or some even cheap barrier separate bike lanes from the road, but then how to overtake the geriatrics.

Would stop morons parking in the damn lane though.

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