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Canberra’s A-League bid gaining support

George 1 October 2008 20

Some of Canberra’s leading political, business and sporting figures are getting behind Canberra’s A-League bid.

The Canberra bid has impressed the power-brokers at the Football Federation (FFA). However, competition is hot with consortiums from Wollongong and Western Sydney fighting Canberra for the last spot for 2010/11. A second Melbourne team is already guaranteed after the FFA relented on its one team one city policy.

Canberra’s bid is solid however more of the thousands of Football supporters/players in Canberra are needed for Foundation Membership. So far 763 have signed up – already more than the Central Coast had in its first year. Corporate membership is now available.

However, with backers like these the bid is looking optimistic:

Pawl Cubbin – Zoo advertising, the Academy, Rex Airlines
Andrew Fagan – Brumbies CEO
Bob Samarcq – Clubs ACT CEO
Liberal Leader – Zed Seselja
Neale Guthrie – Group general Manager, Canberra Stadium
Phil Lynch – Basketball great and media commentator
Alistair Coe – Liberal candidate for Ginninderra
Kate Lundy – ACT Senator
Gary Kent – Liberal candidate for Molonglo
John Mackay – ActewAGL
Andy Friend – Brumbies Coach
Michael Costello – ActewAGL
Jon Stanhope – Chief Minister
Steve Doszpot – Mr Football and Liberal candidate for Brindabella
Robert Leticq – Privileges Card
Gary Humphries – Senator for the ACT
Brendan Smyth – MLA
Zed Zelic – former Socceroo
Carl Valeri – Socceroo
Paul Murphy – Project Coordination
Eric and Theo Koundouris – Supabarn
Andrew Barr – ACT Sports Minister

Big money families backing the bid include – Koundouris, Platis, Lianos, Dimarhos
Kourpanidis, Konstantinou, Efkarpidis, Damiano, Dimarhos, Notaras, Sarris, Haridemos and many more.

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20 Responses to Canberra’s A-League bid gaining support
REDSTAR REDSTAR 1:32 am 03 Oct 08

The team should be called Canberra Athletic

Bungle Bungle 9:59 pm 01 Oct 08

Aurelius, they said that’s what they want to do.

I saw a report on fox sports news a few weeks ago. They did have a mascot which was a surf life saver.

Aurelius Aurelius 9:09 pm 01 Oct 08

Bungle, are they really doing that?
Ya have to respect them if they are.

Granny Granny 9:04 pm 01 Oct 08

The Egos have landed ….

*hyuk hyuk*

Braggs Braggs 8:56 pm 01 Oct 08

On the other hand, perhaps a scan of the backers for the venture might hold a clue? I know….

The Canberra Egos’

Granny Granny 8:55 pm 01 Oct 08

Aw, c’mon! Who wouldn’t want to be a budgie?


Braggs Braggs 8:43 pm 01 Oct 08

Hmmm. Being somewhat cynical at the overacting that occurs when a soccer player comes in contact to another, perhaps ‘The Pretenders’?

Granny Granny 7:45 pm 01 Oct 08

The Canberra Budgies

Bungle Bungle 7:32 pm 01 Oct 08

I like what they’re doing with the Gold Coast AFL team. They’re being called The Gold Coast Football Club and that’s it. A nickname will come along with time and a little tradition.

I just hope they don’t come up with one of those stupid names thought up my marketing guru’s – the Roar, Force, Waves, Breeze, Power, Cosmos etc. that everyone seems to be calling them selves these days.

I remember years ago the Canberra team was called The Canberra Arrows. That wouldn’t be too bad – and has a little history.

caf caf 7:22 pm 01 Oct 08

Seconded. With feeling.

johnboy johnboy 7:01 pm 01 Oct 08

The Capital Punishment is the only way to go.

astrojax astrojax 6:43 pm 01 Oct 08

they’d have to be big burley blokes, but…

astrojax astrojax 6:42 pm 01 Oct 08

what sort of name is ‘pawl’? is this a real spelling?

what about ‘the canberra griffins’?

squashee squashee 5:35 pm 01 Oct 08

What happened to Mr Snow and his Snow-town corporation? I thought he was a big backer of “football” and was trying to get a Canberra side up a few years ago.

ramblingted ramblingted 5:08 pm 01 Oct 08

Good to see John Mackay on deck…he is always sooooo generous with our money…(I’d rather have cheaper water, and let whoever ACTEW is sponsoring stand and fall on their own merits)

RAGD RAGD 4:40 pm 01 Oct 08

To George, What is the point of mentioning these “big money families”? Are they actually putting more money into the team than everyone else? Or are they just like the other 760 odd people that have signed up?

I just don’t see what the point of adding those extra names on the post was. Is it supposed to make us think, “oh since the Koundouris are backing it , I must also sign up?”

I couldn’t help but notice that they all have greek sounding names. Does this mean that the team will be have a ‘greek’ influence? Are we to see Canberra Olympic? oh wait. there is one already.

Primal Primal 4:38 pm 01 Oct 08

Canberra Mooseheads?

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 4:25 pm 01 Oct 08

The Canberra Fair Dinkum Sheds!

The Canberra TransACTs!

The Canberra ANUSes!

Aurelius Aurelius 4:23 pm 01 Oct 08

The name should be determined by the Sponsor. They could sell the right to name the team, and thus help contribute to their biggest potential problem afflicting sporting teams in the ACT, namely lack of cash.

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 4:17 pm 01 Oct 08

Ooooh, the real exciting opportunity now is to name the team! … and I’m drawing a blank.

Just not a Viking theme. Vikings don’t make any sense in the context of Australian sport. Anyone who would name a team like that must be an idiot.

… what?

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