Canberrans urged to ‘scoot-safe’ as riders rack up 100,000 trips

Lottie Twyford 22 January 2021 29
Safety Ambassador

Neuron’s ‘Safety Ambassadors’ will soon take to Canberra’s streets. Photo: Supplied.

E-scooters in the ACT remain divisive – love them or hate them, everyone seems to have an opinion.

But given that more than a 100,000 scooter trips have already been taken, it’s clear many Canberrans are keen to get out and give the new craze a go. Others, however, are voicing valid safety concerns, particularly around riders not wearing helmets, engaging in risky behaviours such as drinking and riding, or not sharing the footpath with pedestrians safely.

Police are also concerned about reports of them being ridden in the early hours of morning, presumably after a few drinks have been consumed. As Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman said only a few weeks ago, getting an e-scooter home after a night on the town with your mates is not a good idea because DUI charges can and do apply.

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ACT Policing warned users – follow the rules or face fines of up to $153.

In response to community concerns, both of the ACT’s scooter operators – Neuron and Beam – are looking to do their bit to educate Canberrans.

Neuron's ScootSafe Safety Ambassadors are hard to miss

Neuron’s ScootSafe Safety Ambassadors will be easy to spot in bright orange. Photo: Supplied.

Neuron (owner of the bright orange fleet) is rolling out a program called ‘Scoot Safe’ which will consist of a series of briefings led by their team of roving safety ambassadors.

The briefings will take place between 5 and 8 November beginning at City Walk, before moving to the Kingston Foreshore, Regatta Point and finally Queen Elizabeth Terrace.

If you’re one of the many Canberrans who have already jumped on an e-scooter – or even if you’ve been a little scared to do so – now is the time to score yourself some free credits for future rides, and learn to be a safer rider at the same time.

Attendees will sign a pledge to be a ‘Safe Rider’ after completing the briefing.

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Neuron also clarified that they can and will ban riders who repeatedly break rules or ride dangerously.

Although the law states e-scooter riders have to be at least 12 to ride unsupervised, to ride a Neuron scooter you have to be 18.

For Neuron, it’s one rider per scooter – so, no riding in tandem – and it’s an especially big no-no to have children riding in front.

Beam (the purple fleet) has partnered with Road Ready to deliver an e-scooter safety course which will be held on 14 November at Queen Elizabeth Terrace.

Rider safety promotion

Road Ready and Beam have partnered to deliver an e-scooter safety course. Photo: Road Ready site.

For Beam, scooter safety is a “shared responsibility” and they are hopeful that every rider follows both the “letter and the spirit of the rules” so that Canberra’s shared spaces are accessible to all.

First-timers can also pop along to try the scooters (no booking required).

This course is free and, upon successful completion, participants will receive a free helmet and $25 credit for future rides. Spots are filling up quickly and bookings are essential.

Before attending, you will need to register online, download the Beam app and complete a short safety quiz.


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29 Responses to Canberrans urged to ‘scoot-safe’ as riders rack up 100,000 trips
Irene Elford Irene Elford 8:22 pm 09 Nov 20

Yes seen many just dumped around Canberra. So how is supposed to collect them????

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 9:58 pm 09 Nov 20

    GPS tracked. They are also restricted to inner north and south Canberra, plus Belconnen.

Richie Richie 1:51 pm 09 Nov 20

It’s sadly ironic that Beam’s ‘road ready’ safety poster features at least two models, if not all three, wearing the purple helmets incorrectly and unsafely. They are far too far back on their heads, leaving their foreheads fully exposed. Allow two fingers between your eyebrows and your helmet … not a whole hand.

Regrettably, this poster, which purportedly advocates the safe use of scooters, merely normalises an unsafe practice that needs correcting.

I don’t know if the ACT Government has a guide, but here’s the NSW Government’s guide to the proper fitment of a bicycle/scooter helmet:

Corey Pont Corey Pont 1:30 pm 09 Nov 20

Daryl Harris better book me in

Amanda Livingstone-Owen Amanda Livingstone-Owen 9:18 pm 08 Nov 20

Left everywhere, looks terrible

Craig Evans Craig Evans 7:52 pm 08 Nov 20

I’d say 1/10 people are wearing the helmets. It’s not cool to be safe! ⛑ 😎

Tamara Ingram Tamara Ingram 6:08 pm 08 Nov 20

Saw them today by the lake scooted right past them 🛴🛴

Jim Reid Jim Reid 5:41 pm 08 Nov 20

Create pods and fine those who dont return them to the pods. How did the ACT Gov't let your company (plus the other one) have full rain over all footpaths, they are blocking paths for pedasterians / elderly folks ......e-scooter riders are the new cyclist!

Peter Burleigh Peter Burleigh 9:57 am 08 Nov 20

I called an ambulance on Friday night for 2 people on ANZAC Parade who crashed one with a broken shoulder the other with a broken collarbone after they crashed into each other one one was wearing a helmet

Roy Jones Roy Jones 6:47 am 08 Nov 20

Seeing so many scooter left without helmets and people riding them with helmet on the handle bars no safety

Archie Mac Archie Mac 10:29 pm 07 Nov 20

Nanny state 🙄

Stephen Matthews Stephen Matthews 10:14 pm 07 Nov 20

Two wheeled corflutes

Patrick J Pentony Patrick J Pentony 8:52 pm 07 Nov 20

Do we really think the people breaking rules on the scooters are going to turn up to training

    Martin Ross Martin Ross 6:06 am 08 Nov 20

    Patrick J Pentony I dare say not. They’ll keep getting on them, tear down the middle of streets as they please and it’ll take just ONE person to be killed for the lot of them to be removed. And it won’t be the fault of a driver for that death. It’ll be the person who was on the scooter!

    We as taxi drivers are sick and tired of seeing them laying around, on the odd occasion DUMPED in the MIDDLE of the road!

    THEY MUST GO and stop taking away from our business, just like another certain few ridesharing groups have been

Rainer Busacker Rainer Busacker 8:30 pm 07 Nov 20

I thought that seeing all those election posters was bad and unsightly, now we have to look at all those abandoned scooters. Do we really need them?

    Joe Zuzek Joe Zuzek 8:04 am 08 Nov 20

    Rainer N Palma Busacker every scooter user means one less car on the road and cleaner air. Yes we need them.

Christopher Stuart Veilands Christopher Stuart Veilands 7:13 pm 07 Nov 20

And leave then on the side of the road. Barry Dr at the top of the hill leaving Civic

    Heather J Carson Heather J Carson 3:10 am 08 Nov 20

    Christopher there's been one outside coc in fyshwick for days

Mat Barber Mat Barber 12:57 pm 07 Nov 20

I've nearly run down several riders zooming in between footpaths and the road with no indication or warning, won't be long until someone flies off one and gets hurt and I for one can't wait to laugh at them.

    Michael Richer Michael Richer 1:26 pm 07 Nov 20

    Mat Barber yep we have one at work in a moon boot and another with a broken finger

    Robert Whitmore Robert Whitmore 5:48 pm 08 Nov 20

    I almost hit one who came flying across the road outside Coles Kingston.

    Also saw someone eat pavement on ANZAC Pde last week.

Kerry Jackson Kerry Jackson 12:55 pm 07 Nov 20

It’s also the dangerous and unsightly places they get abandoned.

John Dowling John Dowling 12:48 pm 07 Nov 20

Gareth, you should have look at some training?

Paul Young Paul Young 11:23 am 07 Nov 20

Yeah, maybe not blasting past me at 25kph, scaring my poor dog half to death, yes that would be nice

    Angela Thomas Angela Thomas 12:17 pm 07 Nov 20

    Paul Young yup won’t be long before a walker gets killed or injured.

    Ken Owers Ken Owers 12:41 pm 07 Nov 20

    Paul Young its not just scooters guilty of this sort of thing. Do the scooters have bells or horns?

    Michael Richer Michael Richer 1:24 pm 07 Nov 20

    Paul Young yeh it’s not just scooters it’s the bloody Lycra brigade as well .

    Mark Brittle Mark Brittle 2:10 pm 07 Nov 20

    Michael Richer don’t forget the iPod wearing,situationally oblivious walking brigade as well.

    Nick Savino Nick Savino 3:13 pm 07 Nov 20

    Paul Young yeh but when I ring my bell on my push bike I get abused maybe u need to lighten up 😂

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